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  1. orangecycle

    Masternode ninja fatality!

    Your masternode with a public key of XrcxRCXo9GJjby9PzSFKrR4aH5hLacKM9a no longer has 1,000 Dash.
  2. orangecycle

    v12.2 Testing

    Here is a graph of txs per block over the past 7 days. It's been fun to watch.
  3. orangecycle


    This probably won’t be a popular post, but maybe someone from the core team with access to legal can chime in. Note: This is not legal advice so please get advice from a practicing attorney. Our research into providing masternode shares involved consultation with lawyers. The way masternodes...
  4. orangecycle

    Masternode40 masternodes not-enabled

    I just sent you an email from our support system. Your node is indeed ready for a remote start.
  5. orangecycle

    Dash Core can no longer continue safely and will quit

    Hi @MrGold . I sent you a direct message. Happy to help you get that masternode up and running.
  6. orangecycle

    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    It is in the OP. If people start reading from the beginning of this thread they will see the moocow gist.
  7. orangecycle

    All Things Open Conference Recap The All Things Open Conference was really impressive. This is only its fourth year and attendance was reported at 2,400. The crowd was diverse. Front-end developers and designers, backend developers, infrastructure, management, and of course blockchain. As a...
  8. orangecycle

    August 2016 Development Update

    A good place to keep up with all the changes is the official repo You can "watch" a repo and have all updates emailed to you. A lot of updates are packed with valuable and interesting commit comments. Makes for good morning reading with a cup of coffee.
  9. orangecycle

    How masternode payments might cause a bubble

    I had some different numbers for Dash per block and blocks per day. I have updated the script based on what UdjinM6 posted and the volume gain is now around the 9% you are showing. That number is the estimated volume gain of a masternode. It is not the estimated volume gain after you pay for...
  10. orangecycle

    Proposal: d10e Conference Sponsorship

    I'll be there to talk about how economics (incentives) can be used to encourage network participation. It won't be specifically about Dash, but I will talk about the Dash model. Going forward, any serious blockchain based business will have to embrace what Dash pioneered... an incentives model...
  11. orangecycle

    Node40 just launched a new site, check it out

    The price of Dash displayed on the site is not a live stream.The price is a snapshot that is updated every 15 minutes. The price is derived by aggregating the DASH/BTC price from multiple exchanges. I'm assuming you were confused by the label Current Dash Price. I have changed the label to...
  12. orangecycle

    Dash Wallet - Private Key Export/Import (video)

    I've got a video that walks you through export/import at
  13. orangecycle

    Dash Mobile Apps

    We don't have an app yet. Talking with some app developers about creating one.
  14. orangecycle

    Ethereum smart contract that provide small holders of DASH become part of masternode?

    Given the number of masternodes already supporting the network, I don't think it makes sense for the devs to spend time making it easier to create shared nodes. Once the price goes up (say $10/Dash) we might see masternodes cashing out. If those masternodes aren't brought back online that might...
  15. orangecycle

    Ethereum smart contract that provide small holders of DASH become part of masternode?

    I don't see how a smart contract will do anything for you. The 1,000 Dash still needs to be held by just one individual.
  16. orangecycle

    Co-founder of Shake, a 0 fx 'bitcoin' debit card, looking to get to know the Dash community

    Hi Jean. Nice to see you on the forums. This is Perry from Node40. As UdjinM6 mentions, multisig is not available to masternode owners yet. I have some other ideas about how to make this work and am happy to discuss after you get more acquainted with Dash. I think it will be a win-win for Shake...
  17. orangecycle

    Sending coins from mn address

    splawik21 beat me to it. If you want to see coin control in action, I have a short video on how to remove rewards from a masternode. To move all the funds from a masternode you simply unlock the masternode input.
  18. orangecycle

    Upgrading your Node40 hosted masternodes

    Thanks. Partially explains why I've been slow in responding to emails lately :wink:
  19. orangecycle

    Upgrading your Node40 hosted masternodes

    I'm happy to announce that we just released push-button upgrades for people hosting their masternodes with Node40. You can now control when you update your masternodes with a couple of clicks. There is a blog post explaining the process for upgrading without a protocol change. I'll be doing...
  20. orangecycle

