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    Official Forum Upgrade Feedback Thread

    Are these going to work too?
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    Docs about PoSe-ban?

    Your MN is already registered with the keys you used in the first time so you can't reuse the same keys as it does not work this way. It changed the status from active to pose_ban. To bring it back to alive you need to do this: 1 - put the old blsprivkey on dash.conf on remote as it was...
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    Corrupt dashman installer???

    Please do not use Dashman anymore as the creator of it is MIA and not around the project anymore.
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    My question regarding QT has not been answered for more than a month!

    Why don't you visit the official dash website and check what is the newest wallet version? 14.0.5 is not. Download v15. Remove all data files except the wallet.dat and backups folder. Start the wallet and sync. Problem solved.
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    Help with reused receive address

    As I supposed. You are using the outdated wallet version. Remove the .dat files from appdata folder and the folders: "blocks" and "chainstate". Do NOT remove wallet.dat! Go to and get version 15 of the wallet. Start it and let it sync. All will be fine then. Let us know if...
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    Help with reused receive address

    Might tell us what is the wallet version you use?
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    Where to convert in UK?

    For EU and UK ;) I highly recommend
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    Balance disappeared after syncing with new phone

    @Y2boodz can you tell me what # the ticket you sent to the support had?
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    Dash mining 12 th/s

    GPU mining for Dash has finished some time ago, not profitable at all, now you need the X11 ASICs in order to do it.
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    How to Use Dash Wallet for iOS?

    There is PIN to spend or to unlock the history you must setup. You should have been asked to setup it on your first install, meaby you have skipped it but you still can setup it in settings/change password.
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    Moderators abuse

    Can you start behaving like a human please? We don't want to ban or warn anyone but you simply start exaggerating. Keep things on the subject otherwise go to off topic threads.
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    How convert Wallet in .bin

    You've wrote to Dash Service Desk in the past with this issue but there was never any official wallet which were creating wallet.bin file. If you used Simplewallet then write to the creators of this software.
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    I have a question

    If you use then should be fine but putting it into general discussion will cause a removal and/or ban.
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    HELP error with my dash wallet!!

    He probably using dashcore wallet. Do you? What version of dashcore are you using? Newest is 14.0.4 Be sure to have a backup of your wallet.dat file. Copy folder "backups" from your appdata folder somewhere else on your disk. It contains all past backups of your wallet. Start your wallet with...
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    Maxium number of wallet's address

    I have more than 150k keys on mine and works smooth.
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    new masternode error -1 this is not a masternode

    Happy to hear that. Stay Dashy ✌️
  17. splawik21

    new masternode error -1 this is not a masternode

    As I said you have no line ;) You see this small sign in front of the line? # It simply make the line not valid. Stop your dashd, edit your config. Remove it from masternode=1 and masternodeblsprivkey=yourprivateblskeyhere and start dashd again. Let us know if works.
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    new masternode error -1 this is not a masternode

    Can you please send dash.conf lines here on into PM? Sent you a message already.
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    new masternode error -1 this is not a masternode

    Your dash.conf on vps has no line of: masternode=1 edit: eventually send me via PM how your dash.conf looks like.
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    Help.....i was mining directly to wallet and i get "this address has too many records to display"

    You very welcome :) Simply use filter and select: show all transactions ;)
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    Dash Core Release Announcement

    Hey @Soumya Dixit the recent version is not it is 14.0.3 now. Reindex after all.
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    I sent a dash but it’s happen appear where I sent it

  23. splawik21

    Unable to configure masternode with Dash masternode tool Scroll down to Option 1: Registering from a hardware wallet Be sure to use masternodeblsprivkey in dash.conf and not masternodeprivkey.
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    Follow this one @karlhenning
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    Amount exceeds balance msg when sufficient DASH is present

    Use coin control when sending and see if your input is not locked.
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    Setting up a node that mine only with 1 thread

    It was a command "set generate true". Is not there anymore. Putting a CPU to mine has totally no sense. You have more probability to win in lotto than mine a block with a single thread even if this was still possible
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    POSE_BANNED: 100% You have all here @europound
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    how to start mn from cold wallet

    Because you want to re-register the MN which keys has been already used. If you are in pose_ban status you need to update service just be sure to use newest version of dash on server. Link for the reference: Scroll down to ProUpServTx
  29. splawik21

    how to start mn from cold wallet

    A lot has changed since then. Looks like you hibernated for last half of the year Scroll down to "Register your masternode"
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    DashDrive feature, is this something you would want?

    Guys DashDrive is not for this @PeterO @Charles12
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    Procesory płatności wspierające kryptowaluty

    Po procesory platnosci zerknij tutaj.
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    Help.....i was mining directly to wallet and i get "this address has too many records to display"

    @bettybarton just use above explorer it will let you see all txs.
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    Overview of Mainnet Stress Test and Dash Core v0.14.0.3 Release

    Great to have these kind of stress tests so we can improve the Dash code. Top work Dash devs! Updated all before this post appeared
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    Hello! How can I bring Dash to my City in Mexico?

    Mexican Exchange Cubobit Adds Dash Enabling Key Remittance Corridor
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    Multiple masternodes 1 public IP

    You must use a unique IP for 1 MN only.
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    Salve a tutti!

    Ciao ricordate che potete fare il salto su dash discord via oppure
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    Updating dash core on Ubuntu 18.04

    All you need to do is simply stop the dashd copy the binaries and replace old with new and start dashd Of course you need to update sentinel as well by going to dashcore/sentinel and execute git pull
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    Updating dash core on Ubuntu 18.04

    Start from manual update.
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello all new people ;) @Paul Martinez in this case we hope to see a nice article or piece of blog from you about Dash improvements ;) Stay Dashy and again cheers for all.