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  1. drkrooster

    Dash Core Group Q2 2020 Summary Call - Thursday, 23 July 2020

    totally agree with @GrandMasterDash above. Need a 3rd party professional audit. would like to echo @daf as well, will Dash platform goes live before ETH2's phase 0?
  2. drkrooster

    Proposal: Dash Platform Incubator

    if proper dash platform related proposals above cannot get through, means DASH budget voting system is heavily flawed and gamed, and will be done sooner or later.
  3. drkrooster

    Consensus Mechanisms

    there are arguments to switch to POS, but I don't agree that miner is the only factor that causes the price issue for Dash. to me, strong arguments to change to POS would be POS can better handle the network transactions that we need to have on the Dash Evo platform. Miners can play an...
  4. drkrooster

    Consensus Mechanisms

    as a POW chain, I don't think we can reduce the block reward to just 22.5% for miners. as only the miners participate in the actual consensus and adding blocks to the chain, MNs do not.
  5. drkrooster

    Temporary Measures / Quick Wins

    the way I see it, it is a lack of demand and interest from the market. 1) reduce the emission rate, and prolong the emission period. 2) changing the block reward ratio to 35:55:10 for miner:MN: budget. the unused budget goes to a locked treasury fund that later can be used.(future voting to...
  6. drkrooster

    51% Wallet Claims

    0.13.1 or 0.14.0 is fine, but hopefully it is not another 2.5 years
  7. drkrooster

    Inside China’s Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Revolution

    They are not resistant to cryptocurrency, but they are protecting their people from falling into scams/ICOs. They really encourage all new technologies likes AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and definitely blockchain.
  8. drkrooster

    Is DASH a "Security" as defined by SEC?

    Masternodes provide services to the network to earn the fees. It cannot be a "security".
  9. drkrooster

    Something is happening in markets

    looking forward to 0.1 for dash/btc by end of 2020
  10. drkrooster


    I'm truly sorry to hear about this. I have been using cryptocurrency clients since end of 2013 and being in cybersecurity field myself, I was scammed 1.5btc (for 1000 XZC) in discord, someone impersonated the escrow person due to my own stupidity and carelessness not too long ago. That's...
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  12. drkrooster

    Sentinel v1.3.0 release

    keep up all the good works! all updated! thanks
  13. drkrooster

    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    Good to see, after the break, you will be back and working on creating DAPs for Dash Evo.
  14. drkrooster

    Pre-Proposal: The Dash Dollar

    cool idea for Dash dollars. but i would rather to have Dash core team to focus on Dash Evolution. The method described in the paper seems to be somewhat similar to Basis. I would wait and see how Basis handle it :)
  15. drkrooster

    Dash Core Software Version Number Change

    Great to see version 0.13 is coming soon.
  16. drkrooster

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd this link is not working does the 0.12.3 MN work with current Dash Masternode tool with Trezor? Thank you
  17. drkrooster

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    awesome! great to hear that!
  18. drkrooster

    What's Going on at Dash?

    Evolution? 2019 or maybe 2020 if we progress as we are on 1st half of 2018!
  19. drkrooster

    What's Going on at Dash?

    more hiring != better there have been more hiring, with little result their progress have been much slower than when they were a smaller team.
  20. drkrooster

    What's Going on at Dash?

    i feel the same, time for us to all vote for no core funding (but i doubt we would have any power to vote against that, even though it is suppose to be a decentralized budget governance) takes 6 months from 12.2 to 12.3 with minor updates
  21. drkrooster

    What's Going on at Dash?

    agree, and i see many would agree on this too
  22. drkrooster

    v12.3 Testing

    finally! don't worry, appreciate you and the team sharing and hard work. those challenges and difficulties experience will turn into our strength going forward! well done! team
  23. drkrooster

    cant find any easy to use APIs , SDKs even after a lot of effort, being a DAO this a massive shame

    need to get Dash Evo out as soon as possible. REST API or SDK is much needed for more developments and more services/product built around an ecosystem or a platform.
  24. drkrooster

    What's Going on at Dash?

    The development has been too slow, without much communication. With so much spendings from the budget, the progress has been way too slow. The team is probably too rich, to care about it anymore. To be honest, the release of 12.3 or even Evolution, may not matter anymore to the users when they...
  25. drkrooster

    12.1 Announcement / Finalized Date / Project Update

    Great update! I will not be back from vacation yet at Feb. 5th :(
  26. drkrooster

    Yes... +20% today...

    well timed! need to learn trading tips from you in future :)
  27. drkrooster

    Development Update - Oct 19, 2015

    what are sub-quorum servers ? Masternodes are going to be dynamically clustered for different purposes? combined with our decentralized storage mechanism I didn't follow close enough, what is the Dash's decentralized storage mechanism mentioned here? the DAPI (Decentralized API) is a big...
  28. drkrooster

    V12 Release

    sweeeeeet and smooth update! Thanks for all the great work! you guys made such a big major upgrade looks soooo easy! windows client wallet and linux MN are all working fine now.
  29. drkrooster

    V12 Release

    same here. try reindex again still the same. getinfo shows it is sync. up to latest block.
  30. drkrooster

    V12 Release

    Windows wallet client seems to be stucked on 7hrs behind (synchronizing budget) getinfo shows block 319551 Linux masternode seems to sync. up nicely to the same block, 319551 too the 7 hrs behind in my clients is incorrect? 319551 should be up to date?
  31. drkrooster

    达世币先于比特币完成节点奖励机制 - PR

    谢谢 Alexy 达世币已经正式执行了新的分配制度,即将区块奖励分为三部分:45%作为矿工挖矿奖励,45%分给所有主节点,最后的10%作为达世币各项目的基金。 开发者Evan Duffield和Daniel Diaz表示“主节点网络是拥有奖励制的双层网络,与像比特币或其他虚拟货币的单层网络有着很大的不同。”这样做的目的是为了避免全功能节点数量的不足,这也是在过去的一年中我们看到比特币所发生的问题。...
  32. drkrooster

    Best MasterNode VPS Providers

    $8/year? that's awesome!
  33. drkrooster

    Let's take over a country!

    sounds interesting! apply for citizenship and build cryptocurrency awareness there :)
  34. drkrooster

    11.2 - Dash Release

    yeah, same here, my update script is broken. need to do some manual copy
  35. drkrooster

    v0.11.2.x Testing

    same folder as the qt exe file
  36. drkrooster

    v0.11.2.x Testing

    ah, thanks...i didnt run with -testnet switch, in linux we don't need right?
  37. drkrooster

    v0.11.2.x Testing

    downloaded the testnet dash-qt from this link setup dash.conf as below rpcuser=xxxxx rpcpassword=xxxxx rpcallowip= testnet=1 daemon=1 but when i launched the dash-qt, it is still binding to port 9999 running in...
  38. drkrooster

    !注意! 关于传销网站www.darkcoin.company的信息.谨防上当受骗

    盗用Logo, 盗用名字 稍微有点数码加密币的知识 都知道darkcoin.company是假的 darkcoin.company是骗人的
  39. drkrooster

    !注意! 关于传销网站www.darkcoin.company的信息.谨防上当受骗

    了解什么是数码加密币的人一看就知道这个网站是骗人的 是假的 那么笨的欺骗方法,但是还有人相信。。。悲哀!