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  1. Max Yoga

    Dash Kuvacash updates and activities

    KUVACASH INTERIM UPDATE 001 - 13/10/2017 Thank you to all our supporters in the community continuing to support our proposal for this month. It has been a busy kick-off here at Kuvacash, and we will be updating everyone on our next webinar, which we'll schedule before the end of the month. Two...
  2. Max Yoga

    [PRE-PROPOSAL]: Dash 'Kuva' project - launching Dash in Zimbabwe

    Introduction and Proposal Owner I'd like to take some time to introduce myself, our team and our project. I am Andreiko ('Drako') Kerdemelidis and have been involved with crypto for over 5 years now starting with Bitcoin before moving into the altcoin ecosystem. More recently I have been...