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    Planned Reduction

    Hopefully the Core Team can reevaluate their self-imposed (and seemingly-arbitrary) 60% budget limit. While I applaud the great work many community members are doing with their budget system funding, I think Dash Core development is paramount above all else. In such a challenging funding...
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    Roadmap dates already innacurate?

    This is what frustrated me so badly about Ethereum, when I was waiting for it to launch. Software is *always* late. Always. I really wish that the powers-that-be would take the dates given them and add 3-6 months to them. Underpromise, then surprise everybody by overdelivering. We've got an...
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    Dashians misconceptions about dash

    Just to address two of your points: 1. Core can only withhold budget funds that were paid directly to Core. Many proposers, particularly unknowns in the community, will have budget funds paid from the Blockchain directly to Core. Core will then serve as escrow. However, if somebody did submit a...
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    Coindesk and Dash

    I've never understood it, either. I know they shill pretty hard for anything that "Digital Currency Group" is invested in (including Ethereum, iirc).
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    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    Of course they're not lost forever--from the point of view of code. Heck, Core Team could change the code right now to create 5 MILLION DASH out of the blue. There is no *technical* reason why it couldn't be done. The problem is that it's unlikely the network (e.g. the masternode owners) would...
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    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    Resurrecting unspent budget funds is a political decision, and that's the problem. The "hundreds" of discussions about unused budget were not misguided at all, because though it is technically feasible to do what Ryan and Evan have suggested, it's politically challenging. In fact, at least one...
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    New Simplified Proposal Submission Process - Steps reduced to 1 single payment, 20% auto-subsidy

    In that case--awesome! On further thought, a Sybil attack wouldn't work because the proposer is paying 4 DASH to you before you pay the 5 DASH to the network. My bad...disregard.
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    New Simplified Proposal Submission Process - Steps reduced to 1 single payment, 20% auto-subsidy

    How can DashTreasury afford to subsidize $200 for every budget proposal? How can this subsidy work at scale? What does DashTreasury get out of the process? How do you avoid sybil attacks? Are you giving $200 in subsidies to everybody who submits any proposal, at any scale, automatically, simply...
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    Proposal: Hiring of Top-level Dash Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    We need to find ways to spend all the budget money each month in a way that's going to help the ecosystem. Leaving unused money in each month's budget is a massive waste of opportunity. Whether through this proposal or some other, we need to find ways of spending unused budget funds. I could set...
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    I propose we stop voting for irrelevant proposals until the end of the year. Burn the Dash.

    Burning the Dash is about as useful as burning a stack of hundred dollar bills (or hundred euro notes, if your prefer). It theoretically helps the "economy" but the overall effect is negligible. Setting fire to money--either physical or digital--is not the best use of said money. Frankly...
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    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    I really wish people would set reasonable goals. I always prefer when folks under-promise and over-deliver.
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    Why is Dash Central funded by donation?

    @rango submitted a proposal a year or so ago seeking funding but his proposal was rejected by the network. With proposal fees now at $750, he probably doesn't want to take the risk again.
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    How is Core Team held accountable?

    We can't. The community can ask, discuss, petition, complain, and so forth. The Core Team would probably listen and do what they could to address the situation, but if the community is still unsatisfied, there would be no alternatives short of cutting off funding. Likewise, masternodes could...
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    How is Core Team held accountable?

    Via the budget system, of course. I'd argue that Core is more accountable than ever. Before, when full time Core members were paid $400/month worth of Dash, it was still basically a volunteer gig with a little bit of a "tip" at the end of the month. The network could have pulled funding, and...
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    Where is Charlie Shrem's DashPayCard? your opinion. Some think they should be updated via Dash Nation Slack. Some think they should be updated on the "official" Dash forum. Some think reddit, or twitter.
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    Where is Charlie Shrem's DashPayCard?

    If you figure out a way to put that into code... The problem is that there are lots of good ideas, but these ideas aren't possible to actually implement in code. As far as I can see, the only way to do what you are suggesting is for Core Team to hold funds in escrow. Some proposers are willing...
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    A word of caution on "for profit" business integrations

    I'm not particularly concerned about "fair" but rather focus on "effective." I'd rather pay some people who don't deserve it and get to $XXX marketcap two years earlier than wait patiently to be integrated. I have quite the opposite opinion of you, in fact, when it comes to Dash "being big...
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    What Happens to Your Dash When You Die?

    My will specifically mentions my Dash holdings, and I've left an envelope with detailed instructions on how to access, secure, and (in time) sell my holdings. My letter specifically mentions certain friends in the Dash community that my wife should turn to in the event that she needs better...
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    Pre-Proposal: Create the first DASH gateway on Ripple

    We're going to have to get used to paying people to do things they are doing for free for other projects. It's not necessarily fair, but it's how the budget system works. Think about it. Everybody who integrated Bitcoin has done so for free, right? But it's taken EIGHT YEARS for this organic...
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    How are the individual developers paid out of the dev budget?

    The network is decentralized; the Core Team is not. The Core Team is simply a contractor working for the benefit of the network, and the network could fire the team and hire a new one at any time. Take the state government example given earlier. I work at a state university, so basically...
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    How are the individual developers paid out of the dev budget?

