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  1. Guna

    How to buy Dash with Paypal?

    I get paid on Paypal for my online business. So if I could buy Dash with Paypal and then spend directly from my Wirex (Dash-loaded) card, I would save a lot in fees. What are the exchanges where I can buy Dash directly with Paypal? Thanks!
  2. Guna

    Dash is now worth 3% of Bitcoin. Latest update was in Feb 2017. How can we make Evolution faster?

    Dash should do like Ripple: use the money to hire top international talent and management.
  3. Guna

    Decentralized Crypto Exchanges: BitShares vs Bisq vs Crypto Bridge

    Decentralized Crypto Exchanges: BitShares vs Bisq vs Crypto Bridge Which one is best?
  4. Guna

    What is Dash Evolution?

    Will the Evolution roadmap be updated soon? When is the beta release of the Evolution wallet?
  5. Guna

    Should Dash takeover 'Dash Singapore'? I'm just forwarding this idea here...
  6. Guna

    Bitcoin is Gold

    Gold was gold because nobody could replicate it. No crypto will be like gold, because it is always possible to replicate a blockchain, or create a better one, or gather a similar following. By the way, gold has often underperformed other assets over time. It is not a better storage of value than...
  7. Guna

    Cheapest, Easiest Exchange for Intl Bank Accounts (non-US, non-EU)? is great and cheap but they allow withdrawals only to EU bank accounts. What is the best exchange to withdraw Dash to international accounts? (I'm in Singapore) Thanks!
  8. Guna

    How to Use Dash Wallet for Android?

    I'm testing various wallet to hold my Dash and I installed the Dash Wallet for Android. However, there is no password ot this app, so I'm confused. Is that normal? How is the security ensured then if I send my Dash to this app? I'm testing Coinomi as well and there is a password and everything...
  9. Guna

    Dash Accepted at Overstock

    What are the fees from converting through Shapeshift? It would be be great if it functioned like instead, with a discount for purchasing with Dash.
  10. Guna

    Wirex Announces Partnership With Dash, New Contactless Cards

    Any update on this? Does the Wirex card accept Dash yet?
  11. Guna

    Best Way to Sell Dash to USD (Bank Account)?

    That's the thing, I DON'T want to convert to BTC. Is there any other exchange that does DIRECT Dash withrawal (other than Kraken)?
  12. Guna

    Best Way to Sell Dash to USD (Bank Account)?

    Kraken's Verification page is down for more than a week now so I still can't use it...
  13. Guna

    Best Way to Sell Dash to USD (Bank Account)?

    I need to withdraw some Dash directly to my USD bank account (without having to change through Bitcoin first). What is the best exchange to do that? I couldn't find any direct DASH to USD service... Thanks,
  14. Guna

    Which Debit Card You Recommend (Uquid, ShakePay, TenX, Bonpay)?

    Yes, that's strange, even the TenX, which is actually run from Singapore!
  15. Guna

    Which Debit Card You Recommend (Uquid, ShakePay, TenX, Bonpay)?

    I only have found those 4 so far. Which one has the lowest fees and the best experience overall?
  16. Guna

    OpenBazaar 2.0 is Here! [P2P Marketplace] (will accept Dash soon)

    What is OpenBazaar? (Open Source P2P Decentralized Marketplace) Download OpenBazaar - Sell Anything. Pay Zero Fees.
  17. Guna

    Best VPN?

    I use ProtonVPN. You can start for free then upgrade for higher speed and all server locations
  18. Guna

    DASH Core is not compatible with 4k screens...

    I have a 4k screen, and the Dash Core software appears very small so I cannot use it. Can anyone reach to the developers to fix this? Every day there are more 4k screens around so it becomes a necessity...
  19. Guna

    DASH Must Integrate Mesh Networking (MeshKit)!

    (I couldn't add links to this post (maybe because it's my first post - so please copy and paste) This article has a great point: cryptocurrencies don't work if there is no electricity and no internet! However there is a...