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  1. HowlingMad

    Trying to move MN to new IP, several problems

    All, Trying to move my MN from VPS to in house node. I have everything setup, ports open, router configured, etc....I received masternode 'successfully started' from cold wallet Masternode Ninja shows: Active, last seen 3days New node has not shown up for over a day. How to unlock the 1000 D...
  2. HowlingMad

    Dash payment modules

    Actually since you brought this up, is there any docs for the whole run from the command line thing? I am sort of working on a payment module for osCommerce to accept DASH. I want to design it first and then hire some people to write it. I would need to create a payment address per order...
  3. HowlingMad

    No masternode payment? Block 244403

    I found a block that had a 'generation' amount of 5.57162858 Dash but no payment to masternode? The address that was paid, XxDotRpSDzgyAkx3jHkLZD8YYZRwbcjmmA, received the full amount of 5.57162858 Dash. Was wondering how this is possible?
  4. HowlingMad

    Moved MN (masternode) to another computer

    Hello all, I moved a masternode from one vps to another and the new MN does not appear in the masternod list at all. I changed the masternodeaddr= in the darkcoin.conf file to the new IP address but still no luck. What gives?
  5. HowlingMad

    Transactions 'conflicted' after mixing

    Good day, I have some transactions in my wallet that have a status of 'conflicted' from Darksend mixing. These items are dated Jan 20th, when the last fork occurred. I am at and everything is working fine. How do I clear these transactions from the wallet? Status: conflicted Date...
  6. HowlingMad

    Masternode appearing in wrong country

    Hi all, I am using a split wallet/masternode as "Tao of Satoshi" guide setup. My wallet is in the US but my server is in Germany. I would have thought the Masternode list would publish the server in Germany, but it list the node as residing in the US. What gives?