    I disagree. I currently work for a state university, and knowing everybody else's salary just leads to strife. "I do more work than soandso, but he is paid more. I'm going to complain/work less/sabotage/find a new job..." I also don't think that replicating government is what we want to be...
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    Why do we still market DASH as "privacy-focused"?

    Agreed with the above. People who don't know better still say "the privacy-centric digital currency Dash..." When I'm writing anything, I always say "with privacy features." For instance "governance, instant transactions, and privacy features...)
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    Pre-Proposal System is Useless

    I doubt it. The dev team has discussed this a number of times and I'm pretty sure it's on the list of things to tackle. It's difficult, however, to make a proposal low enough to be affordable but high enough to avoid DDoS attacks. The issue is this: nobody on the team wants to just pick another...
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    Pre-Proposal System is Useless

    I agree that the poll numbers are kind of pointless. The real value of pre-proposals is that sometimes known "whales" will respond and give you an idea of what they are thinking. I think the thread itself is much more valuable than a poll. This particular proposal is a bit different, too, since...
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    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    Tante, I would wholeheartedly support this. Last month, over $100,000 was simply not created. What a waste--imagine how much evo marketing could have been done with that money!!! Taking leftover funds each month and putting them in a "savings" account for this purpose would be amazing!
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    Can the core marketing team please stand up

    I'm not'd have to ping @babygiraffe ...I know it takes awhile to get quotes/bids and put everything together
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    Can the core marketing team please stand up

    As others have said, that is simply not true. This month's Core Team proposals, which comprise 80% of each months' budget, have not yet been submitted yet. Please be patient!
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    DashCentral - voting lists

    I've been saying for quite some time now that eventually some sort of (voluntary!) representative voting system will emerge. Lists like @rango suggests would be interesting. I could also see self-appointed proposal reviewers emerging (kind of like analysts at investment firms). In a more extreme...
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    Update on Major Exchange? Today Marks "Two Weeks"

    Update from the Dash Nation Slack (thanks @itscrazybro): ddink7 [8:25 AM] @itscrazybro Do you have any updates on the major exchange that you are able to share with us? Daniel posted exactly two weeks ago today (March 28) that the major exchange integration would happen within the next "two...
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    Update on Major Exchange? Today Marks "Two Weeks"

    Could we possibly get an update on the major exchange integration? Daniel made this post on March 28, so today marks the end of the "two weeks." Technically he said "two weeks or so" but it'd be great to find out how this is...
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    iOS Wallet Warning!

    I don't think it's unreasonable for Core Team to ask to see a Dash wallet's source code when it's a wallet that's been created by an unknown community member. Of course, said community member can tell them to pound sand, and said Core Team can make a public service announcement encouraging...
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    Dash Business Model upgrade: Invest in start-ups

    When have technicalities ever mattered to the US Government? The SEC can sue Evan, Ryan, or anybody else they want to. Whether they'll win or not is a different story, but it's not like the government hasn't ever been known to overreach. A judge not familiar with the technology would most likely...
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    Dash Business Model upgrade: Invest in start-ups

    Investing means receiving equity in exchange for money, which Dash isn't set up to do. First, the Dash network isn't a legal entity. The Dash Foundation is, but not the network itself. Secondly, when receiving equity for money, you get into a lot of issues with the SEC and other regulators. I...
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    Bitcoin's "network effect" is NOT insurmountable

    I agree with Dandy. While development must take priority, 1500 DASH (about $100,000) went unused in last month's budget. That is an enormous amount of money that could have done great things to advance the project (through marketing, or in other ways).
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    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    I don't think that anybody is advocating never changing the proposal fee.
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    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    We had zero DDOS attacks on the masternode network too...until we had one a few weeks ago. The fee isn't to prevent spam (as in unwanted proposals). The fee is to prevent attacks (as in somebody flooding the network with 10,000 proposals.) A bad guy wanting to make a profit would short a bunch...
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    These price fluctuations :(

    My "guess" of .059 was because that is an important Fibonacci level which indicates support. We did have significant support there, although obviously we ended up going under that eventually. Yet we're almost back (although now it will be resistance).
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    Proposal: Core Team Salaries (April)

    Just double checked my Core Team payment history. I was a contractor for Core Team in September and October 2015 (for which I was paid in both months) and I officially joined Core Team as a "full" member in November 2015. I received no payment in November 2015. I was paid TWICE on December 8...
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    Bitcoin's "network effect" is NOT insurmountable

    Just replied to a post on /r/BitcoinMarkets. Food for thought: When was the last time anybody you knew went to a store and was able to pull out their phone and pay with bitcoin? When was the last time you or anybody you know shopped at a *major* online retailer and paid in bitcoin? Bitcoin is...
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    Dash Bloodbath (Lock MN collateral blockchain-wide, spend more budget funds on dev)

    I don't know about him or you, but many around here have a cost basis of zero, having sold enough to cover their initial investment. In that case, "losing it all" is meaningless. I don't say that to be mean; I say that to give you insights into the psychology around here. Most folks around here...