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  1. Propulsion

    Trezor for Darkcoin

    Finally received a Trezor! Pretty happy with it. I've flashed a custom firmware to it and it now supports Darkcoin and Darkcoin testnet addresses. Fully functional. Seems like it'll be possible make a pull request on the official Trezor repository so it can be ready to go officially without a...
  2. Propulsion

    This forum will be removed.

    The Darkcoin Core Team forum will be removed. All threads will be kept and simply relocated but they'll be no such thing as the "Core Team" anymore. Just a heads up. Expect it to be purged within this week.
  3. Propulsion

    Forking Megathread

    The network appears to be utilizing two distinct chains. Please keep all discussion about the forking network in this thread for now. Chain number 1 "blocks" : 207179, "timeoffset" : 0, "connections" : 11, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : 612.39358402, "networkhashps" ...
  4. Propulsion

    Compiling QT5 for Darkcoin QT Wallet

    Having some issues creating the QT wallet with qt5. Installed the dependencies for it from the in the doc directory. When trying to compile I'm greeted with a nice error message of: /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qglobal.h:1008:4: error: #error "You must build your code with position...
  5. Propulsion

    OpenSSL Compatibility with Client

    Cross post from Bitcoin Reddit. I'd imagine the same would hold true for Darkcoin since it's now based off of Bitcoin core code. If you've updated openSSL to the latest version and have compiled the source yourself without using gitian the blockchain might become forked.
  6. Propulsion

    Should the Core Team be disbanded?

    Now that there is a Darkcoin Foundation should the Core Team be disbanded? It seems a little redundant to have both a Core team and Foundation Members.
  7. Propulsion

    Image and link Proxying

    Image and link proxying has been enabled. With this, the site will no longer display a "some content may be insecure" message. This doesn't apply retroactively though so all old threads with images might still display the warning. From here on out though, everything should remain secure...
  8. Propulsion

    Private key WIF's

    Cross post from BCT. I have a private key that is valid but I don't understand why. This is a long post so bear with me. Note: this address is worthless. The below is a full key. Version 76...
  9. Propulsion

    Linux QT Wallet Unresponsive

    I have the latest version of the daemon installed. 10.*.*. For some reason, the QT wallet is completely unresponsive and max's out the CPU on my computer. The 9.*.* version never gave me an issue before. I've tried building from source and also flare's precompiled version. The regular daemon...
  10. Propulsion

    Ipv6 vs IPv4

    Would an ipv6 full node be able to operate the same as an ipv4 node or would it cause segregation on the network in terms of operating as a Masternode? Now if you had a single node that allowed both ipv4 and ipv6 communication, you would bridge the gap between ipv6 and ipv4 nodes. Lets call...
  11. Propulsion

    Monero Exploit

    So a bitcointalk forum user "BitcoinExpress" has decided to destroy the Monero currency within a 72 hour period. Naturally the price has plummeted after he posted his threat. What do you think, is it possible that Monero and all cryptonote coins have a fatal unrealized flaw?
  12. Propulsion

    The genius behind MasterNodes

    In seven months time, the amount of Bitcoin nodes have gone down by 100,000. source Did a little more digging and had a conversation in the Bitcoin IRC channel. Current Bitcoin node count is actually closer to 7000. source Which means, just going on Masternodes alone, Darkcoin has already 10% of...
  13. Propulsion

    Open The Core Team Thread to everyone?

    There have been some users upset over not being able to participate in the core discussions. What do you think: should it be opened to allow responses but no new threads created similar to the Developer Forum, or should it...
  14. Propulsion

    Amazon Spot Instances

    Just a heads up to everyone, my Amazon Spot Instance was terminated without any warning from them. In fact, looking at the amazon console, I'm unable to find any information of it ever existing! The ip was With adress XgMAEMH6CrdFUNJ1vjFkjUY59dcWXhbdHf chaeplin can you tell me...
  15. Propulsion

    Centralized Post for Information Regarding Fork.

    I'll be honest here, I don't know what I need to do for the fork coming up. (I've been busy.) The information is here, except it's scattered and hard to look for. There should be one single post with all the information for everyone to quickly reference. Normal Users not running Masternodes...
  16. Propulsion

    Possible Malicious Front End on Github

    (title to get clicks) So my p2pool node has not sent a fee payout to my address in over three days. The only thing I've changed is the front end to a differnet theme. That should not affect the payout address in any way whatsoever though. It just...
  17. Propulsion

    Support Section

    I'd like to consolidate the Darkcoin Support Section. Currently there are three child boards. Masternodes, beginners section, and guides. Instead of the child boards, how about having thread prefixes instead. Similar to this: Thread prefixes...
  18. Propulsion

    Purpose of this Thread

    You should only post in this thread if there is a valid reason to not have the topic public. I.E. Mike. Consider posting in the public thread before here.
  19. Propulsion

