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  1. FungibilityMan

    THis forum is quiet? WHere is everyone?

    This project has almost 100 million marketcap, but noone checks the forums? Why is that? Where are all the dash folks hiding at? Reddit isn't that busy either so it gets me thinking, where is everyne? :confused::mad:
  2. FungibilityMan

    How often does Evan show up and answer questions?

    I'm really looking for a solid "vision" from the mouth of the man himself about where Dash is headed and would love to know when if at all I could catch him to ask a few questions and get a few public stance on things. Thanks guys! :cool:
  3. FungibilityMan

    Hey everyone! Privacy fan here, thought I'd join the forums.

    I just wanted to stop in after months of lurking, reading things on reddit, sometimes here and say hello. Maybe come back from time to time. I noticed there is a slack channel that seems pretty popular too, maybe Ill give that a visit soon and see what its all about.. Anyways, good to be here...