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  1. Thomas Coello

    Why the Fed now loves Cryptocurrencies

    LOL they're worried we will no longer require the financial institution to be middlemen, scouse borrow our cash an make investments it in anything they want everywhere in the world at the same time as ramping up debt, properly ol valuable banks. When the Central banks speak about security, they...
  2. Thomas Coello

    Great article at CCN about Dash Thailand, Dash Next and the partnership with Biki

    Dash, as a more widespread system, likewise perceives the importance of shape networks around utilization and consequently numerous gatherings in the Dash people have stayed centered on maintaining the network educated, for example, everyday Dash Core Group refreshes, Dash Watch detailing...
  3. Thomas Coello

    FATF "Travel Rule" and its implications

    Under Recommendation 16’s Travel Rule, the originators and beneficiaries of all transfers of virtual funds ought to change identifying statistics. The rule will observe to all VASPs, economic institutions and obliged entities. Additionally, the originators and beneficiaries involved in a...