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  1. CaptainCalliope

    Pre-pre-proposal: interested in research/consultancy on DASH budget governance?

    Prior research you might find relevant:
  2. CaptainCalliope

    Budget system needs non-technical help

    The lack of an overarching opt-inable strategy and planning is one of the major things that's had me concerned about the Dash network. Dash has a great core team but its lack of operational openness doesn't lend itself to participation of those outside the core team. Some of the biggest success...
  3. CaptainCalliope

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Integration with Revolut

    What actions would it take to make this happen?
  4. CaptainCalliope

    Pre-proposal: DASH RFP Process

    Oi. My point was the system isn't piss poor and you're proof of that. Informal processes such as the conversation we're engaging in right now proves that where the system is incomplete, people step up to fill the gaps. This is one gap I've identified, and obviously you disagree. It's not the...
  5. CaptainCalliope

    Pre-proposal: DASH RFP Process

    Investment. MNO's aren't the only people invested in Dash's future and success. As such, it is MNO's responsibility and in their best interest to work with other invested stakeholders to make sure the DAO budget is allocated as effectively as possible. RFP processes are a core function of...
  6. CaptainCalliope

    Pre-proposal: DASH RFP Process

    We're definitely on the same page here and your ideas mirror many of my own. I was attempting to be non-prescriptive in my proposal so as not to short circuit collaboration with my biases, but perhaps I should rethink that. What do you mean by "run by MNO"? I agree it's important to center...
  7. CaptainCalliope

    Pre-proposal: DASH RFP Process

    I'm still working on this proposal, but seeing as it's a bit last minute I'm sharing what I have for feedback. What's missing? What should I change? What can I do to make this proposal stronger? I'm actively drafting the proposal on this document...
  8. CaptainCalliope

    Karma - Charity Fund Sponsored by Dash Treasury

    Inviting non-profit organizations to make proposals is probably not a very good idea in the long run. It would create more noise for masternode owners to sort through with minimal positive impact for Dash relative to this cost. Even if we had a well articulated strategy and guidelines to...