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  1. humanitee

    Development Updates - July 7th

    Very cool post, absolutely fascinating. Great stuff Evan and great job on picking up flare!
  2. humanitee

    Darkcoin Listed On Bitfinex

    Tremendous. Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to get us here! Double congrats to Evan!
  3. humanitee


    Correct. Try opening that and seeing if it works, I bet it does! Port 0 would probably still work. I just want to verify this is why 0 is appearing.
  4. humanitee


    Ok here is my new theory. Do you have TCP 9999 enabled on your home machine with your local firewall/router configured? If the local machine is registering the remote master node's port with the port it communicated on, then perhaps it is using 0 if 9999 is blocked, thus registering 0.
  5. humanitee


    It's a firewall issue most likely. Did you set your security permissions correctly on Amazon? Port 0 is used when 9999 is blocked, at least it appears that way. It's the process requesting a port to use from the OS. Go to EC2 management -> Network and Security -> Security Groups -> Inbound and...
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    Are you using an Amazon server?
  7. humanitee

    Needed: Guide for running Masternode remotely without the 1000DRK on server.

    Greetings all, The only part I left out was sending 1000 DRK to a separate, newly generated wallet. This is the local machine wallet that is used in the steps I laid out, the server wallet has 0 DRK in it. I figured this was common sense but I know that when following guides it's nice when the...
  8. humanitee

    DarkSend BETA V6

    Great job Evan! For maximum anonymity and privacy the master node should change every block.
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    Darkcoin Update / Masternode requirements / Masternode Payments

    FAQ In one of the steps you say to send over exactly 1000 DRK. Does this have to be sent in one go? I'd feel better sending over 0.1 DRK to test, then send over 999.9 after. Would that be okay? - You have to send 1000DRK at once. It needs one single input for technical reasons. Do we have...
  10. humanitee

    Master Nodes

    I will be dropping mad DarkSend knowledge all over the interweb after it's fully implemented. Until then I am biding my time because it has changed A LOT since first concepts.
  11. humanitee

    Master Nodes

    If you are running a Linux box and know what you are doing I'm sure an encrypted wallet would be just as secure. For those that do not know what they are doing the AMI/iso would be provided to help them along.
  12. humanitee

    Master Nodes

    You are asking him to answer questions he's already answered on Bitcointalk. Multiples of 1000 DRK will count as "multiple tickets" (Evan's words) to the master node election process. InternetApe: " We ,Darkcoin team, are planning on putting out an AMI and iso image for people to use. Even IF...
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    Logo discussion

    Freedom from the blockchain!