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  1. TroyDASH

    Privacy features implemented as of now

    The denominations are 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01, and 0.001. The v13 release introduced the 0.001 denomination - the others were already existing. And yes since each wallet client needs to send its part of the mixing transaction to the masternode, the masternode facilitating the mixing request would be...
  2. TroyDASH

    Looks like MasterNodes and Miners are taking a stand...

    I think there's something wonky though always with the last data point on that chart, it's like the data points on the 1-hour before that are smoothed over with larger samples but the last one is always spiking up or down every time you refresh.
  3. TroyDASH

    Looks like MasterNodes and Miners are taking a stand...

    I think it's random variation due to the low sample size of the 1-hour time window. +/- 30% swings are normal when there are only 24 blocks to look at. Here it is 2 hours later
  4. TroyDASH

    PrivateSend variations/ideas

    The one idea I have for privatesend is to randomize the number of rounds (with a minimum) Knowing that all the privatesend inputs in a transaction have been mixed the same number of rounds is an unnecessary piece of information that people analyzing the blockchain don't need to have at their...
  5. TroyDASH

    Collateralized mining, revisited...

    I do think the incentive to buy 1000 dash because of the masternode ROI is an illusion. Why buy a mn for 6% when the market cap of dash would need to go up by more than 6% in the same time period in order to come out ahead (if it doesn't then your collateral will be worth less than it was when...
  6. TroyDASH

    Collateralized mining, revisited...

    I'm challenging the idea that a 12% "ROI" or a 50% or 5000% ROI would be any better than our current 6%. It doesn't help to be rewarded with more coins if the coins are going to be worth less. In my opinion the cumulative value of the network (the market cap) is independent of the block reward...
  7. TroyDASH

    51% Wallet Claims

    InstantSend provides the equivalent security of 24 normal confirmations, but even having 24 confirmations does not protect against 51% PoW attacks ( a 51% attacker could start mining 100 blocks ago, and when they finally catch up on the proof of work then the whole original chain after that...
  8. TroyDASH

    Collateralized mining, revisited...

    What people need to realize about this is that if the "ROI" was 30% or 200% or 900% it doesn't actually make a difference. It's paid for with inflation.
  9. TroyDASH

    51% Wallet Claims

    LLMQs are not until 0.14 and I believe they are a prerequisite for ChainLocks.
  10. TroyDASH

    Smart Reach Partnership Proposal - Pre proposal

    Oh that is way smaller than I thought you were going to ask, which changes my thought on whether this might be possible. Sounds more similar to the sponsorship we did a while ago with the Daily Decrypt. Definitely consider DashBoost as I would not recommend risking the 5 dash fee for a 10-15...
  11. TroyDASH


    So basically Dash is doing a better job at increasing its exposure in Venezuela, than Bitcoin or other cryptos. And dash can acquire new users and can even spread through people who do not even necessarily have to be cryptocurrency experts. Is this supposed to be bad news?
  12. TroyDASH

    Intuition, Opinions, Reasonable Assumption Vs Speculation?

    I would be alarmed too if the way you describe it is what is actually happening, but that just isn't the case. People are allowed to be critical of Dash, the core team or other proposal owners all the time. The times that we've actually needed to remove content are few and far between and are...
  13. TroyDASH

    Intuition, Opinions, Reasonable Assumption Vs Speculation?

    Personally I'm not as interested in whether people feel offended that they are being held to a particular standard here. Also whether or not readers of the forum are stupid is irrelevant here. What matters to me is the actual effect of what happens when certain behaviors are allowed. And in my...
  14. TroyDASH

    Reminder : Careful of Core Member impersonators !

    Almost all of the core team members have a Keybase identity, linked via
  15. TroyDASH

    Disturbance in the force?

    Related to the stresstest that is currently being conducted. This is where we get to see what things start breaking when there are a few million transactions per day
  16. TroyDASH

    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    For me, text format is way easier to quote or refer back to, and makes it faster and easier to analyze. I wouldn't make it a requirement but as a MNO I appreciate when proposal owners are able to present their value proposition succinctly in text format.
  17. TroyDASH


    It is possible to still have empathy for someone while at the same time realizing that there is no solution at the protocol-level that would be acceptable to remedy this. It is very regrettable, but there are many others who have also lost significant amounts of Dash to hackers in the past, and...
  18. TroyDASH

    Have observed the #1 biggest problem with budget proposals could be

    I think it's a nice idea to give submitters the ability to lower their ask, within certain limits (as in, it would have to be at least X days before the voting cycle ends, and they can only do it X number of times) I also like automatically refunding the fee (so that we don't keep wasting all...
  19. TroyDASH


    The governance system in Dash is great for making funding decisions and for some forward-looking decisions, but rolling back confirmed transactions or blacklisting certain addresses is beyond its capabilities at the moment (in my opinion, for good reason. It would be quite challenging to have...
  20. TroyDASH

    Community call: DCG Business Development's plans - 6 September 2018

    On Discord last month we started a channel for MNOs to pose questions to DCG, and the most popular ones are responded to on a monthly basis. (the answers from last month here: This month, someone asked about the...
  21. TroyDASH

