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  1. fernando

    New site is live

    I’m happy to announce that the new is live!! We hope everyone can enjoy the new site. The main things we aim to achieve with this update are: 1- Define a new information structure that is consistent with what we know of our audience already. On the old site, everything was mixed and...
  2. fernando

    PR firm selection tender in April

    In the last budget cycle, the network approved our the proposal to renew our contract with Wachsman PR for three more months. However, there was an intense discussion around it, and we acknowledge that we can improve the process around PR firm selection. To do that, we are going to start a firm...
  3. fernando

    Proposal Owner Advisory About the Update to v0.13.0

    As part of the process to update to v0.13.0, there is a final manual spork activation that will reset the votes in the governance system (spork 15, activation of deterministic masternode lists). This means that all proposals that are live at that time will see their votes go to zero (yes, no and...
  4. fernando

    New website

    Status The design work was completed long ago and we are pleased with the results, but we have had problems with the development of the site. Both parts were being done by two parts of the same agency. We expected to receive the website from them in December and perform the migration process...
  5. fernando

    Advertising proposals

    The purpose of this (very long) post is to update the community on the two proposals done earlier this year to start advertising Dash and the plans for the unused budget. I’ll expand on the execution of the first campaign in the future with more data, but I wanted to publish about the results...
  6. fernando

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    UPDATE: VOTE IS NOW LIVE Ogilvy: Tharp & Clark: Background This pre-proposal is intended to outline the process through which the Dash Network will select a path forward for rebranding. In the...
  7. fernando

    Ad campaign live

    This post is about this proposal that was approved to do a Facebook ad campaign in UK, Spain and Venezuela: The campaign was ready to be launched when Facebook decided to ban crypto ads. We had some parts already approved by FB and loaded in the...
  8. fernando

    Marketing project with Ogilvy update

    The marketing project with Ogilvy is quite advanced already. Part 1 - Branding We have agreed to a branding territory that will reflect what Dash is and what it wants to be. I can't provide more details without breaking the surprise, but we're confident that everyone will like it. This part...
  9. fernando

    Biz Dev - Joint Statement by Bitcart and Dash Core Group

    Yesterday both Bitcart and Dash Core Group have had a long due meeting. Attendants were Graham de Barra and Darren Dineen for Bitcart, and Ryan Taylor and Fernando Gutierrez for Dash Core Group. Dash Core Group has been and remains available to meet to understand Bitcart's needs and the...
  10. fernando

    Dash and Arizona State University Create a Blockchain Research Lab
  11. fernando

    Price comparison Shake and Bitwala cards

    Today I've done a small test to compare the top up prices of two of the available Dash prepaid cards. I would have included more, but I only own a Shake, which accepts Dash directly, and a Bitwala, which accepts it via Shapeshift. Usually cards are not transparent about their fees, so I topped...
  12. fernando

    Contacted by FBI

    A few weeks ago we have been contacted by the Virtual Currency Team at the NCIJTF, a task force of federal agencies led by the FBI. They said they routinely contact industry experts and actors to keep their knowledge up to date, wanted to know more about Dash and arrange a meeting. We have...
  13. fernando

    Meetup sobre Dash en Valencia el 28 de julio 2017

    El 28 de julio a las 19h haré una presentación sobre Dash en Avalbit (Asociación Valenciana del Bitcoin y otras tecnologias). Aún no tengo el anuncio y estoy pendiente de cerrar el tema concreto (depende del perfil de público), pero lo voy anunciando por si alguien se apunta. Actualizaré aquí a...
  14. fernando

    Human Resources Consulting Project Wrap Up

    When we hired AVT and started the project in February, it had a pretty wide scope and the market situation was wildly different to what it is today. After the project was initiated, our price climbed rapidly. As it did so, certain aspects of the project were discontinued as they were no longer...
  15. fernando

    Proposal: Barcelona Meetup

    I have been invited to talk about Dash governance at the Barcelona Bitcoin Community Meetup on November 25. The event link is not up yet because there are still a couple things to confirm, but the session will be called Introductory workshop: Backed Blockchain Governance Systems (DAOs et al.)...
  16. fernando

    Dash Email Lists and Newsletters

    We have recently merged email lists we had frangmented in a couple places. This will allow us to communicate more effectively. We have defined three options you can subscrite to: -Technical Updates and Alerts. Sent whenever it is important to communicate something. -Dash Newsletter. Sent...
  17. fernando

    Trading series about Dash in german

    Someone shared it with me, I don't understand a word :)
  18. fernando

    Dash Podcast ep. 01 - Daniel Diaz and Ira Miller Talk Fiat Gateways

    @oaxca and me are please to announce the first episode of the Dash Podcast (yes, we hired several brand consultants for the name). In our first episode we will have Daniel Diaz and Ira Miller talking about fiat gateways and other Dash projects they are involved with. The show will be streamed...
  19. fernando

    Dash Roundtable Archive

    Since Buster decided to move on to other things the old episodes of the Dash Roundtable were not available. I had copies (except of episode #1 Rokos & Woocommerce budget proposal discussions, if someone has a copy, please say something!) and he has confirmed me that he is fine with me...
  20. fernando

    Ideas for a Dash newsletter

    This is a long overdue project that I have been meaning to start many times but it was never the perfect time. We have a couple hundred emails from the subscription form in the website (at the bottom, I know!). Evan also used to maintain a list of emails to which he updated on the tech changes...
  21. fernando

