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    HydraChain: Permissioned Distributed Ledgers Based on Ethereum - Heiko Hees

    HydraChain sounds very similar to Dash
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    Hi everyone, As most of you may know have been up for a while now (since July 2015 more precisely), so this is just to announce the latest update. - Added info about total budget allocated (pulling this from dashwhale api) - Made room for more info Now some more info can...
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    Early alpha: monero-like linkable ring signatures in Ethereum, can do up to 3 pubkeys within 3.1m ga

    vbuterinEthereum - Vitalik Buterin[S] 9 points an hour ago Basically, this allows for the creation of anonymizing mixers on top of Ethereum, which have the benefit of: Making currency transactions more privacy-preserving, particularly if you send through multiple "mixers" Allowing for...
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    dash-cli remote

    Hello, This is a proof of concept of a remote command line for dash wallet/masternode using firebase as broker how it works the client (index.html) communicates with firebase requesting to execute a specific command the server (masternode.js) is a nodejs server which communicates with...
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    Dash proposals

    I've created to monitor proposals It's a work in progress, every feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy
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    Wrong masternode count

    My wallet is not aware of all the masternodes on the network since I've it hosted in a VPS. While I hosted it at home, masternode count was consistent. What can influence a wallet to report wrong masternodes count? Ps: this wallet is reporting the information to
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    Dash board

    As a learning exercise I've created this board to monitor DASH: Information is collected with a python script from a wallet running on a local docker container. Info is then uploaded to firebase database and automatically...
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    Lost Darksend Balance after update to

    Hi, After updating my wallet to version darksend balance is "0.00 DRK" and it was "1.00 DRK" before. What's wrong? OS: Windows 7
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    v0.10.17.24-gee8174a-beta stucked out of sync frequently

    Hi, I'm using darkcoin wallet v0.10.17.24-gee8174a-beta and it is getting stuck (out of sync) frequently. Restarting it solves the problem but I had to do this 6 times since 7 Jan.. If devs are interested on taking a look I can share the debug.log file. Thanks OS: Windows 7 64bits