    Pay to name Evolution Concept

    I could be wrong, but I don't think DeepBlue was referring to the OP. :D I think camo has some good points but also think the jury is still out on this until we actually see how it is intended to be used by merchants and consumers. I can't imagine a POS where someone has to type in a...
  22. TroyDASH

    Pay to name Evolution Concept

    I don't think paying to a username is intended to be used for merchant point of sale, just for sending funds to people who are in your contact list. Someone correct me if I am mistaken
  23. TroyDASH

    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    @kot I'm somewhat surprised to hear what I feel is a more ideological or visceral response to @DeepBlue's suggestion, than a practical one. As @DeepBlue stated, the purpose of this kind of software is a productivity tool, not something that a manager is supposed to spend all their time watching...
  24. TroyDASH

    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    Question for Ryan or Glenn - The recent precedent has been for the core team salaries to be lumped into one proposal, and then particular initiatives such as special marketing campaigns get their own proposal. Although this means MNs can choose not to fund certain special projects, the core...
  25. TroyDASH

    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    After the release and open-sourcing of 13.0, is DCG planning to continue development of future versions 13.1, 14.0,...etc in a private repository? Or will the development of new versions move to public repos?
  26. TroyDASH

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    However- it is true that if you combine your final anonymized coins and the dust from the create denominations, then you've just botched things up. But in order to do this you would need to send a regular transaction, not a PrivateSend transaction - because the dust is never in your PrivateSend...
  27. TroyDASH

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    @camosoul There is no change returned to you when you send a PrivateSend transaction, *ever*. If you try to send a transaction that does not break up perfectly into the denominations, what happens is the entire amount that is leftover is included in the transaction fee and there is no change...
  28. TroyDASH

    Dash Core Group Legal Structure Details

    Thanks for the update, this has been a long time coming. It is also a groundbreaking achievement, so congrats all around! I am curious is there a formal mechanism to identify which is the correct set of masternodes as beneficiaries, in the event of a hardfork?
  29. TroyDASH

    Let's make SWOT Analysis for Dash

    @Iñaki @mage00000 FYI this thread is 2 years old. But it's probably worth a revisit as a lot has changed
  30. TroyDASH

    Anybody knows something about Moocowmoo and

    How did you try to contact (sent him an email?) I would imagine that there are a lot of people trying to contact him this week. I saw him around a couple days ago in the discord channel.
  31. TroyDASH

    The people with the most Dash to trade

    What do you mean by "cater to that market"? Offer certain goods/services that miners and masternode operators would be more likely to want to buy than anyone else would?
  32. TroyDASH

    Is a reboot recommended when OOM killer eats your dashd?

    Sometimes the host provider needs to reboot the node due to scheduled maintenance or because of some other problem -- usually those are fast enough to have dashd recover. Full outages are more rare but they do happen sometimes even to some of the most reliable services like AWS, those ones tend...
  33. TroyDASH

    Is a reboot recommended when OOM killer eats your dashd?

    I have always used a script that simply restarts dashd without reboot and have almost never had problems. The most common reasons for irrecoverable dashd crashes for me have been (1) the hosting provider (VPS) having a problem, or (2) insufficient SWAP memory or insufficient disk space --...
  34. TroyDASH

    Economic Considerations.

    It is a bit old, but this interview with Ryan does shed some light on the issue. About the "ROI" compared to the S&P, I don't think that's the right way to look at it. 3% vs. 15% return denominated in crypto doesn't make much of a difference when the volatility of the coin is likely to dwarf...
  35. TroyDASH

    Creating a Venezuela DAO to create the First DASH Nation

    I believe Evan's usage of the term in that context is incorrect. I would argue that organizations which are funded in this manner are neither decentralized nor autonomous. Had an interesting discussion about this on the discord a while back. "Sub-DAO" is closer, but only if it means...
  36. TroyDASH

    Creating a Venezuela DAO to create the First DASH Nation

    Side comment, please don't call it a DAO, because it isn't a DAO.
  37. TroyDASH

    How would you bring Dash to a small, poor country?

    Getfreedash was de-funded for many other reasons, not because anyone is afraid of success (why would you even think that?) Airdrops or giving away free dash is certainly one way to try going about it, though.
  38. TroyDASH Pre-Proposal

    While I would vote for this, with the market being the way it is right now I would advise not to roll in unrelated expenses/projects, and also not to expand in any way right now that would increase costs over what you are doing already. I think the budget is likely to be even more over-requested...
  39. TroyDASH

    Create new wallet - enter password

    Android Dash Copay v3.14.1 When creating a new wallet, it prompts you for a password as shown here: However on my device (2560x1440), the part that says "Please enter a password to encrypt your wallet keys on this storage device" is only visible for less than half a second, because the...
  40. TroyDASH

    Address book issues

    Android Dash Copay v3.14.1 - Send --> Contacts (+) --> Scan Dash address If the dash address was generated by the Dash Core wallet with InstantSend requested (the default), then it does not recognize the address as valid, and the contact can't be saved unless the ?IS=1 is manually removed to...