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  1. Dworf

    Can we protect our name? Singtel DASH

    Former or later the conflict will be hot. Maybe it would be good to have some kind of strategy or safe position
  2. Dworf

    Can we protect our name? Singtel DASH

    Probably this turns into a problem: This company provides payment services and due to the use of QR codes it may be ambiguous for the average Joe which service he will...
  3. Dworf

    Version 12.2 release

    It has been written that no mn restart is necessary after update. But when I run "dash-cli masternode debug" after start I get no output. I think it is a sign that a restart is necessary, right?
  4. Dworf

    Change MN hosting without losing active status

    is it possible to shift a masternode to a new machine with new IP without losing its active status?
  5. Dworf

    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    just checked the x64 version on I assume that are two false postives, right?
  6. Dworf

    Bitsquare/Bisq to Add Dash As Base Currency Soon, Faces Boycott Threats

    Sorry to see that nearly nodbody is using Bisq with DASH as a base currency. This is up to now the only working fully decentralized DASH market which also supports fiat exchange.
  7. Dworf

    Pre-proposal: Dash Branding for Sydney Harbour Racing Yacht

    Nice - whenever I will be in Sydney I will join
  8. Dworf

    Pre-proposal: Dash Branding for Sydney Harbour Racing Yacht

    "Free rides on the yacht for Master Node operators when the yacht is racing" When can I come on board?
  9. Dworf

    DASH symbol

    maybe this: Đ
  10. Dworf


    Giving out lots of money without securities and proper tracking of the projects makes the DASH treasury an easy target for all kind of scammers. And its not the first time things went wrong in a costly way. Just remember the Lamassu desaster ... If we let these kind of scammers go without...
  11. Dworf


    what happened to the Youtube play awards?
  12. Dworf

    DashQt and Masternode address problem

    problem solved with the help of @chaeplin on Slack - the problem was a wrong address entry in dashcentral.conf (I must have missed it)
  13. Dworf

    DashQt and Masternode address problem

    ok - the problem startet when I created the new address with "masternode genkey" and send the collateral to that address, Then the Tx was done and visible on the blockchain but up to now it does not show up in the Tx list of the Qt wallet. As next step I setup the masternode created the...
  14. Dworf

    Particl marcet place SDC decided to swap their project into a market place centric platform which allows other cryptos to be used: This new approach will encourage the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, ZCash and...
  15. Dworf

    Dash Core Version v0.12.1.4 virustotal warnings

    here is the result: áfter checking the seven warnings they are most likely false warnings all together. But I think for a wallet which is critical the number of warnings is too high in...
  16. Dworf

    Simple presentation

    a pyramid scheme needs a steady growing number of participants to live or produce profits. That is generally not true for crypto currencies
  17. Dworf

    Proposal: Facebook Ads for Dash Tutorials

    Because I do not want to waste more of my lifetime into this I repost my comment from Dashcentral here: just checked the video - the "encrypting the wallet is not a good idea" is still inside. But after watching the video twice and wasting my lifetime with it I must tell you it is a total...
  18. Dworf

    Lost all my DashCoin

    hey @Hi Ya999 sorry for the loss of you coins you should investigate how it was possible - what system was it ? (Window, Linux, ...) Take a check with this tool if you have some malware on your computer: ...It would be interesting to see the report. Do you use some...
  19. Dworf

    Simple presentation

    there is a small bug: It must be MASTERNODE instead of MASTERNOD
  20. Dworf

    Anybody need cheap hosting? 2 x 2.40 GHz, 2048 MB RAM, 80 GB Storage, 2 TB Bandwidth € 3 49/mo. minus 12% if the VPS is booked for a year in advance
  21. Dworf

    the importance of the remittance market

    There’s a $500 billion remittance market, and Bitcoin startups want in on it (Forbes, Sep 11th 16) According to this article 20% of the $500 billion go through Bitcoin (questionable?). Anyways this seems to be a very big and very important market and should also be addressed by DASH.
  22. Dworf

