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    Masternode position in the payment queue

    Is there a way to find out the position of my masternode in the payment queue (for instance by some dash-cli command) ?
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    Masternode setup guide for non-dummies (server side)

    Hi, based on Tao's great guide, I created a shortened version for tech people who just need to quickly setup their masternode without reading through the verbose original guide. I also added an init.d script to make sure the masternode will continue running if the system reboots for some reason...
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    Temporarily moving masternode to another machine

    The server on which I run my MN will be down for about 4 hours. Would it be possible to run the MN on a different machine (with a different IP) during this time without losing the earnings for the current period? Or in other words. If I stop my MN and start it on a different IP, will the...
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    Do you like the new Dash-detailed format ?

    I love the show with @amanda_b_johnson. It's a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest news in Dash. However, I don't like the new "live" format they used in the last (I think) three episodes. Before, the show lasted 6 minutes and was packed with useful information. Now, the show contains...
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    Could Dash be merged to Bitcoin some day?

    This is just a thought. Dash presents itself as "advanced Bitcoin" and aims to surpass Bitcoin in becoming the mainstream digital currency. We all know that Dash has significant technological advantages over Bitcoin, while Bitcoin has the advantage of being the first, best known currency, and...
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    0.12.1 update: Error when trying to start Sentinel

    Hi, I updated my MN to version 0.12.1. Following this guide: My dashd is running and fully synced. But when I try to run Sentinel, I get this error message: -342: non-JSON HTTP response with '401 Unauthorized' from...
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    How does downtime affect masternode payments

    I had some HW problems with my masternode around the time I was expecting a next payment. The masternode was down for about 24h and then after 2 days it was down again for about 16h. Now I'm back online for over 6 days and It's been over 16 days since my last payment (I didn't receive any...
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    Alternative to Kraken

    Hi, I'm using Kraken to buy Bitcoin and then trading it for Dash. I'm highly unsatisfied with Kraken. They keep putting my deposits and withdrawals on hold for no valid reason, their customer support is (to put it mildly) unresponsive and the website itself is buggy. What I like about them...