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  1. mvango

    Crypto Exchanges

    Well, I managed to find some info about that exchange. It's really based in Brazil but it remains unknown whether the exchange was designed for Brazilian residents or not. Some reviews say the exchange may ban the US traders and investors from using its services. So, I think it's better to stick...
  2. mvango

    CEX is a SCAM

    I have never had a problem with CEX neither with their support nor with other issues. Personally, I use it for a long time and deposit via my credit card. Probably the issue is with bank transfer option which people expect to be really fast. Maybe they have some issues to fix or improve, but CEX...
  3. mvango

    trading exchange

    Derivatives are considered the most difficult financial tools that remain in the priority of the experienced traders. Cryptocurrency derivatives are on extremely high risk and speculative investment due to the price volatility, high leverages reaching 50:1. It’s even riskier than just trading...
  4. mvango

    Looking for new altcoins

    Well, MobileGo (MGO) is doing well despite the current downturn in the cryptocurrency market. Probably, the partnership with Xsolla was a great boost for it. As far as I know, this coin was designed for gamers and MGO is primarily used in the gaming sphere. However, you can try to invest in it...
  5. mvango

    Worth investing?

    I am not a gamer, but the growth of MGO token was impressive and drew my attention to this coin. The partnership with XSolla will provide users the access to hundreds of games, thus pushing the coin to the next level. It’s ranked 72 on coinmarketcap. Behind the MGO are developers with the...
  6. mvango

    Are you mining?

    I used to at the beginning, but now it’s unprofitable in my country. Plus crypto market’s decline doesn’t encourage to join the mining. I think that mining is profitable only for big players with deep pockets enough to cover the electricity costs. I know that Monero and Dash mining is less or...
  7. mvango

    How can we trust the exchanges to set the prices?

    Agree with Amatelind. I think it's vital to define which cryptocurrency exchanges are reliable and provide strong security. When it comes to choosing an exchange, I prefer reading comprehensive reviews at specialized websites like But they shouldn't be the only...
  8. mvango

    Dash gambling

    I agree with Hexler, gambling requires some experience, skills, and knowledge. Since we're talking about Dash gambling, I think we should compare it to wagering with Bitcoin.
  9. mvango

    trading exchange

    Well, if you decided to deal with crypto derivatives exchanges, you need to remember that you may go quite a difficult path. Cryptocurrency market and forex are very unpredictable. But together they are even harder to foretell and understand. So, before entering such exchanges you need to...
  10. mvango

    Hold on to your chair guys. This is HUGE!

    Can I mine Dash with Hashflare? Just found 30% discount for it. . But I really want to go for Dash, cause in technical terms it has much more adv than Bitcoin.
  11. mvango

    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    Any ideas on mining Dash with ccgmining? Anyone tried it? Just found discount codes ( ), plus I’m looking forward to Dash so I’m willing to try it.
  12. mvango

    Dash Mobile Apps

    Guys,i'm investor,and want to accelerate one project,what do you miss from the applications?
  13. mvango

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi Guys, I'm investor and bitcoin holder from 2013.