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    Hello all. Haven't really been around lately due to health reasons. It bothers me to do this, but I've been in bad shape lately. Been having my fair share of health problems and convinced my partner I don't have a lot of energy to keep it going at the normal effort levels. My promotional...
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    Is there plans on releasing a page about Dash on there? I've seen other coins are listed with information about the coin. Noticed even dogecoin has a page(Which gave me a giggle). Seems like something that couldn't hurt either way. Or maybe is there a page i haven't found?
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    Hello community. I'm hoping I might be able to get some answers, insight or explanation of some kind of something that is happening to me. I've tried a couple places to get some more information but so far no one has been able to provide any infor or meaningfuil way of mitigating this. It would...
  5. NewJerry

    Just an opinion

    I see a lot of great ideas out there. When I make these statments it's not calling any one of them down. In fact I think we need more innovative ideas. Unfortunately I also see that other things as well. We should be encouraging more vendors, making more contact with the business community as...
  6. NewJerry

    Any artists?

    All these game threads I've been looking at today have the brain flowing. Anyone wanna provide and drawings for a couple simpler game concepts? I have no issue coding but am by no means an artist. Was thinking the could be a few options and various mini games. Perhaps paid versions and free...
  7. NewJerry Dash Advertising

    Hello Dash Community, Hello from me and my first post. I'm normally the type to shy away from forums and posting on them but am now at a point where I do not believe I can hide from you folks any longer. ;) I'd like the first to welcome you to the first Dash exclusive advertising site...