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  1. walletmonster

    Core Wallet

    So is out of date too I suppose?
  2. walletmonster

    WTS Path Of Exile currency for R4PG Store

    That's great, but no method to pay with dash on the website.
  3. walletmonster

    More power to the rich?

    There's more than 50% of all coins in masternodes, so if smaller coin holders had voting rights, they are still outvoted by master node holders. If your concerned about interest earned by large coin holders (master node owners) that is not available to small coin holders, then look into the...
  4. walletmonster

    Genesis Mining Investigated

    It's Genesis Mining, nobody is sure of anything. That's kind of the point of the thread I think. I'm not too disapointed though because I am in profit overall now, thanks to Dash's spectacular bull run so far in 2017.
  5. walletmonster

    Genesis Mining Investigated

    I'm supposed to have 7TH of hashing power at genisis mining. At the moment it's all allocated to "mining" dash. The strange thing is, Dash aparently has 3TH total of mining hash power???!!!
  6. walletmonster

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello everyone! I'm Wallet Monster, I have some special skills, like I can touch my nose with my tounge, but I don't have special skills in computer programming unfortunately:(
  7. walletmonster

    hello everyone

    The hard drive space requirements will increase slowly over time as more blocks of transactions are added, but right now, my dash folder is at 2.65GB. I have around 120GB free at the moment as well and I'm not the slightest bit worried about it.