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    Purchase feedback - Have not received giants from JasonHan

    Your contracts with third persons it's your own risks, you must refund all from your personal resources, than of course you can take any legal actions. Now, you violate your commitments for a very long time and it looks like a scam, independently of yours explanations above
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    Problem with new added Baikal mini Miner 150

    I suppose that it a bit different devs and can't be connected together. It's IMHO, but you can ask baikal support via skype.
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    ASIC CHIP mining hardware

    What do you mean under specification? Ibelink provide specification at official website:
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    Как майнить: купил Asic Miner Pinldea X11 600.

    Посмотри на калькуляторах.
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    Is DASH Ninja down?

    Via webrowser? It works. Try to use proxy for check.
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    Вопросы от новичка (или что непонятно новичку)

    Да, можно, да прокатит. Только лучше сразу обговорить, на какой адрес контора будет осуществлять возврат, в случае проблем. Так как, адрес биржи скорее всего после отправки сразу сменится и биржа не сможет разобраться в случае возврата.
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    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    7,5k was two month ago for preorder. 38000/11 = $3454 per 900mhash (like baikal A900). This is a very cheap for this hashrate.
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    Purchase feedback - Have not received giants from JasonHan

    I suppose we need remove positive feedbacks, ban and mark as Scam Jason's account if he doesn't refund and resolve this problem immediately.
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    ASIC CHIP mining hardware

    How do you imagine such specification? ASIC contains a some billions of logic cells (transistors) that interconnected in a special way to perform required operations. Usually, This architecture developed by group of high-qualified engineers and a full manufacturing process can take from 6 to 12...
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    sgminer - new to DASH mining question

    There are a lot of asics for DASH (X11) was produced since 2015. 1) Baikal miners 2) Ibelink miners 3) Pinidea miners
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    BAIKAL asic mine 2000MH/s

    On your screens I see that it have 24 chips per board, but giant 900 have only 12. I suppose that it may be a new real device simply doubled chip count, hashrate and power. Therefore price is also should be about two times higher. ADD: we can ask @BAIKAL
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    Sending Address

    I replied to PM that In your transaction you send 0.0XX from first address + X.XXX from second address + X.XXXXXX from third address TO another address
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    Sending Address

    If you will have a change it also will be shown as output. Can you provide a link to the ICO that you are talking about?
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    Sending Address

    Imagine that you have $1, $5, $5, $5, $10, $20 in your pocket. You need to send me $26 and you can do it by choosing several notes. Every note have an unique number it calls "inputs" in your transaction. If you select a different addresses for combine required amount you will see this addresses...
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    Sending Address

    Explanation in my previous post. If you already send transaction, you can find inputs (sending addresses) in the dash blockchain explorer. Just put your transaction ID (you can see it in the dash core) to the search and then look to Inputs -> "From address"...
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    Sending Address

    Commonly merchants are create a new address for each buyer, it helps them to determine sender without asking of sending addresses. To solve your questions, please: 1. Open Dash a core wallet 2. open settings->options menu 3. on the "wallet" tab check "enable coin control" function 4. Then close...
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    Проблема с паролем к кошельку

    еще человек был на форуме под ником dave за % помогает получить доступ к кошельку.
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    DASH Wallet - outdated info

    Technology doesn't change. It's only re-branding to exclude a word "DARK". darksend=privatesend (anonimous tx), instantX=instantsend (momentary tx).
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    Purchase feedback - Have not received giants from JasonHan

    It's also maybe that today dash price is risen up. A lot of miners that used DGB, MUE, Nicehashe swithced to DASH again.
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    Cryptocurrency is not a business. We have no dash owners or customers. Dash is it decentralized digital cash works on public community principals. Everyone can offer any improvements of this system. Anybody can consult a new members at this or any other forums at free-of-charge basis, but other...
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    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    Looks like a scam for sure. They are selling sold out models under factory price.
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    Create two fiat currency banks in Puerto Rico that operate with both fiat and decentralized crypto c

    Trust, DASH developers and community members, master-node owners, crypto-libertarians are high-educated people. They know about loan rate and bank's partial covering. But I suppose that we need a crypto to fiat converting system that free verily from bank and government control. Some time ago I...
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    WTS Sale 1 piece baikal quad cube

    your location and what about guaranties and escrow?
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    Create two fiat currency banks in Puerto Rico that operate with both fiat and decentralized crypto c

    I totally support an opinion that we need to pay only for cooperation with any real bank that have a good experience and positive feedback. We also must research attentively for legal risks and laws of selected county.
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    Alibaba Baikal miners ?

    Very low price, domain registred at 8/MAY, and you registred today at different forums to report about it. looks like a scam
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    Alibaba Baikal miners ?

    It's a funny story. I do not know about other countries but in Russia and Ukraine miners bought all nvidia 1060-1080 and AMD RX400-500 cards and PSUs.
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    One thing i don't understand

    When you mining in pool all blocks reward will divide to all miners. With 300 Mhash/sec you will take about 1.43 Dash per month. Coinwarz calc shows a profit of pool mining. With solo mining you will generate a block in ~ (net hashrate) / (your hashrate) * (block time) / 86400(sec in day) DAYS...
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    Alibaba Baikal miners ?

    It's out of stock everywhere, Alibaba included. Checked.
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    PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DU-1 (USB Version Hashrate 9 MH/s , Releasing in Mid-May 2016)

    No, PinIdea guys is not alive here. Also, is only reseller's website. Original manufacturer located in China and didn't provide any news for past year.
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    Purchase feedback - Have not received giants from JasonHan

    I want to listen an other side. @JasonHan ?
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    import paper wallet with passphrase

    First, Unlock your wallet with console or menu. Then import keys.
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    Buying Dash

    verify it for trustworthiness
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    WTS Baikal Quad, Cube crowdfunding...?

    I hear that small batch will be available at the end of may. But previous batch in the April was sold for less then 4 hours.
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    Where to buy Dash Miners

    short answer: nowhere. You can check this forum and official, and buy it when it will available
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    Help unlocking QT Wallet Dash Core version v0.12.1.3 (64-bit)

    Hello, you can try to contact with @dave he is trusted by some forum members
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    Spam Website

    This site hosted on SoftLayer Technologies Inc IP. Can someone send a claim to [email protected] please?
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    Legal Question : Receive Dash from Masternode Network to fund somebdoy else

    All business have fixed and overhead fees. You can create proposal and post a contract with company that will be incarnate your proposal. You also can post a bill for whole values. Then community asks you to unjumble payments in this bill. Then they found that some overhead fees is too much for...