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  1. DcoinZ

    report for malware

    Have you noticed that has turned into a phishing site? I just reported it and wanted to share the way i did. A few of us can take a second or two and report the website site reporter:
  2. DcoinZ

    PR Contacts - Kristov is a member in their Expert Advisory Board. Tweets by @WorldCryptoNet...
  3. DcoinZ

    Anonymizing My DRK

    Check to see which wallet you have. Release Candidates (v0.10.12.32) Yea has Darksend. Stable (v0.9.12.32) Has No Darksend
  4. DcoinZ

    Dark Coin Merch

    Oh Good because I literally had hundreds of these made already. I am happy with the way my beverage coaster coins came out. raze Profess your love for digital currencies all around the world, at the pub and at work with Beverage Coaster Coins (CC BY-SA). In the version for Darkcoin. 70mm...
  5. DcoinZ

    Kickstarter: Become untrackable and unhackable with UnPocket™ enabled stealth fashion.

    You know what really grinds my gears?All this breast cancer awareness without emphasis of a correlation with cellphones in bras. Only in Dec 2013 has it been talked about. Apparently, The products are already here but consumers have...
  6. DcoinZ

    Dark Coin Merch

    I know the symbol is trademarked by the darkcoin team, Its not well understood if we can or not. Good question as I would also like to know the answer.
  7. DcoinZ

    I can't unlock my wallet

    Now download a new wallet.
  8. DcoinZ

    Decentralized mixing

    Choosing one address you'd like to exit through, sounds good. If you don't have your own MN to trust, go buy more darkcoins! :} "- Masternodes are built inside wallet and free of charge." Why do we need this? I dont agree. Free nodes again? Masternodes cost real world money. That is a...
  9. DcoinZ

    Decentralized mixing

    Ok I see. Maybe this can be done without major changes. If the voting system remains. The 1000drk is still necessary. Only with extra option for which masternode to exit through, and you have a masternode yourself or know which masternode you'd like to choose. But the payment gets still gets...
  10. DcoinZ

    Decentralized mixing

    Ok now we are talking. I dont know why you are bashing the masternode premise. That is central to the coin. I don't see any way around it. Its perfect. Free nodes is like Tor, so we see the problem? wallets are not masternodes. and masternodes have to be trusted, wallets do not. Free masternodes...
  11. DcoinZ

    Decentralized mixing

    Dude that's the kinda talk im talking about. "please change "Anonymous" to 'A percentage of chance anonymous'." go back to your own coin. lol your solution sucked, dark is safe.
  12. DcoinZ

    Decentralized mixing

    It would be extremely irresponsible and ironic for any government to buy a digital currency with tax dollars. Gov has allocated resources, most are in debt and darkcoin remains dispersed to the people. This coin is more then secure. I spoke to that. "Besides, The gov auctioned their BTC. Users...
  13. DcoinZ

    Decentralized mixing

    darkstrike420 your drastic changes are ludicrous. Must be kidding me.. :cool:lol You have it all backwards, Darkcoin masternodes are currently decentralized only DS+ is closed sourced (as of today) The masternode approach is clearly a very good idea. Ability to masternode costing 1000 DRK...
  14. DcoinZ

    [CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

    Vertoe can edit the first page to Add 2FA under requirements. If 2FA is not possible, maybe give Vertoe a secret question and answer. He will ask you to remember the answer at the time of withdrawal. Just an idea, you have to delete the conversation after so a hacker wont be able to see what...
  15. DcoinZ

    Cointelegraph Altcoin catalogue …>>

    It sounds to me like they were going to put Darkcoin up anyway. Coins with no chance might pay but Darkcoin is established.
  16. DcoinZ

    Cloud Storage

    mega. I'm a big fan of Kim Dotcom, he was a part of the internet party and Reset the net. It was june 5th 2014 everyone was to help encrypt half the internet.
  17. DcoinZ


    I wouldn't dare invest pre-sale if they dont know what its about. Seems silly and unprofessional to start a fun-raiser or pre-sale with no real intended goal. Just tell them its "Ethereum, bitcoin 2.0".. Its most likely a big flop. At best you can expect copying what darkcoin makes open source...
  18. DcoinZ

    Is darkcoin illegal?

    I look at it in terms of Adena, the currency of the computer game Lineage 2. Farming Adena is somewhat similar to Mining a crypto, but people choose to buy instead. People buy in-game items with Adena but on forums people barter for real items. I thought Adena or Bitcoin/Darkcoin are legal so...
  19. DcoinZ

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Never mind that last part. Darkcoin has plenty of Chinese domains like (china online) (.mobi ) So, more good news. Sorry for harping on about China in the wallet discussion but watch They matter most!
  20. DcoinZ

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    I know what you mean DRKLord. German accounts for 1.3% of the world but 20%-30% articles are published in German in recent years. Also i am reading this "In China, if you don’t offer a mobile or responsive...
  21. DcoinZ

