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  1. slamdunk

    Dash Core Group Q2 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 8 August 2019

    I have been curious about chainlocks as it relates to network capacity? Is there any gain whatsoever? I had been thinking that if funds were chainlocked and also immediately respendable (under 4 inputs I understand) that effectively a queue is created and that in a time of full blocks...
  2. slamdunk

    New rising

    Hey @tungfa, I know we're trying to stay positive, but on the outside chance the forum would like to give an award for "dumbest thread", I would like to nominate this one.
  3. slamdunk

    Dash Core v0.13 Going to Mainnet Monday 1/14

    had to refresh my browser to pull the new version of the page in order to get the new version of the software YMMV
  4. slamdunk

    4 Days left in the big push to get Dash on NPR. It takes 6-10 minutes. Costs nothing.

    There is no such thing as bad publicity. I have made an effort along these lines, as you suggested and I appreciate your appeals to the community.
  5. slamdunk

    Tired of the low valuation for Dash? Then do something and help us get on NPR.

    My letter hasn't come around yet, but when it does...I'm on this!
  6. slamdunk

    Is DASH a "Security" as defined by SEC?

    On the other hand, a security may just be their euphemism for anything they want to screw with/impede. I had read an article elsewhere recently in which an attorney named Jake Chervinsky described the SEC's strategy in this matter as "guidance by enforcement". Essentially, the SEC smashes...
  7. slamdunk

    Dash Core v0.13 on Testnet

    in this market, you put your head down and build!
  8. slamdunk


    @fedpyramid: this is probably small consolation, but you're not alone. I have made a couple of missteps myself and lost some nice chunks of crypto. I have tried to think about it in terms of my OVERALL BENEFIT from getting into crypto as opposed to these unfortunate incidents. Additionally...
  9. slamdunk

    Anyone have experience with the Uquid debit card?

    Mine was great before Visa shutdown WaveCrest.
  10. slamdunk

    Dash Vs Paypal

    Also, if you do it right, Dash is a bearer asset. Paypal? Not so much.
  11. slamdunk

    Let's talk about Tether

    Do you think some of that reckoning is priced in already though? Exchanges aside, Tether's banks split and their auditors split. Now, the .gov cronies are on the case. USDT is getting someone's attention! But, if Tether can offer/counterfeit a cryptographic dollar haven't they "hacked" the...
  12. slamdunk


    A thought I had recently, What are the chances the incumbents (G20) came out of Buenos Aires after being told, "Look, if you're horsing around with this crypto crap...SELL IT" just so they could get an idea how big it's getting without them in it?
  13. slamdunk is so so boring compared to

    I think is under control of Roger Ver/Bitcoin Cash. This ambiguity isn't the clearest messaging by my way of thinking. In this area I think DASH is more on point even if the surfaces are slightly fractured.
  14. slamdunk

    Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

    I have been unable to deny a growing skepticism of DASH. The Q4 conference call was especially disappointing to me for many of the reasons written about here. As a result, and for the first time, I sold some DASH. I still want DASH to succeed, but I'm entertaining the idea that it's not what...
  15. slamdunk

    Core Wallet Private Send Bug? PrivateSend "completion" mixing stuck

    I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I decided it was close enough that I would post here. It seems like since I moved to I have had issues with mixing, similar to the OP. In my case I'm stuck with the dreaded "PrivateSend is idle". This is with mixing set at 8 DASH/4 rounds...
  16. slamdunk

    Telegram ICO , is it game over for other cryptos ?

    Furthermore, my gut tells me permissionless mining is so fundamental to the original Bitcoin design that Telegram, Ripple, Facebook et al face a chicken/egg problem. When addressing that problem they will/have chosen permissioned arrangements. At that point, aren't they just issuing fancy...
  17. slamdunk

    Telegram ICO , is it game over for other cryptos ?

    I think this is known as "talking [our] book" It's not hard to find the contingent of bloviators that talk their book these days, cryptosphere or otherwise. These jokers are everywhere and some of them have the mainstream microphone. I sincerely hope DASH is aiming at a rock solid software...
  18. slamdunk

    Is Evolution and Dash compromised by the banking relations

    I guess the only mitigation I could come up with is thorough vetting of the DASH business partners...if any vetting leads back to Bitfinex/Tether, I would hope DASH could manage to steer clear. But, if the problem is pervasive, then I concede there may not be much that can be done.
  19. slamdunk

    Is Evolution and Dash compromised by the banking relations

    If tether is fraudulent, as I believe it is, then it will cease to function. My belief is the authorities will raid the tether operation. That will adversely effect the entire cryptosphere, DASH included. I think it would be difficult to determine just how those dominoes will fall. I only...
  20. slamdunk

    why are we so obsessed about US , when crypto only works in developing countries

    Speaking to the US bias...this post is in English after all! I am thrilled to see the other languages on, but I am unable to read them. If I could read them, would I also read the US bias? My hunch is "no".
  21. slamdunk

    What are the parameters of Core Team business development?

