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  1. ATM_man

    DASH Strategy Update

    Hi guys. Sorry i not manage to discuss Dash at the recent London bitcoin meet. - (long story) anyway.. These chaps have an amazing understanding of businesses in the crypto sphere. I'm sure they will be happy to discuss future promotions if i can point them to the...
  2. ATM_man

    V12 Testing Thread

    Hi, Can someone pls ELi5 how the reference node is replaced? Can it be that the same MN might keep getting selected to be the reference node? Thanks in advance.
  3. ATM_man

    11.2 - Dash Release

    Just in,.. You're more than welcome to adapt the machine image to accept Dark/Dashcoin. For operators who install the custom image, it would be a fork which we wouldn't be able to provide direct support for. In the future, if there are easier ways to add support for other coins to our...
  4. ATM_man

    Rebranding Followup

    These guys are renowned for great design in the cryptosphere. Check them out:-
  5. ATM_man


    Anyone one know if any head way has been made on this idea yet? I for one am keen to see DRK implemented either into existing open source ATM (ie Skyhook / Lamassu) or either a Darkcoin ATM from scratch. I am based in London working with the likes of ATM operator Satoshipoint who i know are...