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  1. AgnewPickens - The First Instant & Private online luck game :)

    @Rux this would be more visible in its own thread.
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    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    What are the $14K in expenses? Do you have a breakdown @Darren ?
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    Dash for Havuta

    @Ratima @dashbkk In case you missed this comment ^^^
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    is there a way for an US company to pay with dash istead of using swift?

    Not really an "easy" way, but it can be done, they operate out of SF, so they should be able to establish a corporate account with Coinbase, buy Dash there, Coinbase should provide them with excellent accounting on a corporate account, then the question is do they just send it from there and...
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself please + Some details for you

    Look under our chats tab. a lot more engagement there, the Forum is primarily used to keep the Dash community informed about what Dash is doing.
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    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    Wrap some of that Dash in the DIF kitty. DeFi is big right now.
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    Are Dash Casinos legit?

    There are a few casino sites that offer Dash gambling that have posted in the past. Have not seen any recent posts by them, but they should have threads up in our #Marketplace. If their thread is locked, you can still use direct message to get in touch.
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    Dash Embassy D-A-CH - Updates & Activities

    I will get some feedback in when I catch a break, I don't like the requirement to sign a message, as a delegate voter, I need to ask my MNO (s) for permission first.
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    Need some tDash

    Try the Dash Dapps Discord server, or another Dash chat, for tDash, that is where all the active dev chat is.
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    Dash Next announces partnership with Crypterium and will be listed in the wallet and exchange with multiple trading pairs!

    Very interesting, been watching Crypterium for a while, they run on the Bancor Protocol.
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    Question about Dash Usernames

    You need 3 approved comments before being able to post links. Anti-Spam measure. You should be able to post the original post now.
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    The situation in Japan

    I read that Japan regulators recently whitelisted OMG, does that help Dash at all?
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    Advice on blockchain wallet for Android

    You don't need 2FA if you hold the seed or private keys, like you do with Exodus, you need 2FA for exchange wallets or any other web service, since those are the ones most prone to remote hacks.
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    Mining - Core i7 8th Gen good enough?

    Technically, yes you can mine Dash, but you need an ASIC and a strong one to mine Dash' X11 algo.
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    Making Dash Nation on Discord Great Again

    How do I make money on Dash Nation, pray tell, seriously interested?
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    getting kicked when I'm down... As if things weren't bad enough...

    Reaching out to a friend on Discord that is involved with some GPU mining pools, he is a long time GPU miner himself. We'll see if he can find a pool that wants to tackle this.
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    getting kicked when I'm down... As if things weren't bad enough... I would try them, they run the commercial BOINC nodes, Berkeley might not care.
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    getting kicked when I'm down... As if things weren't bad enough...

    Gridcoin Research may still have a chat server, I would try them.
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    getting kicked when I'm down... As if things weren't bad enough...

    Yeah, so is the asteroid belt and they have their BOINC nodes crunching location data for those.
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    getting kicked when I'm down... As if things weren't bad enough...

    How about submiitting the problem to Berkely and their BOINC node network with a bounty? GridCoin Research. I used to run a BOINC node, lot of distributed computing power there.
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    Official thread

    It comes down to whether a post in these categories is posted by somebody who is posting other main channel categories or is just doing self-promotion, the thread could have been removed, it was just closed to further discussion, it was starting to draw spam.
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    Official thread

    The thread was closed due to frequent bumps, this is still a Dash focused forum.
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    Please help I need to update Dash core wallet to access funds. How can I do this?

    Access not being denied by Dash, the user is trying to sync an old wallet, we have forked since 12.3.3 and are on v0.15.0. User needs to backup their wallet and sync the proper chain.
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    Please help I need to update Dash core wallet to access funds. How can I do this?

    What version of Dashcore are you using, you should be on v 0.15.0, otherwise you will not be on the same chain as the rest of the network. After update, you may have to reindex your blockchain, but that should do it.
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    Need a help

    Kraken should issue you a deposit address that you send to from Dashcore wallet, any 3rd party that supports Dash should provide deposit addresses.
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself please + Some details for you

    Kia ora! Plenty of good info under the "NEW USERS" tab, lots of links.
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    How to Buy Dash - Video Guides

    This material is way out of date, you have dug up some old threads, you may want to check for more recent options.
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    Proposal: DashCamLife

    Don't know why Dash Central won't let me resize my font, but the proposal has been submitted for DashCamLife: You can read the google doc here: Thank you...
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    New to the forum

    The moderators close some older threads because we have too many bots and spammers posting in them.
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    Dash for Havuta

    I suggest you hook up with Dash NEXT who is already working in SE Asian market.
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    v15.0 Testing

    Always the optimist, Cam, we are supposed to to get v0.16 out in May, we have not had any minor releases.
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    Great article at CCN about Dash Thailand, Dash Next and the partnership with Biki

    Dash NEXT is a Dash Funded Organization that is spreading adoption in Southeast Asia.
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    DashCam.Life - Dash profitable use case

    Hosting has been secured and hooked up to the domain I will be moving toward proposal now that I am ready for funding, I have spent a lot out of my own pocket and am still accepting donations for the proposal fee. XehdE54VrHH2Peb6jv4oqdnuPRBZ4J8EK1 DashCam static funding address.
  34. AgnewPickens

    DashCam.Life - Dash profitable use case

    If you want to check on our progress so far, our #dashcam channel is now open to public view on Dash Talk Discord. I am still paying for all of this out of my own pocket and accepting donations as I move forward with DashCam. XehdE54VrHH2Peb6jv4oqdnuPRBZ4J8EK1 Static funding address.
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    Why number of transactions does not increase??

    Adoption efforts are something of a chicken and egg problem, you need Dash paying customers for the merchants. Hopefully Dash will be added by Binance to its new Bolivar trading pair soon so that the local market can acquire Dash directly.
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    MyDashWallet Support / Help

    You can use MyDashWallet for that, it's pretty easy, we also have a list of other wallets for mobile and computer, including multicoin wallets that support Dash, it really depends on your needs. Look under "DOCS" tab here for the link to all the Dash wallet options.
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    DashCam.Life - Dash profitable use case

    90 days of adult content web hosting has been secured, Jason can begin work on the website shell this week.
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    Dash payout

    Are you running a Wordpress site? WooCommerce and coinpayments can plug into WP. Otherwise, look for plugins that work with your specific shop software.
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    WTF: Using a PrivateSend transaction with 10 or more inputs can damage your privacy

    The transaction will still go thru fine, you are just compromising some of your privacy with that many inputs, that's all. If absolutely privacy isn't mission critical, go ahead and just send the payment, if not, look at the documentation on using coin control, get started with the "DOCS" tab...