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  1. LimLims Website overhaul

    I've been AWOL for a while, just wanted to stop by to say the new site design looks awesome. It's gratifying to see the brand evolving in subtle ways, and I think Darkcoin has forged a unique, identifiable & sexy look for itself. That's not an easy feat in such a competitive space. Anyway, well...
  2. LimLims

    Site Operators

    It isn't me, I removed myself from the modlist.
  3. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    The designer who created the NXT style guide expressed an interest in doing the same for us. I'd be willing to put 25 DRK towards that.
  4. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    I still think these choices should be left to graphic designers / branding professionals. It's hard selecting a palette that doesn't suck. If you haven't done a LOT of this before, I suggest deferring to expert opinion. Are we still looking at hiring the guy who did the NXT branding guide?
  5. LimLims

    Media opportunities

    Evan posted that he is looking to recruit more developers, and take on more of an advocacy role, doing interviews & conferences and such. Being in #3 spot means it should be easy to find as much media exposure as we want. We should decide what level of media exposure we're going for (perhaps on...
  6. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    That one's really nice.
  7. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    Agree with this. Can we standardise on one of these? My vote is Darkcoin / Darksend (Because I'm lazy and pressing shift at the right time is hard).
  8. LimLims

    Issues with Masternode Payments Fork

    Votes don't seem to be happening, at least that appears to be why only a fraction of blocks are paying masternodes.
  9. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    My votes: 1. Decide on Tagline Anonymous digital cash 3. Define grey-scale logo We could leave this to the designer if we're hiring someone to do the style guide. It would be normal to have some back & forth discussion to get all that to a point where we're happy with it. Same with colour...
  10. LimLims

    Who are darkcoin representatives?

    Agreed, maintaining a list of merchants on the website is a good idea, and is good for mutual exposure. WRT a reputation system, that could be pretty dicey, and has the potential to screw over an otherwise reputable business if someone decides to game the system and destroy their rep score. We...
  11. LimLims

    FAQ for May 25

    Can we get this sort of thing posted to the main website? Like maybe have a news ticker on the front page?
  12. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    I agree with this, and I think such guidelines should be explicitly defined in the style guide. Consistent branding is super important, and it should be made far clearer that the coin design is not the logo. But then, that's just another opinion, and we're just a bunch of amateurs with opinions...
  13. LimLims

    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    According to Evan, if you update to 10.8.6, delete peers.dat, wait 10 min & restart the client & masternode, you should be ok. The "ProcessMessage(dsee, 175 bytes) FAILED" errors are apparently due to other masternodes on the network that are still running the old version.
  14. LimLims

    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    Same here. And I'm seeing a lot of these error messages in the log, not sure if related: ProcessMessage(dsee, 175 bytes) FAILED
  15. LimLims


    Just while I think of it: Now that we're getting some mainstream attention, it would be worth writing up a stronger justification for the legitimate need for privacy, perhaps as its own section on the website. Many -- perhaps the majority -- of people outside of this community will not...
  16. LimLims

    Volunteers: How much can you help?

    I had a chat with him earlier, from what he said he likes the work you're doing here. He's just swamped. You should hear from him soon.
  17. LimLims


    Someone should approach the owner of the wiki to see if some of that content can be used for the official site. They've done an excellent job compiling information, particularly the comprehensive FAQ.
  18. LimLims

    New version 9.4.0 and 10.8.0

    Nice work! Question about voting: What proportion of votes are required to mess with payments? I.e. does it go to the majority vote, meaning an attacker would need 51% of masternodes to hijack masternode payments?
  19. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    May I suggest finding a new tagline? This one is untrue, and just seems unnecessary to have factually untrue statements in any of the marketing (and it destroys our credibility). There are so many positive things to say about Darkcoin that there's no need whatsoever to exaggerate or bend the...
  20. LimLims

    Branding Discussion

    Evan has made it clear on multiple occasions that he wants no association with illegal activity, so mainstream branding would be the direction to go. The NXT style guide is awesome, it's exactly what is needed for DRK: Professional branding...
  21. LimLims

    Darkcoin Central Team Discussion

    Also for the record (Referring to the chatlogs), I stepped down from my previous role primarily because PR, marketing, design & organisation are not really my thing, so it was a lot of pain for little reward. I figured others would enjoy these particular challenges more than me, as I'm better...
  22. LimLims

    New Style!

