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  1. D Bitcoin withdrawal to creditcard Is anyone using this? Would be really amazing if we had Darkcoin intergated there.
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    Decentralized mixing

    I think the current approach of mixing is not as secure as you would want it to be. Currently its centralized, correct? The masternode approach is really bad. A masternode costs 1000 DRK. Currently, a DRK costs 2.2 USD. Now imagine if a government agency invested a million. That is 454545 DRK...
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    A online wallet with API

    You guys probably know about coinbase right? Its a online wallet for Bitcoin that has support for payment notification called API. You can serve your e-products to your customers automatically right after payment. This is used by a lot of VPN services and such. I think what is vital to the...
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    Ubuntu Repository

    I think its a great idea to create a repository for Ubuntu, so installation is easier and updates are automatic. What do other members think?