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  1. QuantumExplorer

    Dash Research Asia

    It's been an exciting few months. Angela and Arnaud started to set up the entity in Thailand. They prepared a report for the community explaining where we are at. I'll let Angela post it below.
  2. QuantumExplorer

    Dash internships / Representation Office Thailand

    This is a proposal to fund an international internship program as well as Dash representation office to promote Dash in the kingdom of Thailand. Though I set off the idea, the proposal will be run by Arnaud Beaudat and I will take no compensation from this proposal. Arnaud Beaudat brings to...
  3. QuantumExplorer

    How DASH is resistant to retargeting issues.

    Some of you might be following the ongoing bitcoin crisis of identity. I'm making this post to explain why the current issue in Bitcoin involving retargeting could never affect Dash. Because of the way bitcoin was set up, retargeting happens every 2016 blocks. Before you go off blaming...
  4. QuantumExplorer

    Technical Documentation Writer for Bitcoin/DASH Improvement Protocols

    This is for part of the work detailed in the proposal: The desired candidate will need to review and update all bips located at : For this position you will need to be able to read C++ Code...
  5. QuantumExplorer

    Pre-proposal: Dash/Bitcoin improvement protocols

    It's come to my attention that we seem to lack a repository detailing the implementation and modifications of the various bips (bitcoin improvement protocols). Even though this was fine when you have a small dev group we have started to grow to such a size where lack of this is no longer...
  6. QuantumExplorer

    Proposal : Investigation into using Masternodes for anonymous web

    Hello guys, hope you will like this proposal. It is also referenced here : I reworked this proposal with suggestions given to me by the DASH community and core team. Included you will see an introduction on who I am, some thoughts so far on how...
  7. QuantumExplorer

    Dashwallet for iOS with IX sending

    Hey guys, I've updated the iOS wallet with IX sending and changed the ticker to Poloniex. Inside is also a fix (thanks to Udjin) for private key importing. Here's information on how to update: If you have never...
  8. QuantumExplorer

    Dash iPhone Wallet

    Hello Crypto visionaries and entusiasts, Today I will talk about the new iPhone wallet. But first let me introduce myself and add a personal note on the project. I’m Quantum Explorer. Even though I would love to say my real name the country where I currently reside frowns upon digital...
  9. QuantumExplorer

    Finally a use for namecoin?

    I was wondering if down the road anyone gave any thought about forking namecoin and using it for addressing on DarkTor/Masternet. Actually are there any plans to support hidden services at this point like TOR has with .onion?
  10. QuantumExplorer

    How could we make DarkTor profitable for people using amazon EC2?

    From reactions I have seen a lot of people are afraid about high EC2 bills (as am I). A pay per day system could work, but I propose that a bandwidth cap be installed. For example 50c = 1 day and up to 100mb (using 8 nodes). Why 100mb? Well because 100mb going through 8 nodes is 800mb and...