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  1. itscrazybro

    Dash - The Unstoppable Blockchain
  2. itscrazybro is now online!

    Hi team, finally can unveil the project that I have been working on! Listings are free to all businesses that accept Dash so if you have a service or know anyone with a service then get them in there. The reason I went forward with the project is because I didn’t feel like...
  3. itscrazybro

    Let's talk branding

    Hey everyone, I think with the current size that this project is growing to, we are in dire need to talk branding. We are attending conferences (giving out promotional material), building websites, building out evolution etc and our current branding is no where up to standard. The colours...
  4. itscrazybro

    Utilize the remaining unallocated budget

    @eduffield @babygiraffe is it possible to put up a budget proposal for the 570 or so Dash that will go unallocated this month (could be more but I am assuming the the liquidity providers v2 and masternode/trezor support will pass) and allocate it as a one off payment to help pay for the...
  5. itscrazybro

    Why Dash Should be a Big Part of every Cryptocurrency Investors Portfolio

    Hey everyone, I just finished up writing this article Please feel free to share it around social media :) Thanks
  6. itscrazybro

    Hey everyone, Just thought I would pop in and let you all know I am in the finishing stages of this website I designed it as I didn't feel there was something that promotes the investment aspects of masternodes as well as teach you how to get started with one. So I...
  7. itscrazybro

    Getting dash listed on BTC38

    BTC38 does the most volume for many of the major altcoins and we are not even listed as a trading option on there. Is anyone currently working on this and if not would the community be prepared to allocate a portion of the budget to getting us listed?
  8. itscrazybro

    Get us added to

    Go and vote people, the voting has been extended for a short period of time.