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    DarkCoin Wallet Recovery 90% there

    I agree, I think you are very close to cracking this! Did you try this?
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    Restore wallet can't select file darkcoin_wallet_backup_2014-xx-xx Not working

    @woods I'm not sure about your specific Android device. I personally use on Android and it seems to give me lots of options to choose which app should open a given file. You can also try using an older v6.x build of the Android wallet here...
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    procedure for setting up a 2nd computer in another country with the same wallet

    Rescan/reindex should show your balance. But it is not recommended to share the same wallet file with multiple devices, why not just send the Dash to an address in the new wallet? If you don't explicitly need a full Dash Core wallet, then by all means you should definitely be running a lite...
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    Missing funds after Mixing

    Electrum cannot read wallet.dat files from Dash Core unfortunately, you will need to do your recovery by dropping files which might have the privkeys for the addresses that received the mixed funds into your dash core datadir and starting dash core to read it and see if the privkeys you need are...
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    Restore wallet can't select file darkcoin_wallet_backup_2014-xx-xx Not working

    HI @Desiac please try this: You can also try to open the file on an Android device using a File Manager, and then when it asks, tell it to open it with a clean install of Dash...
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    Masternode Guides - (All Formats / All Options)

    That would make sense. Can we get another two pinned threads going to track progress for current installation tools on both mainnet and testnet? Then as tools (or guides) add support for platform services, people can work through and refine the guides on the testnet post before they are listed...
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    Interview with Richard Craib about WSB and Numerai

    I really enjoy the Lex Fridman podcast and his latest one is a great interview with Richard Craib from Numerai. Would be fantastic to have some of our tech leads appear on his show to talk about the hard maths behind BLS threshold signing and how masternodes protect the network against Sybil...
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    Dash for Python

    Hi @sAhmed I would recommend checking out Grafana and Graphite. Dash 0.17 supports logging metrics from dashd to these databases and graphing solutions, similar to the Statoshi project for Bitcoin at Since they have good Python support libraries, you could then work with...
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    Dash Unit Denominations and Display

    Thanks for making a post about this! You should have permissions to post links now that you have 3 posts, excited to bring some big discussions back to the forum! Note there are a couple of pages of previous discussion here too...
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    dash core: is the wallet encryption "passphrase" ACTUALLY the "seed"?

    Sure. Make sure you don't have any Dash stored in your current wallet or back it up safely. Then delete or rename the wallet.dat file in your data directory, e.g. ~/.dashcore on Linux. Start Dash with dash-qt --usehd and verify the HD indicator is present in the lower right corner of the...
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    dash core: is the wallet encryption "passphrase" ACTUALLY the "seed"?

    The documentation for HD wallets has a paragraph explaining the difference between a seed phrase and the wallet lock password: We do not recommend using HD wallets with Dash Core unless you know what you are doing, as...
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    dash-qt linux

    Agree, those are build warnings, they will not affect the build.
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    Dash no longer on Coinify

    Could be related to this?
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    dash-qt linux

    I think the ARM builds do not include a GUI, it is the daemon only. I'm not sure why Qt isn't enabled, maybe there is a dependency problem. You can try to build it yourself with the GUI following the instructions at Please report...
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    Hi dote! evo services are required now on evonet, and by the end of the year on testnet. it is expected to launch to mainnet in 2021. PoSe has been updated in 0.16 to check the minimum protocol level, and will receive further updates over the coming months i believe. I'm not sure about the...
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    Community Q&A - Q3 2020 Summary Call

    Q: There are online research sources that investors use to make decisions about which crypto coins to invest in. Some of these channels show Dash to be a poor investment due to inaccurate information (example given below in supporting information). Will someone at DCG or Dashpressroom be...
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    Hi Stive! Great to see someone take this on. There are now three tools that can be used to deploy a Dash masternode, in addition to the manual process: Please check out...
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    Dash Platform Testing

    Initial support for evonet masternodes on ARM architecture is now available for testing. A few images need to be replaced with versions that support multiple architectures. Install mn-bootstrap and try the following config changes: mn config:default evonet mn config:set externalIp <your_ip> mn...
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    Community Q&A - Q3 2020 Summary Call

    Q: Has there been any outreach towards PayPal? Q: The recent Paypal announcement was an endorsement for several other cryptos. Notably absent was the most payment-focused coin, Dash. Has DCG been in contact with Paypal in the lead-up to this announcement? Is it now? What was PP's feedback? What...
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    Community Q&A - Q3 2020 Summary Call

