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  1. tungfa

    This week (7/19) at Dash Core Group:

    Released Dash Platform v0.14, which contains a rebuilt version of DAPI Client, document timestamps, and the platform test suite. Published updated roadmap for all products during the Dash Core Group quarterly call. Preparing Dash Core v0.16 Release Candidate 3, which includes block reward...
  2. tungfa

    Dash Core Group Q2 2020 Summary Call - Thursday, 23 July 2020

    The Dash Core Group Q2 2020 Summary Call recording available now on :
  3. tungfa

    Advice on blockchain wallet for Android

    Coinbase is an exchange and not a wallet !! i like exodus if multicurrency and dash android for Dash
  4. tungfa

    This week (7/19) at Dash Core Group:

    - Testing v0.16 Release Candidate 2. Mainnet release expected shortly - Upgraded DashPay for iOS & Android to the latest version of Platform (DPP v0.14) - Completed development for contact requests on DashPay for Android - Integrated DAPI Client 0.14 to Wallet and SDK - Introduced document...
  5. tungfa

    Dash Electrum released:

    * PrivateSend: allow start mixing before llmq/protx ready, stop mixing only if keep amount is available on ps balance * Enhance "Detect Tor proxy on wallet startup" option behaviour/UI * DIP3 masternodes: support collateral in ProRegTx output (p2sh addresses support), other fixes * Remove legacy...
  6. tungfa

    DashForum update ! 14th of July

    We are planning to do an upgrade for the forum around 8AM CST on tuesday 14th of July. The forum will not be accessible for 5-8 hours !
  7. tungfa

    This week (7/12) at Dash Core Group!

    - Virtual meetup of all development teams to sync up on progress and plan upcoming months. - Updated the Platform distribution package (mn-bootstrap) with new commands for contract registration and local development setup. - Completed development for multiple features surrounding DashPay...
  8. tungfa


    i pinged him on slack for u
  9. tungfa

    Proposal: Dedicated Dash Videos to my 133,000 Audience

    FYI channel info
  10. tungfa

    Watch our very 1st demo on how to create a username with DashPay here:

    Then join Brian Foster on #dash Telegram next week Thurs 6/25 @ 12 EST for the 1st ever Dashpay Demo AMA. Submit your questions ahead of time for Brian here:
  11. tungfa

    This week (3/16) at Dash Core Group!

    Completed development for the Create New Identity and associated network transactions on DashPay for Android Started the rollout for v7.0.6 of Dash Wallet for Android Added InstantSend Locks and ChainLocks to Evonet to be included in the next public release Added TypeScript support to the...
  12. tungfa

    Dash Mobile Apps

    ? yes use Dash to accept and pay with Dash
  13. tungfa

    Dash Mobile Apps

    true that as i tunes and google play are propably blocked in china check for all other wallets
  14. tungfa

    Dash Mobile Apps

    yes it is download the latest electrum wallet from PrivateSend (before darksend) is on
  15. tungfa

    With v15 no more running MN from local wallets

    you need DMT for that, super helpful app
  16. tungfa

    Dash Platform v0.12 deployed to Evonet!

    This release makes Dash Platform more performant and easier to use for developers. It includes: -Initial Credit System Implementation -Simplified Platform Architecture -Simplified Identity Usage -Improvements in the Distribution Package -Resource Monitoring for Evonet...
  17. tungfa

    Token As A Service - I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK - [BrandTokens]

    Token as a Service was TaaS they shut down BrandTokens never heard of and u should be asking on reddit or so, not many alt guys here as this is a Dash forum :)
  18. tungfa

    This week (4/18) at Dash Core Group

    Finalized DashPay designs for Profile Pics/Settings ‍ Finished coding of Register Username for DashPay iOS ☝️ Updated mn-bootstrap to Platform v0.12 ✍️ Implemented "concentrated recovery" of LLMQ signatures
  19. tungfa

