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    Does/Should DASH have a mascot?

    One of the most successful companies in the world is Disney. The secret to their success is how they've been able to manage leveraging the characters they create to make them into marketing machines. They make more money from merchandising their characters than they do selling movies. Dash...
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    Will Dash be switching to bech32 addresses?

    Since the cancellation of 2x, I'm looking to get rid of all my BTC. So far the two currencies I'm liking the most is BCH and DASH. The one thing that bothers me about BCH is that the devs seem really keen on switching to bech32 addresses. I feel this sets a very bad precedent for the currency...
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    Pre-proposal: Dash retail location

    Here is the plan: 1. Rent storefront 2. Buy large blue "Dash" sign and hang it out front. 3. Furnish the inside of retail space like a bank. 4. Employ 6 or 7 Full time staff. Said staff's job is to essentially be bank tellers. So basically like a bank or a cash cashing place, but for dash...
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    Pre-proposal: Blockchain on a SD card service

    Here is how this service will work: If you want to run your own full node, but don't want to wait for the 8GB blockchain to download, you can: 1. Visit the "dash on an SD card" website 2. Fill out a form, requesting an SD card to be mailed to you that contains the entire dash blockchain stored...
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    Parse the Dash blockchain in python I found this project called "python-bitcoin-blockchain-parser", and made some modifications to make it work with dash. The result is python-altcoin-blockchain-parser! It supports a few other altcoins as well.
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    Pre-proposal: Pythonic language Dash implementation

    I saw Evan Duffield's presentation at the Dash Open House, and in that presentation he said there needs to be a "more simplistic, easier to understand implementation of dash". This describes exactly my project moneywagon, which you can see here: I am...
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    Looking for DASH supply table

    Is there a similar table for Dash? I need to know how many dash exists over time. I understand there was an "instamine", but what about how many coins are created with each block?