    Getting into Stack Exchange

    We have a great section in the wiki called Questions. In the near future I would like to have it more prominently featured in the website because this kind of site is the only way to provide support for a large base of users. However, the gold standard for the QA sites is Stack Exchange...
  22. fernando

    New forum bugs

    The new forum is working great and it has been tested a lot, but there will be many things that will need attention once everyone is here. Please, post here whatever you find. Try to make one post per problem so they are easier to keep track.
  23. fernando

    Volunteer for Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup

    I have been asking around and I haven't found any active member of the community that lives in the Atlanta area, so I post here just in case. We have been invited to present Dash at the Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup. It is a medium sized meetup, with 35 people in their last event. They said that if we...
  24. fernando

    New website discussion

    As many know, some of us in the team have been working on the new site. The project is delayed because we went back to the drawing board to reconsider everything instead of just doing a cosmetic redesign. The biggest obstacle until now has been deciding on what we really want for the website...
  25. fernando

    Time zone management

    As the project grows I find myself scheduling more meetings with people around the globe. That is really interesting, but it is also challenging because we all live in different time zones. There are a number of solutions out there, but I thought I would share the one I use because I find it...
  26. fernando

    Dash talk at Madrid Bitcoin Meetup

    On April 8th I'll be talking Dash to the Madrid Bitcoin Community at Google Campus. It will last a couple of hours, so I will try to do an overview to everything and then Q&A. A bit more info and details to assist here: The...
  27. fernando

    Charla sobre Dash en Madrid el 8 de abril

    El 8 de abril de 2016 doy una charla sobre Dash organizada por la Madrid Bitcoin Community en el Google Campus de Madrid. Para asistir y algún detalle más: La charla me han pedido que la prepare en inglés, pero si luego los...
  28. fernando

    WTB Laptop from US-only website mailed to Europe

    I'm cheap when it comes to buying hardware and I also prefer the US keyboard layout, so I want to buy a laptop from the US in a very specific way and have it sent to me to Europe. The specificity is that the website from which I want to buy only offers limited quantities for a limited time, so...
  29. fernando

    Internet Freedom Festival 2016 Report

    This past weekend I have attended the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia. This is an event that gathers those who work to maintain the internet open and free of censorship. It was a nice mix of developers, researchers, human rights activists, journalists... and me. I attended many...
  30. fernando

    Dash Foundation Informal Catch Up Calls After Annual Members Meeting

    A few people missed the Annual Member Meeting for different reasons, so I will do a couple of informal catch up calls this weekend for anyone who wants to join. We will do an overview of what was discussed in the meeting and discuss anything you want to talk about about the Foundation. Sat Feb...
  31. fernando

    WTB iTunes US gift card

    I want to buy $50 in iTunes US credit. I will pay 105% of face value in Dash, valued at coinmarketcap price at the time of the trade. I will send funds once I check the code is valid. I'm happy to escrow funds with any well respected member of the community.
  32. fernando

    Internet Freedom Festival

    The Internet Freedom Festival ( is taking place on the first week of March in Valencia. From their website: "The Internet Freedom Festival gathers the community keeping the Internet open and uncensored for a week of multidisciplinary collaboration". There are...
  33. fernando

    Withdrawal problems in Coins-E

    Almost anybody uses them, but just in case... a few days ago a user contacted us because he was having problems to withdraw a few DASH from coins-e and he sent me a few screen captures. I tried to reach out to them to check but they don't answer emails, so I have deleted them from the website...
  34. fernando

    Topics for First Annual Meeting

    Please reply to this thread with topics you want to discuss in the First Annual Meeting. Please try to keep them relevant to the Foundation. The meeting is about the Foundation, what it has done and what it should do in the future. Of course, we will talk about Dash and Evan will be there, but...
  35. fernando

    First Annual Members Meeting

    We've just sent out the announcement to all members about this and posted at the foundation's blog: Dear members, It has already been a year since we opened the Foundation to all you. We started the project when we were still Darkcoin. Soon we changed that to Dash and that brought what has...
  36. fernando

    Signal for desktop beta

    Signal is a private comms app for Android/iPhone by Open Whisper System. People like Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP, are involved. Snowden recommends them. They have just launched their desktop beta. You have to join the waiting list, but I think it is totally worth it. If you join, please...
  37. fernando

    Double your donation/membership to EFF thanks to supporters that will match it up. Only this week!

    I'm a proud Gold Member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I have just renewed my membership and they will get double money thanks to supporters that will match up. I'm feeling great :grin::grin::grin:
  38. fernando

    On Encryption and Terrorists

    Great post by the guy behind Cryptocat on how people blame cryptography of terrorist because they don't understand it. He also talks about how it feels to be blamed of things that have nothing to do with your work.
  39. fernando

    iPhone DashWallet Release

    The Dash team is pleased to announce the release of an iPhone wallet for Dash based on the popular Breadwallet for Bitcoin. The wallet is deterministic, meaning that it can be restored just by typing in a passphrase. This keeps your Dash secure without requiring complicated and time-intensive...
  40. fernando

    Website translated to Chinese -

    Nǐ Hǎo China! We finally have the Chinese translation of live. It took more time than expected because the plugin that manages the translations had some trouble with Chinese, but we were able to find a workaround. As always, all the work in Chinese has been done by Alexy and Raico...