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  1. IronVape

    Lots of money being spent on “Marketing”, yet I have to search, photoshop and custom make handouts.

    Can we please get organized enough to provide resources for our own community members who are using their own funds and donating their time to promote Dash? The brochures from the Miami conference (and ALL other marketing materials) should be easily available to people (such as myself) who are...
  2. IronVape

    Coincap poll

    Recient mentions of using uncreated treasury funds as a network "savings account" prompt me to ask this question.
  3. IronVape

    3 days to vote and no Core Proposals yet?

    Am I misfiring on my brain cells or are there no core dev funding requests so far?
  4. IronVape

    Wanted: Dash Coin Template - Avery 5193

    I made up these Bitcoin paper wallet coins a long time ago They are made using the "airtight" brand coin display case - the size of a US Silver Eagle. I make up a bunch of paper wallets, put the pubic QR code inside the case and visible, the private key is placed...
  5. IronVape

    (Pre-Proposal) Dash at the Tampa Bay Meetups.

    This is an old thread that somehow got reactivated. I'm deleting the text because the price of Dash has increesed so much that the numbers look silly now.
  6. IronVape

    Evolution Launch Fund?

    Anyone think it would be a good idea to start saving a few dash ( 25 or 50 ) out of each budget cycle to set aside for a PR push when Evo launches?
  7. IronVape

    WiKi - Questions

    While doing some proofing and corrections to the Spanish version of the Wiki. I'm kinda blown away that the non-English versions do not match the format / structure of the English version. How can we hope to keep this information correct and current if we can't do a page for page review? Am...
  8. IronVape

    getting close :-)

    I have 975 Dash... just 25 more and I'll be setting up my very own MN. One question: How to guess how much fee will be needed to move 1000 Dash from paper wallet to the staking address? Thanks PS - sorry if this is not the right place to ask. I'm still finding my way around the Dash World.
  9. IronVape

    If you are new to Dash (like me) and made a paper wallet this year, read this advisory I just noticed it yesterday, so I thought I would cross-post it here since this is where I usually watch for DASH news.