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    I Promised to correct my Baikal posts if things changed.

    [email protected] Follow me on twitter @salvatore0478 I answered already some of these questions
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    I Promised to correct my Baikal posts if things changed.

    Hi, never had the expierience that they asked for crypto... tell me which site and email you used?
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    I Promised to correct my Baikal posts if things changed.

    Completely forgot that we talked already about. Mine are coming next week as well.
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    Baikal Giant + ordering problems?

    Hi, so did you finally get your Miners?
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    Perfekt Mininghalle in der Schweiz gefunden. Suche Partner für Miete

    Hallo, Habe die Möglichkeit eine Werkstatt unweit von Zürich zu mieten, die sich perfekt für das Mining eignet. Die Sache ist zwar etwas kurzfristig aber dennoch einen Gedanken Wert. 130m2 Fläche in einem Industriegebiet. Die jetzigen Leitungen erlauben das Anschliessen von 36000W zur gleichen...
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    I Promised to correct my Baikal posts if things changed.

    That's a sign of a good character. Well done by having ammited you're wrong. One questions to you: From which order did you receive? 2nd batch? starting December 10th?
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    PSU for Baikal X10 / Is Bitmains APW3++ a cost efficient solution?

    Hello everybody, finally happy to have ordered Baikals X10 Miner, I am trying to solve the problem with the PSU. They recommend a 1200 W PSU. As you know they are extremely expensive so that they really affect returns. So I was wondering if Bitmains APW3++ could be an alternative to run the...
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    WTS 4 Antminer D3 incl. APW3++ ready to ship

    Hi Alexander, are you interested in?
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    WTS 4 Antminer D3 incl. APW3++ ready to ship

    I am a Serious Guy based in Switzerland and have 4 Antminers D3 incl. Apw3++ to sell. I have also one miner on eBay (giant+) and on where you can see my ratings, which are all very good. I would accept Bitcoin as payment or bank transfer. Paypal with additional 4% to cover fees and...
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    Baikal Giant + ordering problems?

    Than you don't have to worry. Baikal is a good company. Used to order there and they are really good. Don't worry about. Just hope they let me order from 2nd batch as I am waiting.
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    Dash Schwierigkeitsprognose

    Ich erwarte mehrere Geräte mit dem Oktober batch. Da ich grundsätzlich sehr vorsichtig kalkuliere, erwarte ich eine difficulty von 4m bis Ende Oktober und eine von 8-10m bis Ende Jahr. Tendenz steigend.
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    Looking for Switzerland based miner to rent a farm togheter

    i am looking for interested and Switzerland based miner, to rent a farm or in Swiss "Lager" to put asic miners together. As it is difficult to get something alone it could make sense taking something together. Plans to be in canton Schwyz where I am based and electricity is very affordable...
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    Legit or Scam ?

    Many people within the community think it's a scam. But how is it possible that so many important financial news websites are talking about their products? I really don't know what to believe. It sounds really good to be true, but payback period of 1 months is also realistic as it is nearly the...
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    Couldn't get apw3++... Are there alternatives?

    Hi, we ordered 10 Antminer D3 but the psu were sold out. Now it seems to be difficult to get some. Are there alternatives to run a D3 or are we obliged to take risk on ebay buying elsewhere? I am willed to pay a little bit more. Can someone reccomend a good site? And did someone heard about...
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    Wrong Passphrase... but I wrote it down and it used to work... now not!

    Thank you very much. I'll try and will post my expierience afterwords
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    Wrong Passphrase... but I wrote it down and it used to work... now not!

    Hi, I am quite confused. I encrypted my Dash QT Wallet with a Passphrase which I wrote down. Now, couple a days later it doesn't work. Thanks God, didn't have coins on it.... but how is this possible. How can I create a new QT Wallet?
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    Most of Antminer d3 auctions on ebay disappeard...

    Hi, it's me again. Until yesterday evening there were many of the new Antminer D3 on ebay (at horrend prices). Today nearly disappeared. Most of them were auctions ending in a couple of day. Did anyone remarked it as well? Any explanation?
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    Need Estimation of Difficulty after Introduction of D3...

    Hi there, I am new in mining and new in DASH. 2 weeks ago we could buy some Baikal Giant plus at very good Prices. It didn't last long, as with the introduction of the Antminer d3 it seems the game will change soon. I am playing with many numbers on mining calculators, based on the arrival of...