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    Pre-proposal: Lunar Dash Prize

    Thank you for your feedback. On a related note, Space-x had some great news today. I'll keep an eye on the news and reply to this pre-poposal once there is more momentum for private space ventures.
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    Pre-proposal: Lunar Dash Prize SHORT VERSION: It's simple. We offer a $20 million prize for the first private firm to put a spacecraft on the moon, travel 500 meters, and transmit high definition video, images, and a Dash transaction back...
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    (Preproposal) The Library

    I'm not sure even the best economist could tell you with confidence "how" access to basic information is correlated with "rich" countries. The data simply points to a strong correlation in the peer reviewed literature. Social sciences are all about "good enough" statistics, remember. This is a...
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    (Preproposal) The Library

    I have tried to simplify the explanation per feedback in the latest update.
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    (Preproposal) The Library

    I have updated the pre-proposal based on feedback. To-do: additional peer reviewed papers supporting access to information and market correlations.
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    (Preproposal) The Library

    These items appear to published under similar licenses as Dash code itself; but I should include a legal section in spite of the common knowledge that The Library items are under such license. I will revise the preproposal to include such a section when I can.
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    (Preproposal) The Library

    Introduction This proposal would hasten world wide adoption of Dash by providing massive redundancy and access to basic information, as is the basic right of all humans according to the United Nations. To understand the correlation of freedom to access basic information and the mass adoption...
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    Dash Mobile Apps

    Thanks for this list! I also have GNUroot for Android, and I'm wondering if a Debian flavor Masternode has been compiled for ARM? I imagine a raspberry pi guide might work, and having a highly portable Masternode able to run on the fly on a flagship Android phone would be something insanely...
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    I am very happy with the first successful DAO so far. Democracy money is here to break oligarchy. Dash is off to a great start!