    Q: Does Dash have a plan to offer a unique service which is best in class - beyond the payments field, which will soon be captured and controlled by central bank digital coins? A (Ryan): I think that there is a big caveat in the question itself, which is whether or not there is a population of...
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    Community Q&A - Q3 2020 Summary Call

    This thread lists questions and answers from the DCG Q3 2020 Summary Call. The first posts contain transcribed answers from the call, and remaining questions will be collected and posted here over the course of the week. Questions are as follows: Q: With the recent github take-downs of...
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    moocowmoo has been difficult to reach for some time now, and I'm not sure about the upgrade status of the nodes under his management. I would recommend looking into other masternode hosting service: For hardware wallets, Trezor and Ledger...
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    Equivalent of Paxful for Dash

    Sure, check out
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    Cards supporting Dash

    Hi! A list of debit cards is available here: Please share your experience if you end up using one of these, or let me know if other cards are available :)
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    If is hosting your masternode then the upgrade needs to be done there. You don't need to sign anything or take further action from your end (although you should really be using a hardware wallet, particularly since you just announced to everyone that you are running a software...
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    Proposal: Dash Electrum Support and Development Oct 2020

    Electrum is a critical part of the Dash ecosystem, I support this because it offers a lot of flexibility in particular with regard to managing complex hardware wallet setups. Great work, and good luck with the proposal!
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    v0.16 Support - FAQ and Known Issues

    For masternodes installed using the instructions in the docs, the commands are: cd ~/.dashcore/sentinel git pull venv/bin/python bin/ --version venv/bin/python bin/
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    Dash implamentation to the mobile app

    Hi @DashPhillip great to hear you are interested in using Dash in your app! Your best resource for interacting with devs is to join the Discord server at You can also check out the documentation linked in these repos for how to start using Dash functions in your app...
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    Corrupt dashman installer???

    I will remove the dashman instructions when the docs are forked for the upcoming version 0.16 release. I have been working on an alternative tool which is theoretically ready to support mainnet masternodes, but would appreciate more testing on testnet (or evonet) first. Apologies for not posting...
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    Dash Platform Testing

    Version 0.15 of Dash Platform was released on September 5 and includes a Docker Compose based masternode deployment tool called mn-bootstrap that can be evaluated to function as a replacement for the ageing dashman tool. While originally designed to quickly set up local and devnet environments...
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    protx update_service pose_banned protx-dup (code -26) same ip

    try to revoke first? are you sure this is the only IP registered on the network from any protx? what happens if you search using this IP in Dash Core Masternodes tab or on Dash Ninja?
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    Pre-proposal: Grant to masternodes all leftover treasury funds each cycle.

    Is this proposal based on a misunderstanding of how the treasury works? You stated: But this is factually not true. While it is true that leftover treasury funds are not created, they will also not be mined in the future. Not creating these treasury funds effectively reduces the current and...
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2020 Summary Call - Thursday, 23 July 2020

    Q&A transcript available here:
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    Community Q&A - Q2 2020 Summary Call

    Q: What is the current regulatory situation in Japan regarding Dash privatesend? How many exchanges trade Dash? Does DCG have a China strategy? What is DCG currently doing in Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela? A: (Glenn) So as far as the Japan situation goes, we are not listed on any of the...
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    Community Q&A - Q2 2020 Summary Call

    This thread lists questions and answers from the DCG Q2 2020 Summary Call. The first posts contain transcribed answers from the call, and remaining questions will be collected and posted here over the course of the week. Questions are as follows: Q: Is Dash Platform and Dashpay still aiming for...
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    Dash integration library in PHP

    Hello, this version of bitcoin-php has Dash support:
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    Docs about PoSe-ban?

    Sending a ProUpServTx will reset your PoSe score, but also resets your position in the queue, you will go to the back of the line. So you cannot use this as a shortcut to get paid sooner ;)
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    Dash Economics Discussion Series

    Yes - Binance has started a number of masternodes as backing for the their savings facility here:
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    Consensus Mechanisms

    Several of Ryan's answers in the AMAs covered DCG's examination and conclusions regarding PoS, search "stake" here:
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    Store of Value Community AMAs - June 2020

    Zoom AMA, continued... Q: Is Kraken the biggest name exchange that's accepting InstantSend? A: I don't know the answer to that. Q: What would be another one or two of the other ones that accepted that are well known? A: It's on our website. If you go to the exchanges section, they're...