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  1. George Donnelly

    Dash Latam Announces Venezuela Breaches 10,000 Active Mobile Dash Wallet Installs; First to 10K

    Dash Latam is thrilled to announce that since we onboarded Venezuela 3 months ago, active Android Dash wallet installs reversed their downward trend and grew by 85%. Venezuela now is the first and only nation with more than 10,000 active Dash wallet installs. Full details at...
  2. George Donnelly

    What Dash Latam Has Achieved in Venezuela (Long)

    What Dash Latam Has Achieved in Venezuela And there's a surprise inside!
  3. George Donnelly

    Meet Dash Latam

    __ JUST 1 HOUR FROM NOW __ Meet Dash Latam and watch us as we work to achieve our goals for the month of May 2019. HERE: Dash Latam pioneers #Dash adoption with consumer adoption, merchant adoption, remittances and ambassadorship.
  4. George Donnelly

    Dash Latam Mass Adoption Marathon & Expansion into Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Haiti, Buenos Aires

    Hi. We're Eugenia Alcalá of Dash Venezuela, Rodrigo Ambrissi of Dash Brasil, Ángel Arri of Dash Argentina and George Donnelly of Dash Colombia. We want to issue a declaration of independence for Dash this July 4th. Price and brand independence from other cryptocurrencies for Dash. Independence...
  5. George Donnelly

    Únete al Foro Dash Latinoamericano

    ¡Hola amigos Dash de Latinoamérica! Angel Andrés Arri (Argentina) y yo (Colombia) les invitamos a una conversación entre lideres Dash de Latinoamérica con el propósito de intercambiar ideas y apoyarnos mutuamente en el camino a la masificación del uso de Dash en Latinoamérica. Algunos temas...
  6. George Donnelly

    Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

    1. Summary Dash users in Medellín, Colombia are expanding our existing meetups across the Medellín metro area (pop: 3.7m) from now through August in order to build the groundwork for our first Dash conference in Medellín, Colombia in October 2018. We believe that Dash has a critical role to...
  7. George Donnelly

    Una Ciudad Cripto en Latinoamérica con Dash?

    (English below.) Hola, para expandir la adopción de Dash en Latinoamérica, estoy pensando en escoger una ciudad importante y hacer una campaña de muchos meses para lograr aceptación de Dash entre comerciantes, que lo entiendan en gobierno, en las empresas mas grandes y mas que todo entre las...