    Really nice. Who designed it?
  23. LimLims

    Darkcoin Central Team Discussion

    I'm on a diff timezone to most of you so i may not be able to make IRC/skype chats, but I'll try to contribute here & there in a small capacity. I suggest starting out by defining the scope of the work you want the group to tackle in the short-term. Start a shared google sheets doc, list out...
  24. LimLims

    Cult of Evan?

    Well shit, I liked your suggestions. I guess your idea of using "holacratic techniques" might have been far enough left field that it short-circuited some neurons in poor yidakee here. In any case, it's great that you are making constructive contributions. I think Darkcoin has far outgrown a...
  25. LimLims

    Postponing Masternode Payments Till May 25th

    Sexy new graphics on this version of the GUI. :cool:
  26. LimLims

    New DRK website

    Mannie, did you grab the existing written copy from Evan? We had someone who wrote quite a bit and it's not all up on the site. If you want I can share the docs with you (PM me your email addy).
  27. LimLims

    Clever Idea from HiroCoin

    I think you're thinking about this from a miner's perspective, where hashrate of the network correlates with interest. Far more people are watching the price, so if popularity & price rises due to a multipool that pays out in DRK, any drop in hashrate will have a negligible effect on public...
  28. LimLims

    Will Masternodes be safe ?

    The threats from insecure masternodes are: - potential theft of the masternode's wallet - masternode being compromised by an attacker (e.g. backdoor installed), and used to mount attacks on the network The kinds of attacks on the network from compromised masternodes include denial-of-service...
  29. LimLims

    Clever Idea from HiroCoin

    I can only see good things from a multipool that pays out in DRK. It would create a dynamic where a proportion of miners move to the scrypt pool until darkcoin diff drops enough for it to become profitable to mine directly, and an equilibrium would form. - More people getting invested in DRK...
  30. LimLims

    Darkcoin marketing role

    I'm stepping down from my role in the Darkcoin team, which means I'll be passing on this marketing/branding effort to the community & the devs. I wish you the best of luck with it! I'd planned that next steps would involve selecting a colour palette, then writing a branding guide, then getting...
  31. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    It's hard to know what a given palette will look like until it's in context. We will probably need some mockups to make the decision properly. The palette might look saturated here but on website they may be used as secondary/tertiary colours for a tiny fraction of screen space, meaning they're...
  32. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo
  33. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    This palette is nice:
  34. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    Yeah, I mean I figured discussion of the full colour palette for the branding guide would come after logo selection. But there's no reason in principle why we can't talk about it now. I'll have a play with palettes and see what might look good with this particular blue. Also, fwiw I don't like...
  35. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    Personally I really like the lighter shade in the OP. The other kinds of blue are over-represented in the market, and this one looks fresh & modern to me.
  36. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    If the blue logo wins, a vote for the exact shade of blue can happen after this one.
  37. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    An official logo needs to be static, unique, instantly recognisable. No company is going to dilute their brand by creating multiple official versions of their logo with completely different palettes. There's still scope for unofficial variations, or variations for a specific promotion, things...
  38. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    @Kai Reason 1: I seriously doubt anyone wants an elimination tournament, which is the only fair way to conduct such a vote. It would take 1-2 weeks just to complete the polls, and in all likelihood the final would end up with these two up against each other. Reason 2: A number of those colour...
  39. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    I don't think this is rushed -- we've been considering this logo and its variants for some time, several variants have been proposed, and these two have remained clearly above the pack. That's a good thing -- it means we're narrowing down our collective preferences. Honestly we could deliberate...
  40. LimLims

    Official logo vote

    Please cast your vote for the logo variant here: