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  1. Dashmaximalist

    video for Remittance , please watch it

    hi all, I have been working on a Dash based remittance video for some time now, let me know what you think about it
  2. Dashmaximalist

    cant find any easy to use APIs , SDKs even after a lot of effort, being a DAO this a massive shame

    hi guys i have been searching last few days for any easy to use APIs for web and SDKs , so far all i could find are blockcypher and broken dash core code ( clone from bit core ) , so far there are no SDKs for Android, either they are hiding some where or its a massive negligence. Either way we...
  3. Dashmaximalist

    Getfreedash daily stats

    I didn't realize that there this forum where we could talk about approved proposals. so here are our daily stats in that case :) Sign-ups dropped because of non-payment for 5 days from Feb 27-Mar5 in the past for lack of funds Site was down Jan 14-28 for various upgrades Site was down Feb...
  4. Dashmaximalist

    why has this months budget pool come down from 6600 to 6100 dash ?

    what exactly is reduction percent for dash production , i am aware bitcoin production drops 50% every four years ?
  5. Dashmaximalist

    75,000 users and counting , next stop 1 million users if you support us

    Getfreedash just crossed 75,000 users its a historic moment for us and its a big moment for dash adoption in Venezuela. we have bought more people to dash in venezuela than probably all the other proposals combined and we are just getting started :) But we don't want to stop here , we want to...
  6. Dashmaximalist

    Lets expand the treasury by end of this year ?

    Everyone by now knows dash is thrvining ( even though market is not taking full notice of it ) primarily because of its Decentralised Autonomous Organisation style funding aka the treasury , every month some 6600 dash are released to be spent on various proposal and dash is arguably the only big...
  7. Dashmaximalist

    do we have android / ios sdk for dash payments ?

    hi guys we are trying to create a getfreedash app with live payments and looks like there is no sdk any where , do we have one ? or we should simply use bitcore APIs ?
  8. Dashmaximalist

    power of mobile app - electroneum is killing it , 100,000+ downloads and counting

    electroneum has offered ( fake . ) mobile mining facilities by making sure you earn some coins and you earn more by referring others ... does it sound like getfreedash ? yes it is , thats exactly what they are doing. they are able to fight the fraud by detecting IMEI and android ID etc and...
  9. Dashmaximalist

    170 youtube videos are promoting getfreedash , this is the definition of going viral

    super thrilled to inform that there are about 170 videos that are promoting getfreedash now all those who are concerned about fraud and hackers , hackers don't make and promote on youtube they simply hack sites like in the...
  10. Dashmaximalist

    Getfreedash for Nigeria, Kenya , India and others at $2 per user, looking for partners to join me

    hi guys First of all thanks for your wonderful support for Getfreedash for venezuela , it feels really wonderful to see getfreedash go viral in venezuela we want to carry forward this momentum to other countries where cyptocurrency adoption is pretty high. Our new plan is to roll out an...
  11. Dashmaximalist

    Thanks everyone for passing Getfreedash , here are the daily stats

    hi everyone Thanks for helping Getfreedash pass the proposal, especially those who donated/loaned dash to us. at Getfreedash , we hope to be as transparent and as up-to-date as possible so we will publish numbers on a regular basis starting from today. let me know if you are looking for some...
  12. Dashmaximalist

    Maduro in his selfishness is triggering a golden era for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

    if you have not know this news , Maduro the president of Venezuela has declared petro to be used across various govt backed industries in Venezuela , along with this hes also said any cryptocurrencies to be usable across private businesses, this is an absolute game changer even bigger than what...
  13. Dashmaximalist

    Xmw8tkLBfRHgjr4UDPuDff1TnZPVZtf73m dont send your donation here

    hi guys i am very very sorry about this mess up , but i lost access to this particular address and the back wallet file looks corrupt , so please dont your donation here this is my hardware wallet address and this one is super safe XoXYYn12v67ZTsNDUL8AUUVYSEE9hCu62R or the other one...
  14. Dashmaximalist

    how to recover dash core wallet with wallet file ??

    can anyone help me recover dash core wallet with just wallet file ??
  15. Dashmaximalist is so so boring compared to

    as you all know , is fantastic traffic puller which cover hundreds of cool articles recommends users to wallets and has well rounded user attention tracking ability. in essence is a mixure of and dashforcenews and looks pretty sexy as you might have seen...
  16. Dashmaximalist

    dash central is being spammed by other coins , stop it now

    there is ton of crazy comments propping up on trying to demean @feedbands proposal , most MNOs look at dash central to do their voting . we can let shills / spies malign this space. Here's my suggestion to stop this menace Allow only MNOs/ Proposal owners/ well know members to post comments ...
  17. Dashmaximalist is looking to add new coins , big oppurtunity for dash

    hi guys just found that purse is looking to add new coins , they have sent out a survey form etc unforunately dash is not even on their radar which is pretty annoying , having said lets make sure we approch them and entice them with a proper deal , they...
  18. Dashmaximalist

    20,000 plus sign ups , 70+ youtube videos promoting getfreedash, ideas for more use cases needed

    Getfreedash is creating history in terms of fastest growth possible , we are growing at an incredible speed , with 3000-4000 sign ups per day now, with 70+ youtube vidoes promoting us ( ) Our goal is sign up 1 million folks...
  19. Dashmaximalist

    looking for dash videos in spanish for getfreedash

    hi guys can you help me any spanish based vidoes on dash , starting from basic to more advanced also any videos on using dash for remittance or freelancing are greatly useful. we are planning to force users to watch a basic video on dash if they want their free dash :) we will promote...
  20. Dashmaximalist

    insight API, bitcore-node-dash failing

    i am trying to install bitcore-node-dash so as to run insight APi can some one let me know why this is happening ? i am running a Mac machine npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 22 npm ERR! [email protected] preinstall: `./scripts/download` npm ERR! Exit status 22 npm ERR...
  21. Dashmaximalist