    Community Lead Vote

    After all the recent discussion on who should be the community lead for the core, it's time we put it to a vote. Votes are confidential, poll closes in a week.
  20. Propulsion

    Just_Mike Full Disclosure

    Please continue the private messages in this thread.
  21. Propulsion

    p2pool dust

    How do you consolidate your dust? At the moment I keep receiving "Transaction too large" error messages. I'm not even able to send the entire balance using a fee. Here is my p2pool address Xn71EFztHqAeCnGZvkipWh6rsV2q3YKFUT it consists of over 842 transactions. Any help would be appreciated...
  22. Propulsion

    Polish Forum Thread

    Welcome. Enjoy the forums.
  23. Propulsion

    Wealth Distribution

    So the drop in price was unexpected and fast. I'll bet you the wealth become a little more distributed among smaller addresses for some people.
  24. Propulsion

    Current P2pool software

    After running chaeplin 's software for nearly a month, I'm finding that dstorm 's is giving me issues. It seems that there is a sever memory leak present utilizing over 2500mb or Ram. Today, the p2pool software stopped running. I'll post logs next chance I can.
  25. Propulsion

    MPOS is on wrong chain.

    Currently, 26% of the network is on the wrong chain. If you are mining at, you are on the wrong chain. A list of known good pools on the correct chain. Please add any others below. Thank You. Edit...
  26. Propulsion

    50% of the network!

    Suchpool has over 50% of the network. If you are mining there, switch pools immediately. The following is a list of known pools on the correct chain. If you know of any more, add them below.
  27. Propulsion

    Three Separate Designs

    It seems that there are at least three major Darkcoin sites all with different designs. First, is utilizing a light blue and white color palette. Second, is utilizing the very old school dark binary code. Third, is this site utilizing a darker theme with the non...
  28. Propulsion

    Zero Cash

    The new Zero Cash white paper was published today. Below is the link.
  29. Propulsion

    May 17th 2014

    Predictable down trend from rapid growth in the last 3 days. People who invested recently only for the short term are selling. Due to the weekend, less volume will be traded today. I'll be buying as I believe next week the price will once again rebound. Bitcointalk thread has been over run...
  30. Propulsion

    Big Whale?

    What size do you consider a big whale? Personally I say 3000 +. How about you?
  31. Propulsion

    Merchant Adoption

    Now is a good time to start reaching out to merchants and asking them if they would accept Darkcoin. Someone should write a nice quick summary of what benefits darkcoin has to offer for consumer protection. Main area that should be focused on, is how it does not expose the users or merchants...
  32. Propulsion

    Fat fingered

    So i just fat fingered a trade. I sold over 600 at .0096 btc. and then bought back in at .0105 The decimal place got me. :oops: Now to actually make back my order, the price would have to come down to at least .0089btc. Here's Hoping!
  33. Propulsion

    Lost a lot of P2Pools

    During the hardfork, a lot of p2pools went down. Currently there are only sixteen active P2pools on the network. Amazing.
  34. Propulsion

    Vanity Darkcoin Addresses

    I forked vanitygen to be able to create Darkcoin addresses. Source is available here. I've tested it with some change. Seems to work. dumpprivkey Xf1rstPvMsQ84tRGukBRVcv2bBDT1HkZiy 7sPt1Fsi5FPLCRpZJxxbe3NpDsA2aWLun4WA2a7qbZApKbjF7fL...
  35. Propulsion

    Developement work for p2pool and NOMP Stratum patch

    Title says it all. Are there any groups of people who can work together to create a patch for both these pools? Edit: Current Bounty Amount 250 dark from Evan and Kyle for P2pool 250 dark from Evan and Kyle for NOMP 200 dark from MyFarm for General Bounty 50 dark from Vertoe for P2pool 100 usd...
  36. Propulsion

    The charts

    Going by the tea cup pattern following the dead cow bounce, stalked by the tiger: I would say the price is going up.
  37. Propulsion

    Dark on Bitcoin Wisdom!

    It's official Darkcoin is now on bitcoin wisdom! :D
  38. Propulsion

    Day Traders

    So with two trades I increased my dark holdings on Cryptsy by 25% today. (+ 100) How did you do?
  39. Propulsion

    Top 10 Market Cap

    Darkcoin is about to become a top 10 cryptocurrency. You can pretty much count that everyone into cryptos will have heard about it. Next milestone is when business's start accepting it. It's times like these when it's hard to keep it professional. :D Congratulations everyone; we're going places.
  40. Propulsion

    Compiling P2Pool on Debian Squeeze

    If anyone has ever compiled P2Pool on Debian Squeeze, please let me know how you accomplished such an incredulous task. I'll even throw in some dark. Thanks.