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  1. Voluntary

    How about a Dash banking licence to shift the fiat gateway initiative into overdrive?

    I made this comment on a reddit post but hoped for more response than it got. To the best of my knowledge, to date the fiat gateway initiative has relied on third parties to be go-betweens for...
  2. Voluntary

    How do masternode hosts plan to cope?

    Bearing this in mind: In all likelihood, being a Masternode owner will soon be a full-time job. I think it's safe to assume that monthly hosting fees will become much more expensive at some point in the...
  3. Voluntary

    Dash wallet -> official Ubuntu repository ?

    Is this possible? I'm just assuming the software is open source... Is it already part of any linux distribution's repository? I just had a failed download of the 64bit linux version - a torrent option for the wallet and blockchain could make life easier. Third download attempt - this time...
  4. Voluntary

    Electrum-Dash on Linux = wtf?

    Do I assume that the 102MB linux file contains separate 32 and 64 bit versions? As if a 40 to 50MB file isn't already far too large - not everyone has so much internet bandwidth to spare... The linux archives of Electrum Bitcoin and Litecoin are both 2MB. And once that bloated file drags...
  5. Voluntary

    September 2016 - What Dash price would you sell your Masternode stake at?

    I don't operate any MNs but I could afford to. If the price went up to $20+ I think I'd sell some...
  6. Voluntary

    Budget proposal for the exposure of dash-wallet scammers...

    Has there previously been a budget proposal to place a bounty on information leading to the exposure of those behind the scam?
  7. Voluntary

    What is the point of X11?

    If ASIC resistance no longer serves the interests of the Dash network, why not revert to sha256 with its stronger market presence?
  8. Voluntary

    July 22 Dash price activity

    What's behind the sudden uptick?
  9. Voluntary

    Pokemon Go is what a cryptocurrency faucet should be

    Imagine if an enterprising developer made an app for people to go mobile snipe-hunting for Dash...
  10. Voluntary

    Bounty for a Zcash pool miner

    Zcash is currently scheduled to begin its mainnet in late September. It uses a proof of work called Equihash which may require a skilled developer to integrate it into an existing pool miner - for which a bounty is being offered.
  11. Voluntary

    Are masternode operators allowed to sell their votes?

    And, if so, how could they prove to the vote buyer that they got what they paid for?
  12. Voluntary

    Getting too much email from this forum

    I've been looking though the default preferences and de-selecting things (why is everything 'on' by default?) but I'm still getting pointless email about every post to threads I'm in... Where is the setting re: those emails?
  13. Voluntary

    Operate a MN via a cold wallet?

    Is it currently possible to operate any masternode (privately or hosted) without exposing the private key of the masternode address to an online computer? If not, is it technically possible? Is there some signing operation that can be safely transferred between online and offline computers?