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    [] Dash Masternode Ninja - Free Masternode Monitoring

    Thanks for sharing. This is really informative. Hoping to see new happenings.
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    Pre-Proposal: Solving the 'Free Money' treasury problem

    Splitting between miners and masternodes is a better choice.
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    [Feature Request] Please add U2F webauthn support as another form of 2FA.

    Yeah, I agree, this would be a great feature to have.
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    Dash users' benefits from TradeXsport's current fantasy betting NBA competition!

    Because of these perks, I like Dash a lot. They do care about their community.
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    Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago at the CISW Virtual Summit

    Seems great, thanks for this.
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    Getting The Message Right - Dash Offers Privacy - Not Anonymity

    Thanks for clarifying the confusion. It is very helpful.
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    Dash Core v0.17.0.0 RC2 now available for TESTNET

    Glad that the team is very active in Dash development. Hope to see its release on the mainnet soon.
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    Dash Core v0.16.1.1 has been released

    Thanks, this is really good news. Hope dash succeeds in achieving what it promised.
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    Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago at the Decentralized Finance Global Summit 2020!

    Thanks for sharing, dash has a very promising future as long as it plays the cards right.
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    06 - Decentralized Decision Making: Why business plans need to be submitted before funding

    The business plan is very important for every business. Glad you shared this valuable info with us.
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    07 - Decentralized Decision Making: Vetting proposal owners before they get funding

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.
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    10 Reasons Why Dash is not an "Alt" Coin

    Thanks for the great insight. You have put a lot of effort in putting up this detailed information. I have a question can you elaborate more on point 8?
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    Any news about Asian ban?

    I think it works gloablly.
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    01 Decentralised Decision Making: Steps To A Better Solution

    Thanks for this detailed information. Really appreciate it.
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    Does dash be transacted as fast as it claim ?

    In terms of real-world use cases, Dash does take a major lead. Other cryptos are just not at the level to handle real use cases while in theory, they should be doing it.
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    Dash Mall and Parking Starts its Second Publicity Campaign

    That is really good news. Hoping to see more like these.
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    How Does Dash Provided Digital Cash Service

    yep, you should at least visit the newbie guide to clarify your confusion and then post your query if you have any left.