    More Beautiful Data
  23. Dworf


    open Windows Explorer and enter %appdata% into the address line. Then look for the directory "Dash". there you will find "masternode.conf" - if not then read TAO's masternode guide and follow the steps precisely. In that file your masternode configuration should be listed
  24. Dworf


    %appdata% is a reference to the config directory under Windows. If you use a Linux environment, you'll need to check your configuration in "~/.dash"
  25. Dworf

    Pre Proposal: Dash themed card game

    The benefit of the proposal for the DASH project is not very clear. You write: but with a budget of 155 DASH it would be more than 3 DASH ( > $40 ) for one game without a measurable ROI for the DASH project. (ok - 50 people get the game for free) I suggest to bring the price for the proposal...
  26. Dworf

    Proposal: Promote Anonymous Dash Payments to 200,000 Hackers on YouTube!

    I voted 'yes' on this proposal because 1. @JerryBanfield is really a communicator and has a good potential to promote DASH 2. 49 DASH per month is not much compared to some other proposals 3. if it does not work it can be stopped any month later with DASH I think that some voters were...
  27. Dworf

    Help Me Share Dash with Millions on Facebook and YouTube: JAN 2017 Budget Proposal!

    @ericsammons he produced already lots of content and has his model. Ie. references to other content producers do not help @JerryBanfield 97 DASH is definitely more acceptable. Anyways I would check the community opinion here more over.
  28. Dworf

    Help Me Share Dash with Millions on Facebook and YouTube: JAN 2017 Budget Proposal!

    I see this proposal from a different point of view. The proposal owner has doubtless assembled lots of content in different fields. And his message is not to be the #1 subject matter expert but more a positive multiplier. If used as a marketing tool it can be seen as a kind of guerilla...
  29. Dworf

    DashPay Point-of-Sale

    there are some POS solutions already, eg. plus some more. My questions: - what is the unique feature that is not available in the other solutions? - will it also...
  30. Dworf

    DASH usage in real life

    I made a request to to accept DASH. Background is that they already accept Bitcoin but no credit cards anymore. Here is the funny reply: We will not be accepting Dash in the near future. The reason is staff training. Getting them OK with Bitcoin was challenging...
  31. Dworf

    Advice please; dash, bitsquare, BitcoinJ

    this is the current trading reality in Bitsquare - I suggest to use it more often for DASH trades
  32. Dworf

    Live Project Log For CRYPTOVERSE-1

    this is really one of the best proposals. very clear outline and excellent feedback
  33. Dworf

    New online store that accepts Dash

    is down - cannot access it anymore
  34. Dworf

    Proposal: Business Development - Wall of Coins Integration

    what is the difference to (
  35. Dworf

    I sold all my Dash. Here is why and my view on the state of Dash

    I do not like this discussion. VCash is still in the absolute beginnings. They even have no real GUI wallet - that is more a small Dialog with two input fields. They have no market for now. And if they ever will catch up with DASH (or other Cryptos) they will be late. Not to mention all the...
  36. Dworf


    There is an ongoing proposal for the integration. I think that would be a good solution for India to exchange fiat against DASH. Another one are debit cars like Uquid. On the other side and should word seemless in India too...
  37. Dworf


    @Poltergeist would it make sense to prepare a proposal for mass marketing in India. I know that lots of social media marketing is going on there. That for I think it will not only hit the region but also the opportunity. What do you think?
  38. Dworf

    Mixing 100% complete

    @Roslyn ok but then I do not understand why my Qt wallet shows 100% mixed all time? any explanarions for this "anomaly"
  39. Dworf

    Mixing 100% complete

    the problem is that they do not seem to be mixed appear MN rewards as being mixed by default?
  40. Dworf

    Mixing 100% complete

    and that all the time - I transferred the coins forth and back but the indicator still says 100%. What can I do to make it mixing again.