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  1. halso

    New viral crypto facebook group worth joining

    Hi Guys, There is a new viral crypto facebook group which has almost 12,000 members and adding thousands of new users. A good place to spread the word about DASH. @mastermined @Mark Mason
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    Lets ask Revolut to add Dash
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    eToro expands Crypto CopyFunds with DASH, LiteCoin, Ripple, Ethereum Classic
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    Coindesk and Dash

    Does anyone know the historical reasons for Coindesk's bias against Dash? (See stats displayed below). Note, 2 of the 3 articles they did publish on Dash weren't exactly favourable either.
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    The FAQ is priceless on this one.....
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    Plotly releases "Dash" product

    Did we trademark the name Dash?
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    Can we include a Korean language section?

    An increasing amount of Dash volume is coming from Korea but we don't have a Korean language section on the forum.
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    AA on dash governance and hard forks

    AA came to town to talk about hard and soft forks and the ongoing bitcoin scaling debate. So we asked him about Dash's governance solution to contencious protocol changes. (Question starts at the one minute mark).
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    Transaction stats not working
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    Too much cash!!

    @ThirtySix maybe a good contact to cold call.
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    A word of caution on "for profit" business integrations

    Guys, I wanted to share some thoughts on some of the "for profit" business integrations that are increasingly being proposed to the network. There are two schools of thought on this: 1. Expand the Eco-system as quickly as possible and fund all integrations. Members like @David have...
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    Solid support at 0.05 BTC

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    LBRY Credits

    I checked out the beta release of the new LBRY platform which is pretty good (public release due in a few weeks). Basically a decentralised youtube that allows users to watch content for a small fee (no ads), and also allows the content producer to earn some revenue. It would be great if a...
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    Girl gone crypto!

    @mastermined Can dash force please send this girl a dash for the lulz, and ask her to blog about Dash?
  15. halso

    BTC hard fork likelihood

    @UdjinM6 I read an article that said Bitcoin unlimited would require 70% of the hashing power to create a hard fork. Can you comment on the accuracy of that?
  16. halso

    BTC Hard fork - Impact on Dash Price?

    With a BTC hard fork looking more plausible by the day. What do people think will happen the short term price of DASH in USD? Note: If the BTC hard fork occurs, exchanges will likely close all BTC trading pairs to prevent replay attacks. The only DASH trading pairs open will be mainly DASH/USD.
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    Pre-proposal: DASH ETF future fund

    Given the costs associated with lodging and gaining approval for an ETF. It maybe prudent to set aside some funds each month to cover the costs of a future DASH ETF lodgement. Presumably this would be done in conjunction with an established player in the field. @babygiraffe any thoughts...
  18. halso

    SEC decision

    Just checked SEC website. Looks like the commissioners have a closed meeting scheduled for Thursday 9 March. 2pm ET. Interesting observation: The SEC needs a quorem of 2 commissioners to approve or reject a proposal. And currently there are only 2 of 5 commissioners in place. So technically...
  19. halso

    Dash is live on Wall of Coins!

    I just checked Wall of Coins and Dash appears to be fully integrated. Did I miss the announcement? No Dash in available in Australia though : (
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    USDT - Can it be trusted? Anyone using it?

    Hi guys, was thinking of using this token as an alternative to FIAT taking profits. Anyone got any experience with it?
  21. halso

    Another reason to try MimbleWimble as a backup
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    Future of forex trading (dash mentioned)
  23. halso

    AA on lightning network - 21 Jan 17

    I think I might have asked this before but I can't remember the answer. Will dash be supporting the lightning network?
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    MimbleWimble (MW)

    As a project worth over $100m, IMO we should be looking at back up privacy options given the complexity of our mixing solution. Perhaps we could pay blockstream to roll out a MW proof of concept on testnet? Having backup solutions is the prudent course of action given our increasing market...
  25. halso

    Dash reward per day per MN?

    So I'm guessing the 7% reduction in block reward happened? Is the average payout per day something like 0.25 per MN per day?
  26. halso

    A miracle - Coindesk mentions dash - and says something positive
  27. halso

    Dash foundation - Masternodes to elect board of directors?

    Benefits of a MN elected board of directors It will showcase Dash's governance technology. It will raise the profile of Dash and the foundation. The foundation will better represent those with a direct financial interest in Dash. It will be the catalyst to attract new directors outside...
  28. halso

    12.1 upgrade date

    Can any of the core team give an indicative date as to when 12.1 will be released on main net? Is it possible to avoid the upgrade taking place over the holiday period?
  29. halso

    Evo question

    @AndyDark the evo preview looks awesome! Great work. I have a question on dapps. Is it possible to kick a dapp off the platform, via MN vote or other means? There is a risk we will turn into another dark market drug platform. OB is already going this way. If this happens then other mainstream...
  30. halso

    Swiss crypto banks

    Maybe Dash could register as a crypto bank.
  31. halso

    India the new China for Bitcoin?

    India scraps 500 and 1,000 rupee bank notes overnight
  32. halso

    Remember during the Jaxx / iOS saga Apple told Jaxx the crytpos they were supporting and they mentioned something called Well here is an article on it. Its an Australian based company that has figured out how to tokenise national currencies without using blockchain. Sort of like...
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    There has been a lot of hype recently about Mimblewimble. Has the core team considered this as an alternative privacy / fungibility solution? Either on a protocol level or as a side chain? Thanks in advance.
  34. halso

    PrivateSend in Evolution

    Hi, At a bitcoin meetup in Oct 2015, @eduffield mentioned that PrivateSend would use a "protocol based" solution in evolution, as opposed to MN mixing. At the same meeting it was mentioned that documentation describing this approach would be made available in the following months. I...
  35. halso

    DASH's first killer app?

    I've recently heard both AA and Kim dotcom talking about micro payments in the media space. Think paying 2 cents for a newspaper article or youtube view instead of a credit card subscription or being subjected to ads. It would seem that DASH is much more suited than Bitcoin given instantX...
  36. halso

    Left field proposals ideas......

    I just wanted to throw out two possibles ideas for future proposals: 1. Insurance for evolution account holders - Similar to Circle, we could use proposal funds to insure users' FIAT and crypto holdings. This would be a great way to bring on mainstream users, and give them the confidence that...
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    Please comment on this article!

    Guys please leave a comment under this article, DAO's are mentioned too many times without reference to DASH
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    Dash DDoS attack?

    I read an article recently about skype and their transition from P2P to a centralised solution. One of the reasons mentioned is that they experienced DDoS attacks on important nodes on the network. Which, affected their service. Given the IP addresses of the masternodes are known. Is it...