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  1. orangecycle

    All Things Open Conference Recap The All Things Open Conference was really impressive. This is only its fourth year and attendance was reported at 2,400. The crowd was diverse. Front-end developers and designers, backend developers, infrastructure, management, and of course blockchain. As a...
  2. orangecycle

    Upgrading your Node40 hosted masternodes

    I'm happy to announce that we just released push-button upgrades for people hosting their masternodes with Node40. You can now control when you update your masternodes with a couple of clicks. There is a blog post explaining the process for upgrading without a protocol change. I'll be doing...
  3. orangecycle

    Invoice Payment through Dash Evolution

    I'm excited to announce that Nod40 has integrated with Dash Evolution. Customers will be able to pay their Node40 invoices with two clicks. 1) Initiate the request for payment from the Node40 invoices screen, and 2) accept the payment from the Evolution wallet. That simple. Evolution is a game...
  4. orangecycle

    Node40 Year in Review for 2015

    It's been a while since I've posted to the forum. Not because I don't have anything to say, but because Node40 has been keeping me really busy. I just posted our 2015 Year in Review at I'm not going to duplicate the entire post here, but do...
  5. orangecycle

    Node40 Integrates with API

    In a quest to make it easier for people to get into Dash, Node40 has partnered with ShapeShift to provide a high limit bitcoin to Dash exchange*. We're really happy that ShapeShift agreed to offer our users a higher limit trade...
  6. orangecycle

    1MillionsCups presentation in Albany, NY

    I'll be talking about DASH and Node40 on Wednesday, June 24th at 8am in Albany, NY. If there is anybody in the area, and I haven't already invited you via email, here's your formal invitation. More details at Please help spread...
  7. orangecycle

    Lifehacker: What's The Best Way to Pay Other People Online?

    Lifehacker is running a poll and we've got the answer.
  8. orangecycle

    Trezor Giveaway from Node40

    When SatoshiLabs announced support for DASH in their 1.3.3 firmware upgrade we thought the DASH community might want to get their hands on one. We ordered a few Trezors to test out at Node40 and we're giving one away. We'll be drawing a lucky winner from our list of registered users on July...
  9. orangecycle

    WTS Node40 Masternode Management Services

    First off... congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on the rebrand to DASH. As a few of you already know, I've been hosting multi-owner masternodes (shares) since November of 2014. At the beginning of 2015 I decided it was time to get serious and founded Node40 along with another...
  10. orangecycle

    List of masternode public keys

    How can I get a list of all the masternode public keys? I know I can get a list of the ip addresses with darkcoind masternode list. Is there a similar command to get the keys? Or is there a roundabout way I can do this?
  11. orangecycle

    multisignature addresses for MNs

    I just tried to get multisignature addresses working for MNs on testnet, but was unable to start the MN because the funds could not be found/allocated. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use multisignature for my own MNs, but more importantly, I host a number of MNs for individuals who don't want...
  12. orangecycle

    Incorrect Balance

    Just opened up one of my MN wallets and noticed the Wallet Total Balance is 0.7905 more than the sum of all transactions. I've attached a screenshot of the wallet and corresponding transactions from chainz.
  13. orangecycle

    MasterNode appears twice

    I launched a new MasterNode, and accidentally copied in the wrong IP address to darkcoin.conf. The IP address I used was for an existing MasterNode. Now the existing mn shows up twice when I do masternode list. "" : 1, "" : 1 I have since corrected the IP...