    America's biggest remittance corridor changed its flag and its a massive opportunity for dash

    Mexico used to be one of the biggest remittance corridor in the Americas, venezuela has just taken over that. In the last 5 years or so some 8 million venezuelans have left the country owing for economic crisis and this number is increasing every day. The really interesting info is not even...
  22. Dashmaximalist

    Dash Electrum wallet is not working , Help

    hi dashers, just installed electrum wallet and i reinstalled it on my mac laptop, however when i did its not connecting to internet unfortunately. can some one help me resolve this casue its an urgent matter ( i need to send 1000s of payments to getfreedash users )
  23. Dashmaximalist

    loan dash to getfreedash so that we can run signups without stopping them

    Getfreedash is growing at an unprecedented growth we just crossed 1500 sign ups per day. 100s of users are bombarding the site. 40+ youtube videos are promoting getfreedash looks like dash could go viral in venezuela (...
  24. Dashmaximalist

    urgent help, sending dash to multiple parties , dash going viral in venezuela

    hi guys , i need some technical chops on processing txns automatically , we were initially getting 100-200 sign ups which my support staff is taking care of , however we just crossed 400 sign ups yesterday which is on the verge of difficult for them. can you guys let me know how to process...
  25. Dashmaximalist

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    Hey Dashers, thrilled to let you know just crossed 10,000+ in total sign ups and getting 1000+ sign ups on a daily basis now. Site was down Jan 14-28 for various upgrades Site was down Feb 10 for few hours for upgrades Sign ups disabled on Feb 11 for lack o funds Site was...
  26. Dashmaximalist

    urgent help, sending dash to multiple parties

    hi guys i am trying to send dash to multiple addresses using blockcypher's code , but its very unreliable and user unfriendly, can some one let me know if there are some easy php / node js libs that can do the job ??
  27. Dashmaximalist

    My plan for Dash

    Marketing , Marketing & more Marketing there are over 2000 crypto coins fighting for the mindshare of investors / users , it doesn't matter how decentralised/cool you think dash is ,if we don't win mind share of people , we lose market share and once we lose market share in long term bad things...
  28. Dashmaximalist

    stellar has dead cheap fees , can we drop our fees to match them?

    stellar is using quorums to offfers fees of 0.0004 cents or something ridiculous like that. why cant we rollout something like that ? Their tx times are 3-5 sec, once you use stellar dash feels too slow ...can instant x txn fee be brought down to 1 cent or so ?
  29. Dashmaximalist

    Lets Implement Industry best practices

    we pride on dash being the first DAO and we aim to decentralise the components of a corporation. Its time we start implementing the core components of a corporation and charge our working style to suit them. Lets have board of directors and have monthly meetings between the core team and them...
  30. Dashmaximalist

    dash treasury is not your rich dad

    i am sick of seeing proposal after proposal asking us for help to kick start their businesses. we get requests from bitcart instead of , bitclub instead of bitpay , huobi instead of coinbase .. you get the picture. the point is successful business don't have the time to chase us, but...
  31. Dashmaximalist

    what happens in a total banking shutdown for crypto ?

    indian banks have just shut down bank accounts of leading bitcoin exchanges ( India accounts for 10% of total volume ) , Germany and france are talking about extensive regulation. UK never had any bitcoin exchanges to being with, Coinbase is facing threats from the bank it banks with...
  32. Dashmaximalist

    do you think the escrow costs are high ?

    10% of all dash for proposals in escrow is taken by greencandle as the fee, thats a lot of money that could be spent on other proposals right. what exactly is the reason why its so high ? is there anything that can be done to bring it down to may be like 5% or so ?
  33. Dashmaximalist

    feedbands where is your proposal ?

    @feedbands , waiting to vote for your proposal buddy. yours is the easily the best proposal on the treasury, come back and lets get it voted :)
  34. Dashmaximalist

    keyboard payments - the real game changer

    hi guys i am not sure how many of you are aware of this , buy keyboard payments could be a game changer in terms of user adoption, can we come up with something like that asap
  35. Dashmaximalist

    dash address validation

    i am facing several issues with dash address validation on our website the following address entered by users XuGQGK8qwSKWgnEp73sjUK1FHp4WMK7syj and its failing the check sum any reason why ?/ thanks
  36. Dashmaximalist

    Telegram ICO , is it game over for other cryptos ?

    telegram is planning a billion dollar ICO , which will thoroughly shake up the industry what you are thoughts on how this will effect Dash, bitcoin and other major cryptos
  37. Dashmaximalist

    looking for blockcypher alternatives and OP Return

    as much i loved blockcypher with their kick ass APIs etc , they have ruined things for dash. They don't have a custom fee option and they have set the fee for dash at 80 cents or something , so clearly its a deal breaker for dash. Apart from that i am trying to get around how to embed data on...
  38. Dashmaximalist

    how do we get 100 million users to dash ?

    by the time we finish evolution , we should have a plan to get 100 million users. do we have a plan for that ? any ideas ? what would happen if we manage to pull 100 million users to dash anyway :)
  39. Dashmaximalist

    free dash lottery - mass marketing

    lottery as you know is a very popular past time with billions of people across the globe enjoying it. aims to be a dash based lottery but completely free for users. As you know, we have started a proposal to give free dash for users in developing countries but...
  40. Dashmaximalist

    why the bubble in cryptocurrencies will never burst thanks to our super complex monetary system? what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger … This iconic quote from fight club is so true when it comes to the relationship between cryptocurrencies and...