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    Just signed up to Genesis yesterday to mine Dash but since read online posts that it is considered a scam and virtually impossible to recoup investment. Any advice/comments/experience of Genesis appreciated. Fortunately not recommended to any one I know. Cheers Michael
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    OS X Wallets and Littlesnitch

    I know that wallets have to have open ports but which ones? I use Littlesnitch and if anyone can advise how to setup for Dash-QT and Exodus much appreciated. Cheers Michael
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    available funds (not recommended)?

    I have 10 dash in my wallet. I wish to send 2.5+ in payment for some work. Getting the message below - why since I have 10 dash in wallet? Are you sure you want to send? 

2.52951096 DASH using any available funds (not recommended) Cheers Michael
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    Just downloaded Dash-QT and want to buy some coins of Bittyliscious but do not know how to create address! Bit of a dumb question but old newbie :) Anyone advise as cannot see vid for such a simple question? Cheers Michael