    Dash iPhone Wallet

    I'm also on 9.2.1 but the app is stable for me.
  21. orangecycle

    Dash interest payments & a Dash Visa/Mastercard ATM debit card

    Tried that last week but haven't heard back yet.
  22. orangecycle

    Dash interest payments & a Dash Visa/Mastercard ATM debit card

    If anybody has an inside contact with them, I would be happy to chat. Feel free to DM me.
  23. orangecycle

    Dash interest payments & a Dash Visa/Mastercard ATM debit card

    Interesting. So they are basically acting as an exchange (I think). I don't know if I see the partnership opportunity though. A user would have to load more than 1,000 Dash into their system and E-Coin would have to run a masternode for the card holder. So as long as the balance doesn't go below...
  24. orangecycle

    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    Happy to hear you got it running. As long as you can keep the PI and daemon running you should see a reward in the next 6 - 7 days.
  25. orangecycle

    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    Sounds like the wallet isn't reading your masternode.conf file. The formatting of the file is very precise. You should check to make sure the masternode.conf file formatting is correct.
  26. orangecycle

    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    If you aren't getting anything when you do masternode list-conf then try shutting down the QT and make sure your masternode.conf file is properly formatted. It seems your wallet isn't reading it. You can also try to delete the mncache.dat file. Open the QT again and let it sync with the network...
  27. orangecycle

    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    Use the same IP address that you put into your dash.conf file. Also... are your blocks caught up on the masternode?
  28. orangecycle

    Problems with Masternode (on rPi2)

    Looks like the remote-start never reaches the node. Have you tried a remote-start where you connect directly to your masternode?
  29. orangecycle

    Personal Views on the Miami Conference

    Instead of starting a new conference thread, figured I would add a link to my (Node40) views here.
  30. orangecycle

    Personal Views on the Miami Conference

    I'm about the same height as babygiraffe but can't take credit for the summary. :smile: I'll post something tomorrow.
  31. orangecycle

    Invoice Payment through Dash Evolution

    It really works. I'll get a video with the wallet posted after Miami.
  32. orangecycle

    Invoice Payment through Dash Evolution

    I'm excited to announce that Nod40 has integrated with Dash Evolution. Customers will be able to pay their Node40 invoices with two clicks. 1) Initiate the request for payment from the Node40 invoices screen, and 2) accept the payment from the Evolution wallet. That simple. Evolution is a game...
  33. orangecycle

    Novice - can anyone help?

    At Node40, we have integrated with the API. We have a special relationship with ShapeShift where they allow our users to exchange for larger amounts of Dash than you can typically get through their main site. For example, you can instantly get 1,000 Dash in exchange for btc. To...
  34. orangecycle

    Secure place to store dash besides QT

    Use Electrum-Dash And for added security, you can use it with a Trezor.
  35. orangecycle

    Node40 Year in Review for 2015

    It's been a while since I've posted to the forum. Not because I don't have anything to say, but because Node40 has been keeping me really busy. I just posted our 2015 Year in Review at I'm not going to duplicate the entire post here, but do...
  36. orangecycle

    Budget Proposal: The Instantx Soda Machine!

    We need another vendor right next to the machine. They will sell single ice cubes, but the catch is you need to pay in BTC and wait for 6 confirmations.
  37. orangecycle

    Masternode voting

    I'll let moocowmoo respond on Dashman. The "old school" way to vote is: mnbudget vote-many [proposal_hash] yes||no We list all of the proposals on Node40 with the corresponding yes/no vote string. Check it out at
  38. orangecycle

    HELP! How fast buy DASH for BTC (Big amount)?

    You can buy 1,000 Dash at a time with our ShapeShift integration.
  39. orangecycle

    Dash Electrum - v0.2.4.1 - support

    Could be your security settings. Have you checked Settings => Security & Privacy?
  40. orangecycle

    Node40 Integrates with API

    In a quest to make it easier for people to get into Dash, Node40 has partnered with ShapeShift to provide a high limit bitcoin to Dash exchange*. We're really happy that ShapeShift agreed to offer our users a higher limit trade...