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    Dash Tomorrow on The Crypto Show

    Ryan Taylor of Dash and Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed on The Crypto Show tonight 8pm CST. 89.1 fm (i believe that is in 10 min - get on it )
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    Crypto Misery Index Signals Good Times Ahead

    I've recently started using the Dash Wallet app on my Note 8 which earlier was running android nougat. It was functioning just fine until today I officially received the latest android oreo update. After the update was completed whenever now I am trying to open the app it's only displaying a...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    I think we should put our efforts on getting a very sleek wallet out first. Emphasis on good looking, intuitive design. Get the core functionality in place with a great GUI, so as to distinguish Darkcoin immediately upon download. Value added features can then be added with further versions. I...
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    Late Night Miner - Advanced CryptoNight CPU Miner

    Background mode & logging - You can run the miner without background mode and see the logs in your cmd console or run it in background mode and set log file. Retries & retry-pause - Set the max retries for each pool before jump to next one and the pause intervals. HTTP PROXY - Support HTTP...