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    April 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

    Hi, what happened to the decentralised API implementation? Can't identify it in this report, is it part of sentinel implementation or was cancelled? thanks
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    Masternode Owners need to think like VCs

    Looks like you've started to write "masternode owners code of conduct"!
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    Budget Proposal: Peter Todd to review Instant X?

    Instead of getting someone to review the code I think it would be more beneficial to create a bug report + fix program.
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    March 2016 Budget Proposal

    My calculator says Total Allocated = 7309 DASH :p Also, max. budget is not correct.
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    Dash Pages - Communication/News, Social Media, Chat Groups & Blogs (May 2018)

    yep, please use ;)
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    HydraChain: Permissioned Distributed Ledgers Based on Ethereum - Heiko Hees

    HydraChain sounds very similar to Dash
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    Budget Proposal: DASH Sponsored Interviews, Anarchapulco - Juan S. Galt

    I think your list is missing a speaker (only 8).
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    Hi everyone, As most of you may know have been up for a while now (since July 2015 more precisely), so this is just to announce the latest update. - Added info about total budget allocated (pulling this from dashwhale api) - Made room for more info Now some more info can...
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    Map with Merchants accepting DASH

    nice! you may find useful
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    Budget Proposal: The Instantx Soda Machine!

    they prefer a nice chat in a private place at a roundtable priorities madness! -Let's make it useful. -Nahh, let's find an investor willing to pump it
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    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience

    core-team gets 1176DASH/month x 100 payments do you share the same worries ?
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    Miami Conference & Next Development Goals

    Can you please provide a road map with a timeline, priorities and who does what (is responsible for pushing it forward).
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    Privacy without a blockchain in the context of a user ID

    from what I've seen and read one thing is not clear to me, what stops others from spamming your username with requests to pay?
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    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    Cryptsy is already kicking out themselves because their server is really slow at the moment. I've added two more exchanges: bter and livecoin. It will make the price more accurate. Now the price is an average from 5 exchanges. Regarding the communication with my API, if you can't or don't want...
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    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    The best way to do it is to use javascript API: With this API you will have the changes in realtime without requesting all data every minute. PM if you need help with this.
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    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    Hi pille , The price at is an average value from cryptsy, bittrex and poloniex. Those are the top 3 exchanges with more volume. Code is open-source and you can see it here: Edit: added bter and livecoin to the price...
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    December 2015 Budget Proposal

    let me try to be more specific to see if anyone can help me understand that table... laBITconf Video Advertising Budget - $3000 but in the table it's $3120 ?? New Website Acquired - DASH.ORG - $20,329.99 divided by 4 it's $5082,49 and in the table it's $4368 ?? another thing, my suggestion is...
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    December 2015 Budget Proposal

    why the difference between the values in your text and the values in December's table?
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    Formula to calculate current block reward

    Hi pille, data is open to everyone. Just check if it helps and feel free to grab it. Edit: if you need more information just let me know and I'll try to add it
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    Introducing Our New Team Members

    Exciting news. Team is growing and new developments ahead. Exciting times are about to came. Can't wait for your presentation in Mexico. Congrats to the new members, which you all the best.
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    Electrum Dash source code?
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    Early alpha: monero-like linkable ring signatures in Ethereum, can do up to 3 pubkeys within 3.1m ga

    vbuterinEthereum - Vitalik Buterin[S] 9 points an hour ago Basically, this allows for the creation of anonymizing mixers on top of Ethereum, which have the benefit of: Making currency transactions more privacy-preserving, particularly if you send through multiple "mixers" Allowing for...
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    dash-cli remote

    You are never annoying. In this case the wallet is in a vps and the web interface(hosted at firebase servers because it's free :) ) communicates with it through firebase library(sockets). It's emulating a command line but the commands available are only the ones related with dash-cli. This...
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    Retailer How-To Setup

    nmarley have a look to this post: I think it would be easy to develop this proof of concept into a service like bitpay.
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    dash-cli remote

    I know you're not a big fan of google ;) Commands can be restricted to ensure more security and firebase have some good options for user's login. I think this concept may have value when you need to talk to a simple wallet that you have on your home computer. In this case you would have to open...
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    dash-cli remote

    Hello, This is a proof of concept of a remote command line for dash wallet/masternode using firebase as broker how it works the client (index.html) communicates with firebase requesting to execute a specific command the server (masternode.js) is a nodejs server which communicates with...
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    Dash iPhone Wallet

    With DAPI do we still need iOS, Android, OS X, Linux, Windows,etc wallets? Isn't a browser just enough?
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    November 2015 Budget Proposal

    Off-topic: where can I find information about OTC trades?
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    BUDGET PROPOSAL - DashWisdom is a very similar site. It seems much more active (they already added ETH). Maybe they are open to add DASH or help you to get more info
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    BUDGET PROPOSAL - DashWisdom

    I like the idea. I think it's really a great opportunity to create more visibility to DASH decentralised funding by creating this site not only for DASH but to other coins too. "brought by DASH decentralised funding"
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    Ethereum #4 Coinmarketcap

    that would be a win win situation would it be possible to put DASH masternodes mixing other cryptocurrencies too?
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    V12 Release

    when is it suppose to decrease RemainingPaymentCount ?
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    Ethereum #4 Coinmarketcap

    Gav Would is working on a coinjoin implementation in ethereum, says Vitalik New competition?
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    Dash proposals

    fible1 Done ;)
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    Dash proposals

    I know my question seems a little ridiculous but there is an abstain options which is "abstain" lol you can vote abstain ;)
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    Dash proposals

    thanks. What's the abstain option?
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    Dash proposals

    crowning I understand your point now and I do share some of your concerns. I'll do my best to find an alternative solution. fible1 that's a great suggestion. I'll implement it right away
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    Dash proposals

    I use it just to know if the page is interesting and useful. Normally, I think if it's useful for me it will be useful for others, but I don't want to maintain something useless. With google analytics I know the number of visits the page gets and that's all I want to know. Yes, I get a lot more...
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    Dash proposals

    OK, fixed the url issue. Now I'm testing the url before posting the data to the server and injected fixed_url in the proposal's json code is available here: Edit: there was still an issue but is fixed now