    Dash Electrum progress and reports

    Dash Electrum release: Trezor/KeepKey plugins: fix signing of CbTx outputs Disable PrivateSend and PrivateSend UI for HW wallets (unsupported), allow mixing amounts below keep amount, other PS fixses android receive screen: copy address instead Payment Request if amount is not set add...
  20. tungfa

    Help on Jaxx wallet

    + transaction fee is propably more bitcoin related than Jaxx i imagine
  21. tungfa

    Release Process at Dash Core Group Dash Core Group is excited to announce changes to how we approach future releases for Dash Platform. These changes aim to make our releases more predictable, reliable, and transparent, thereby fostering greater activity from...
  22. tungfa

    Dash Meets Cash Pre-Proposal, Feedback Appreciated!

    there is a good reddit thread about this
  23. tungfa

    Interest of the newbie of the crypto world

    this is a Dash forum obviously our answer will be : Dash is the one do not pimp out other projects around here , u will not be making friends Circulating Supply 157,177,714,004 NTY Total Supply 180,000,000,000 NTY Max Supply 180,000,000,000 NTY that should tell u everything premined or...
  24. tungfa

    Dash Mobile Apps

    i do not understand u wanna send $ to $ ? or $ to buy dash ?
  25. tungfa

    DASH wallet error - any help??

    i do mit understand best to post a screenshot
  26. tungfa

    I am here to ask a query

    why would u trust chrome with a VPN extension .... think about it ;)
  27. tungfa

    I am here to ask a query

    NordVPN accepts dash as well
  28. tungfa

    Masternodes Explanations/Guides/Setups/Tools for Dash Newcomers (Update:July 2015)

    there is a whole section
  29. tungfa

    Dash Mobile Apps

    use Exodus , Edge , Coinomi ... they are all multi currecny
  30. tungfa

    Wallet Encryption Corrupted?

    sorry to hear but the wallet/computer does NOT change the encryption itself - it has to come from the user (you) are u sure u are using /trying the correct wallet.dat file ? caps locked ?
  31. tungfa

    DASH has utterly failed it's reason for existing, and nobody cares...

    why are you even still here cam ? u are badmouthing EVERYTHING straight since 3 years if it all was so terrible wouldnt you have sold your huge bag and moved on ?
  32. tungfa

    Libra is available for sale

    FAKE NEWS do not fall for this nonsense
  33. tungfa

    This week (2/22) at Dash Core Group!

    ‍- Released DashCore v0.15 - Began beta testing on the redesigned #Dash Wallet for #Android - Added resource monitoring for #Evonet - Made significant progress in providing secure validation for state transitions for Evonet
  34. tungfa

    Dash release

    We are happy to announce the release of This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded at # About this Release Dash Core is a minor release of the Dash Core 0.14.0.x series. This is a new minor version release, bringing various...
  35. tungfa

    Which masternodes voted and what exactly voted on various proposals (v2)

    ? "lost all his votes" how did that happen ?
  36. tungfa

    This Week (11/29) at Dash Core Group

    Hello Dash Community! Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Dash users. Here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this week. Released DashCore v0.14.0.4 with improvements to maximize InstantSend stability Added a dark theme for the DashQT wallet and made some related optimizations to...
  37. tungfa

    Why is latest Dash update v0.14.0.4 only announced on Reddit ?

    different time zones of different members posting / updating i guess ;)
  38. tungfa

    This week (11/22) at Dash Core Group!

    Hello Dash Community! Here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this week. Network operators, please note we’ve got a minor DashCore update coming your way. ‍♂️ Preparing DashCore v0.14.0.4 for release with several improvements to InstantSend stability. This is a recommended upgrade for...
  39. tungfa

    The Core development team is pleased to share that DashCore v0.14.0.4 has been released

    Hello Dash network operators! The Core development team is pleased to share that DashCore v0.14.0.4 has been released. This is a minor release, and while it is not mandatory, we suggest every node upgrade (both masternode operators and regular nodes). This version includes several bug fixes and...