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  1. FrankWatsonJr

    WTS Prelaunch Setup Masternodes Masternodes 101 eBook Guide

    How to get started with Crypto Masternodes, Where to find and research coins, and access helpful resources that will save you 1 year of time spent by Our Experts to learn all the steps that we will teach you inside of the Masternodes 101 eBook! Price: $20 First 5 customers receive 50%...
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    Mining vs Masternodes - What are the differences?

    I wanted to share the economics and logistics for those who want to know the differences between Mining vs Masternodes and how they compare, and identify the differences between those two. Masternodes is a newer concept, it started with the release of Dash Masternodes in 2015 With...
  3. FrankWatsonJr

    WTS Masternode Setup Services

    Are you having trouble with the setup or troubleshooting of your masternodes? Crypto Dragon's will help you (Step by Step) without any access to your VPS or MASTERNODE Wallet. Only $50 per successful masternode setup services. Check the thread to learn more Main thread...
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    [Mobile App] Coinmarket, The best tool for trader is another option
  5. FrankWatsonJr

    [Mobile App] Coinmarket, The best tool for trader

    I am a big fanatic of testing out different applications. I am going to give this a go, and I'll provide back my feedback when I am done. Keep up the developments!
  6. FrankWatsonJr

    Dash Force Podcast E44 – Feat. Joshua Seigler (Dash Evolution Developer)

    I really like this style of podcasts. Other dev teams could learn a thing or two from this style of podcast and evolution updates. Great work Dash Core Team!
  7. FrankWatsonJr

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    looking forward to joining in more meet ups in the future
  8. FrankWatsonJr

    Which altcoins have potential to grow?

    leaning towards NEO / GAS
  9. FrankWatsonJr

    Which coins masternodes are on your list to do?

    Discuss the masternodes of your interest
  10. FrankWatsonJr

    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    This, I agree with 100%, no one will want to go through the whole process again and again just to move in and out of a masternode I think its a long-term hodl play
  11. FrankWatsonJr

    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    I am more likely to hold my masternode coins rather than dump them, yes.
  12. FrankWatsonJr multipool

    keep it up dashminer!
  13. FrankWatsonJr

    The situation in Japan

    thanks for letting us. It seems as if we would need to push the agenda to get dash listed in the whitelist
  14. FrankWatsonJr

    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    she did an amazing job being on the camera and public speaking. I am interesting in looking at this pre-proposal some more. I like the fact that we need public faces supporting dash in the future
  15. FrankWatsonJr

    Altcoins you are looking at?

  16. FrankWatsonJr

    how does proposals work?

    love the support! I will do so soon. Still need to fine tune some areas of operations. I will let you know as soon as possible. +1 to you my friend
  17. FrankWatsonJr

    how does proposals work?

    these suggestions really helps me out. Thanks for clearly explaining where to go and how to get connected. +1 to you friend
  18. FrankWatsonJr

    how does proposals work?

    Thank you for the feedback! I am also looking to provide a no cost review of my services to the decision makers behind dash. Who would I talk to about that or how would I proceed? Should I post in a specific section of the forums?
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    yes, what i am learning is they are one of my favorite pools
  20. FrankWatsonJr - Incorrect graphics file links

    yeah i see where it is incorrect
  21. FrankWatsonJr

    how does proposals work?

    can someone give me a video or a reference to getting a proposal created? If I offer a service for dash and other cryptos, should I still continue doing a proposal?
  22. FrankWatsonJr

    [Advice] Services for Dash

    Hello, I need advice friends. I have a few services I want to provide to the dash community and want to know how I can get my website links listed for review so that it can be added on the official pages of and threads. Who are the Decision makers behind dash to review my links of...
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    Masternode On Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    dude that is epic. we can run it with a pi unit!
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    suprnova has been around for ages. Dash support is working well for you?
  25. FrankWatsonJr

    Social Media Gigs

    Putting together a group of social media account influencers that currently promote in crypto and get them to share a bunch of links for a prize pool of coins pm me if interested
  26. FrankWatsonJr

    Dash reward per day per MN?

    it has changed recently for myself