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  1. Centurion

    Merchant Directory Listing

    This is a list of known DRK accepting merchants. Comment below to add to add a URL to the listing. Merchants
  2. Centurion

    Coinpayments Plugin Bug

    If any merchants are using the coinpayments plugin for WordPress to process DRK payments please be advised of a bug I found. Version 1.0.5 now has a line of code that needlessly switches an order status from "pending" to "on hold." This may cause certain other plugins to process the order as if...
  3. Centurion A Darkcoin Auction and Market

    Darkbids is a place to buy and sell items for Darkcoin. On Darkbids you can post auctions and sell inventory items for DRK (got t-shirts?). The only currency used on Darkbids is Darkcoin. Buy and sell items for Darkcoins today!
  4. Centurion a Darkcoin Auction

    Coming very soon: Darkbids a Darkcoin public auction house. Please follow on twitter.
  5. Centurion

    Darkcoin Auction?

    If I were were to build a public auction site for Darkcoin, DRK branding and everything priced in DRK, would any of the community be willing to add auction items and beta test? And yes, I own other auction sites, and I'm not just fishing ;)
  6. Centurion

    Should I accept Darkcoin for payments

    I saw no introduction page or I would have introduced myself properly before making a merchant post. I have always preferred users to introduce themselves on my forums before spamming out merchant links ;) So hi, I'm Centurion. I made a post to the Darkcoin thread at BCT but it was lost on the...