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  1. king dashlanes

    New: Old school crypto bussiness promotion for 0.00015 BTC per pixel per year.

    Started up today: Old school promotion for crypto business! Cryptocoin business Pixel Page 0.00015 BTC per pixel. Visit the new portal to the crypto world:
  2. king dashlanes

    New Altcoin Trading Game! Prove your skills and get a highscore.

    Hello Altcoin enthousiasts, A new Altcoin Trading Game is now released by me. It is a fun free game where you trade BTC for Altcoins. You start the game with 1 BTC. Each turn you trade for altcoins and invest in mining opportunities. After 4 turns your profit is calculated and you may get a...
  3. king dashlanes

    New Dash Promotion Game | Dash-Lanes Kingdom

    Hi all, I just created a new and fair Dash promotion game, the Dash-Lanes Kingdom. It is a friendly and fair game based on fair distribution of wealth that comes from growth. Everybody here is very much invited to join as the game is made for the promotion of Dash. Because the game just went...