    It would have lent legitimacy to the official merchandise arrangement had it been posted to "Official Announcements" (maybe I missed it). Learning of the official merchandise arrangement from the other side of the deal (a forum user) coupled with the (perceived) silence from core...
  22. slamdunk

    CryptoKitties craze slows down transactions on Ethereum

    DASH has 99 problems but those kitties ain't one
  23. slamdunk

    PROPOSAL: Scaling Up Publicity with Amanda + PMBC

    This is a slamdunk. If you can get DASH to the bigtime, I hope you can keep your rationality and your whimsy. They're a huge part of why you and DASH are like peanut butter and jelly. Please don't let them turn you into a robot! The underground nature of "Daily Decrypt" and "Dash Detailed"...
  24. slamdunk

    If Mastercard or Visa are actively preventing us from getting a Dash backed debit card, sue them?

    deepstate is definitely up to something, I was using the UQUID card for several months and suddenly, it broke due to "banking relationships". They can sanction this and sanction that, eventually they will be alone in their walled garden.
  25. slamdunk

    Voorhees PRISM

    Has anyone else caught the Erik Voorhees interview on "Crush the Street"? 1-I fail to see what PRISM offer a schlep like me. Dealing with multiple wallets and running native nodes for other digital assets is NOT some great inconvenience. I'd rather just do that. No biggie, maybe I'm not...
  26. slamdunk

    question about mined coins/mixing

    This may have been addressed already, but... My gut tells me it doesn't make any sense to mix coins received as mining reward. These are virgin coins and so there is no history to track, therefore no reason to mix. Am I correct? If I am incorrect, why?
  27. slamdunk

    Why as less people annoyed\outraged at proposals that appear to scam Dash?

    Doesn't this tie into the idea of a reputation economy? I think the darknet (there are others/ as well) is out in front on this again. When you have completed your obligations, it's customary for the buyer to upvote you, boosting your reputation. When you screw around, the opposite...
  28. slamdunk

    With a heavy heart...

    Not to hijack camo's eloquent post (which I fully comprehend/having parallel experiences) but I too have eliminated alot of media from my life and it is great! I don't think I've gone as far as you, Super8, but the funny thing is- after making the changes I'm surprised when it rains! Also...
  29. slamdunk

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    The irony is killing me! Commendable work...good going!
  30. slamdunk

    My Big Takeaways from Dash Core Team Q2 Conference Call - Dash Force News

    I like your idea here, to summarize the call for those of us not wishing to "live it". I like the idea of the call being made available in it's entirety as well, so there is the option for either/or. Keep it up!
  31. slamdunk

    Folks - Please be careful what you wish for in the Bitcoin wars

    But, doesn't DASH Core sit on top of some version of Bitcoin Core (possibly 0.13.2)? Maybe DASH is agnostic to Bitcoin's fork in the short term and can defer which code to implement later, when the dust settles? The thing that has escaped me is, why is DASH down in Bitcoin terms? If...
  32. slamdunk

    Visa Declaring 'War on Cash' in UK

    Good points, alot to think about. If VISA can retrofit before DASH can get to the point of sale does that mean it's game over? I think not...
  33. slamdunk

    Visa Declaring 'War on Cash' in UK

    With 99.999% of goods and services denominated in fiat, the issues you present are bound to come about, right? But, I take comfort that "money" has a multifaceted definition. Sure, "medium of exchange" remains the province of fiat. But, "store of value"? Even considering the uncertainty...
  34. slamdunk

    Folks - Please be careful what you wish for in the Bitcoin wars

    I think the inevitable bitcoin fork is imminent, and what I have been wondering is, what does that mean for DASH? Will DASH be presented with a decision here? As in, which chain's code should DASH follow? Or, am I missing something? I have to imagine this question has been asked elsewhere...
  35. slamdunk

    Dash lacking research papers

    I noted this in Ryan Taylor's recent ROAD MAP post: although it's not precisely what you're describing, the notion of DASH LABS is in the ballpark, I think...
  36. slamdunk

    Open Letter to CEO Ryan Taylor and DASH Stakeholders

    My hunch is PrivateSend and the IRS do not mix. It follows then, NO COINBASE.
  37. slamdunk

    Smart Contracts for Dash

    Yes! When I follow this logic further out, I start to think the promise of programmable money could not be fulfilled by Bitcoin and that Ethereum is intended precisely as the layer you're decribing. In fact, I believe Ethereum has even stated as much. Ethereum could become the turing complete...
  38. slamdunk

    Smart Contracts for Dash

    I wonder if there could be smart contracts DAOs to sort these things out? I'm not wild about the smart contract logic being built into the core...too much surface...too much can go wrong. If smart contracts were layered in a DAO, could you get the best of both worlds? It's akin to the Linux...