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  1. craigums

    Some Thoughts on Dash's Funding Priorities, DashText, and Dash's Future

    Hi y'all! While I haven't been making many videos about Dash as of late, I still have been watching and considering it. I made a video containing some thoughts about Dash's current budget and how it relates to the long-term future of Dash. Looking forward to your feedback!
  2. craigums

    Pre-Proposal | Interviews with Proposal Owners by Craig Mason

    Hello Everyone - Introduction & Overview I'm here today to pre-propose a service to the Dash community that builds upon my previous proposal based on the variety of helpful feedback I've received. In my previous proposal, in an attempt to facilitate the discussion and engagement of MNO's in...
  3. craigums

    Proposal Summary and Commentary: Renewal w/Changes

    Hello Dash Friends - After our prior approved 3-month proposal to summarize and comment upon every proposal wraps up this month (, I wanted to get some feedback on how it went and propose some potential changes to the format that I hope will...
  4. craigums

    UPDATES: Reporting and Commentary on All Dash Proposals on a Monthly Basis by the Mason Brothers

    Hi All! I just wanted to give an update as to the status of our proposal ( last month as some folks gave us some useful feedback based on last month's video! We've settled on the following schedule in order to make sure that enough time is...
  5. craigums


    Hello everyone! Thank you all for your support this far! We look forward to continuously improving as we go forward and look forward to your feedback! Her's the link to our November video: Additionally, here is a supplemental PDF of our findings here...
  6. craigums

    Rundown and Analysis of September 2017 Budget Proposals

    Hi all! Here's our video with a rundown of all proposals for the Sept. 2017 budget cycle (timestamps in the comments): We are also working on a proposal to do this each month which we have posted here...
  7. craigums

    Pre-Proposal: Detailed Research & Analysis of All Dash Proposals on a Monthly Basis

    Hi All! Here's our pre-proposal. Looking forward to your feedback and to submitting it for next month's budget cycle. Thanks you all for your help in putting it together and for your support thus far! Pre-Proposal: Detailed Research & Analysis Of All Dash Proposals on a Monthly Basis...
  8. craigums

    Dash Proposal Rundown and Analysis for Aug 2017!

    This is a bit close to the deadline, but we hope it's a useful demonstration of what we hope to do in the future! We'd love to hear any feedback as to how we can make it better! Link:
  9. craigums

    Here's a video we made analyzing the proposals for the DAO for July 2017! (coming monthly!)

    I'd love to hear your feedback. We do a Dash vid every Wednesday and will be doing a proposal rundown the last Wednesday prior to the deadline each month. Thanks!