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  1. bob

    Dash Core Group Q1 Quarterly Call - 22.04.2021

    Sporks allow features to be deployed to the network with risk mitigation as the goal. I personally believe the feature is brilliant, although - with great power comes great responsibility. It has to be the responsibility of some individuals to hold keys with which to enable and disable sporks...
  2. bob

    Dash Core Group Q1 Quarterly Call - 22.04.2021

    no, that's not the case. it is still in our plan.
  3. bob

    Dash Core Group Q1 Quarterly Call - 22.04.2021

    I would love to discuss the changes to the roadmap between the 2020 Q3 version and 2021 Q1 version. We publish our roadmap quarterly in order to provide transparency into our plans and I accept the responsibility of explaining changes. The biggest change actually occurred between the Q3 and...
  4. bob

    51% Wallet Claims

    Dash is in the best position to significantly reduce risks of 51% attacks compared to all other coins through ChainLocks. Leveraging our unique Masternode network and the upcoming Long Living Masternode Quorum (LLMQ) feature, ChainLocks add another dimension to proof of work. This innovation...
  5. bob

    51% Wallet Claims

    Earlier this week Dash Core Group was made aware of claims that several Dash wallet addresses comprised around 51% of all Dash mining hashrates. We’ve spent the past few days to internally assess everything and better understand all addresses and hashrates involved. We’ve examined the claims...
  6. bob

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    We are pleased to announce the release of Dash version 12.3, which improves InstantSend and lays additional foundation for Dash Evolution. The upgrade is complete, tested, and ready for release. Although ready now, as with past releases we feel it is prudent to wait until after the next...
  7. bob

    Unexpected behaviour with instantSend

    Appreciate the testing and issue report. We are capturing all responses from the forum for prioritization and resolution.
  8. bob

    Co-pay testing review - Android 8.1.0 on Pixel XL Log

    Thanks @Dash-Al. Appreciate the confirmation of issues on the Android side.
  9. bob

    Create new wallet - enter password

    Thanks @TroyDASH. I noticed the same thing when testing. This is the type of feedback we appreciate.
  10. bob

    Co-pay testing review - Apple iOS

    Thanks @Stealth923 for the feedback and review. Everything from transactions to branding are important to us. We released this beta with the intention to get the type of feedback you have provided. Although we won't have the time to respond to every review and/or mention of an issue, know...
  11. bob

    DashCopay Release Plan

    Per our Release Plan for Dash Copay announced last week, the testnet versions for Android and iOS are both available for testing. The Android version is currently available in the Play Store for public beta (i.e. unreleased in Google terminology). The iOS version can be tested through...
  12. bob

    DashCopay Release Plan

    You are correct. We ran into a bug impacting both iOS and Android's release. I have edited the Release Plan.
  13. bob

    DashCopay Release Plan

    Thanks! Noted and edited.
  14. bob

    DashCopay Release Plan

    The Dash Core Group team is pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch the DashCopay wallet application on iOS and Android. High level features of this new wallet include: Create and import personal wallets Create and join shared wallets (multi-signature) Send and receive...