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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Its great to see all the great work being done with the Wallet UI! One thought, (may be far fetched at this point - and understood this thread is aimed at UI v.s. major functionality enhancements), perhaps for future functionality. Add p2p exchange functionality to extend DarkSend to other...
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    Thank You for the Guide! Looking to setup several MN's with the Wallet,(local), machine on Linux. The only Linux source wallet I was able to find/comiile/sync was v0.10.11.5-beta. Will that work? Thank You
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    DarkSend question

    Hi, Great stuff you guys are doing! Trying to use DarkSend feature in DarkCoin QT Linux Wallet v0.10.8.5-2-g8e508af-beta. Sending to a paper wallet. Local DarkSend Wallet has 20DRK which was sent in one transaction from an exchange. The DarkSend amount I submit is 9.99 DRK. Following this...