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    LittleFinger, you got me excited. We should go a step further and add the top ten most spoken languages in the world. 1. Mandrian 1b+ 2. English 508m 3. Hindustani 497m (Most of India) 4. Spanish 392m 5. Russian 277m 6. Arabic 246m 7. Bengali 211m (Bangladesh) 8. Portuguese 191m (Brazil)...
  22. DcoinZ

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Translation options seem logical. Has this been said? Add Mandarin Chinese language options please, xia xia. Add the flags on top and when clicked, the language changes. simple and easy to use for non-english speakers. Asia is really really important in this. How can they participate with an all...
  23. DcoinZ

    Darkcoin Wordpress integration plugin

    Learning to use WordPress is a snap and anyone can start by watching this how to video. Then you add apps like Cointopay. Thanks Cointopay, I could put this to good use.
  24. DcoinZ

    Masternode information in the Chainz Darkcoin blockchain explorer

    Another off topic but equally important walk-through videos is: How to buy Darkcoin through Bitfinex. (Embarrassingly,:oops: i did not buy my first bitcoin until i watched a youtube show me how to on BitFloor. com ) EDIT: Video, Buy DRK Using Cryptsy :
  25. DcoinZ

    Masternode information in the Chainz Darkcoin blockchain explorer

    Someone of great technical skill could embed a youtube video on this masternode info page. A step-by-step walk-through for setting up a masternode would really help alot of investors who are new to Darkcoin, new to masternodes, new to cryptos . Not all people who visit the site has a...
  26. DcoinZ

    v0.10.9.x Help test RC2 forking issues

    Great to hear the progess, my miners are off test-net now. I was on :// -u If we need more miners, give out a new i.p. and i will direct my khash your way.
  27. DcoinZ

    An Investor's Investigation Into The Mining Statistics Of Bitcoin Alternatives

    I read through that article and got the impression of extreme bias favoring Devcoin. After all that mudslinging, the author makes a very weak argument in favor of Devcoin. Ethical Coins: A Double Edged Sword? "Devcoin Devcoin has a strange model which will turn off most people interested in...
  28. DcoinZ

    Just_Mike Full Disclosure

    Okay! So we have a Dark foundation address already managed by Evan. I trust Evan allocating drk. After MN payments come, we can very easily support this as a transparent drk foundation address. I tend to disagree with changing the mn from 20% to 19.5%. No please don't do that. In RC4, All i...
  29. DcoinZ

    Just_Mike Full Disclosure

    Ok for the immediate time, i say we make it real simple. I am liking ideas about a page on of list of names and addresses to donate to, we could do this now and save alot of time. Maybe send your address to Prop and he can make a page?
  30. DcoinZ

    DRK Domains for SALE!!!

    Because you are squatting to profit off domains no one can use unless they pay you. I found the perfect place for you
  31. DcoinZ

    DotsforBits - The first cryptocurrency domainmarket - DarkCoin interested?

    I' am turned off by selling a domain for darkcoins , but then being paid in NXT.. I do not want NXT in my life. NXT is not going anywhere. DRK however, is. This is just a way to pass scum coin on to others without effecting the markets while collecting their precious precious BTC, and DRK...
  32. DcoinZ

    Need to Address Security Concerns with Masternodes Darkcoin white paper in English Darkcoin white paper in Chinese
  33. DcoinZ

    Ideas to develop please?

    i wonder what will become of or some unused ones are: DonateDarkcoin.COM DarkcoinDonate.COM DarkcoinDancer.COM
  34. DcoinZ

    Wanted: 3D logo for our orchestral darkcoin anthem vid by film composer

    I got a high-resolution flat pic. if someone could pop it out with Google sketch ups. that would make a 3D coin. Good Luck. Maybe someone has the skills and will whip one out.
  35. DcoinZ

    Any VPN Providers accepting DRK?

    Thats great Darknet, Does the DDos protection from this VPN compare to a bigger company? Would their Ddos protection cover the Masternode on myr end? or is more DDos protection recommended with a less Ddos protected VPN? All in consideration for the best quality masternode mind you.
  36. DcoinZ

    Graphic Artists for Darkcoin - Library

    Understood. The best way I can help is in marketing. This coin stands for anonymous service, for innovation, and for fun! JMHO not a slogan for anything. Attention: Acceptable pictures to use in my opinion are limited to these. good for websites You can send this pic to...
  37. DcoinZ

    Malware on the forums

    As someone who posted many memes in the thread, all my links were MemeGenerator and innocent.
  38. DcoinZ

    Graphic Artists for Darkcoin - Library

    Hi all, I am Looking for Graphic artists to remix the D logo with, patterns, effects, colors. Use your imagination and we build a library. You can use the FTP account or post here in the Darkcoin team forum and we add on. ip: user: [email protected] pass: 2damoon Once we have some...
  39. DcoinZ

    ProtonMail, End-to-end encrypted email, based in Switzerland. “What really sets ProtonMail apart is how easy it is to use. Unlike existing solutions, we have completely abstracted away the complex cryptography to make the encryption and decryption complete invisible to user. There’s no software to install and no keys to generate –...
  40. DcoinZ

    New Style!

    Forum throw back! Then and now.